Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • pmat
    02-08 03:59 PM
    Online status shows up as CERTIFIED.... :D

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  • jamesbond007
    09-09 01:44 PM
    Gapala made some very good analysis in his posts on this thread.

    Looking at the country's GDP to analyze the price of land in a few cities does not make sense. The growth in land value is not across the length and breadth of the country. It is only limited to the big cities which are experiencing the money rush.
    NRI's from the US are only one piece of the puzzle who are funneling in money to India.
    There are NRIs from other countries.
    Then there are business people making big profits dealing with other countries.
    And local business people who have a lot of black money. All of them together are keeping up the prices.

    There also seems to be a change in the thinking of the Indian middle class. Most of our parents' generations were in the habit of saving up money and making purchases with the saved money.(These were savings in a bank account mind you; not investments that grew at a rate better than the inflation.)
    The current middle class seems to realize that trying to save money in a bank in order to buy something is foolish since the paper money is losing its value over time. So they are either investing; or making purchases with borrowed money as long as they can make the EMI payments. Overall, the current middle class is not backing out of buying what they need for lack of money. (This trend will probably lead India in the same path as the US i.e. huge debt for everyone)

    Regarding the question "why would a farmer sit on land valued at $100K, while only making about $1K by farming that land?" Its only a matter of time before they realize their fool hardiness and then they will sell. Pretty soon when the construction begins in their neighbourhood, and prices of all commodities go up so much that they can't live in their $1K income, then they will be forced to sell. Or they might get the wind of a "someone they know" who sold, and they will follow their example.

    Strictly speaking about Hyderabad, there are a lot of farmers who cashed out their lands in the city outskirts. Smart ones then moved out further away from the city and bought more land there to continue their farming. Others are spending their windfall on jewellery, cars and other bling.

    All that being said, it is still scary to me.
    In my opinion, anyone looking to make a quick buck should not get into it at this time.
    If you want to buy because you want to go back and settle there in a couple of years, then that is different.

    [quote] to add to the conversation on the price -> locals are also experiencing a glut of money due to the economic boom in the last 5 years or so. Small businesses have really taken off in a big way exporting to Europe/ US. Investors in the stock market have also hit the jackpot. And, once you have money, for most Indians the safest option to invest is in property or gold.

    Also better salaries all around fueled by attrition of talent to the IT sector. [quote]

    This may be correct to certain extent but only the elite class and creamy layer of 1.8% of total population. When we look at the bigger picture of the country, I could not connect the dots. GDP is just above $2500 and PPP is about $3300. How in the world will you justify $200,000 to $300,000. Plus the cost of financing the purchase.

    In simple terms, median home price is 100 times the GDP and life expectancy in india is 70 years. average work life span is 40 years. Home Mortgages are 15, 20 or 25 years in India which will cover only 1/4th of the median price of a home based on even anticipated high GDP growth and considering moderate increase in cost of living. Given that the risk of default is huge and banks are running at very high risk. I believe buying a house is a big gamble in India and more to that for Banks, lending is also a big gamble.

    Note that according to banks, investment in apartments capitalize only over 25 years in india. (Rent vs. Own) Is this correct? Average rentals in ONLY Big cities are Rs. 12000 ($275 / month $3300 a year) to 15000 ($340 / month $4000 a year) for the same 1000 sqft 2 bedroom apartments which itself is above the GDP :). What that tells me, even the rentals are also not affordable to majority of the population. Back to captalization part 4000 * 25 = 100,000. which is half of the investment... add the alternate investment value for 25 years, capitalization will be way below 50%.
    That means it will take more than 50 years to capatilize the investment. This is more that Mod average work life span of 40 years. Note that Maintenance and Taxes for 25 years excluded in above calc. Are banks stupid?

    I do not know what to tell ya man! To me its really scary

    A small credit crunch (crisis is not required) might bring the entire economy to floor.

    fine print: (Above analysis applies only for working taxpaying people like us who does not have unaccounted money.)

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  • sertasheep
    08-03 09:49 PM

    You can write to me at 'sertasheep AT immigrationvoice DOT org' or poll any of the techie members here on how to create a blog. The suggestions would be to create a blog on blogger.com with a google account, as several of the other blogs (iv-tristate, iv-physicians, etc.,) are all on blogger.com.

    Please keep your profile updated so that we may contact you. We are glad to welcome Schedule A professionals into the IV community.

    Please support "paskal"(physician) in his efforts as he will be able to liaise with policy makers and influencers in the healthcare segment. iv-physicians.blogspot.com is one such effort- don't let the name dissuade you. As long as there are people who are willing to champion a particular cause (provided it is aligned with IV's core objectives and agenda, you can help make a difference, and help yourself as well!)

    Hey all,

    hope you guys have visited the IV physicians blogspot.It is very good.One of the bloggers mentioned about supporting such a move, but the question is how do we start.I myself is technlogically challenged so we have to get the expertise of the IT people.I think we should start now.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-14 02:43 PM
    Good job people. Lets make this a 50 page long thread.


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  • ragz4u
    03-15 08:32 AM
    Did anyone else get through? I was trying www.capitolhearings.org Dirksen226!

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  • sheela
    09-28 07:38 PM
    [QUOTE=JunRN;175492]They are working overtime for it, hopefully 24 hours as well.
    Let us hope like on july 2nd week-end (when they worked on sat-sun to make 60,000 visa numbers available and adjucated even when name checks were not cleared for many applicants) these guys are working the same way this weekend ......


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  • kate123
    08-23 08:21 AM
    Does it mean the eligibility criteria/job requirement for EB2 is changed from Bachelors + 5 years of experience to Bachelors + 10 years of experience?

    This line is not good:

    (ii) Evidence in the form of letter(s) from current or former employer(s) showing that the alien has at least ten years of full-time experience in the occupation for which he or she is being sought;

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  • srhari
    07-14 04:01 PM
    Simply send the check of $5 to Immigration Voice at the address listed in the first post as if you were paying a utility bill. That way your bank will send IV a check of $5.00 (or whatever amount you want it to) and IV gets the WHOLE $5 and no fees are deducted.
    Thanks for the information. Just paid $20 using online Bill Pay from BOA (Confirmation #: 7YBC0-Y1MRW).


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  • hopefulgc
    09-11 05:06 PM
    I honestly think EB3 should be around beginning of 2004 or later
    and eb2 possibly mid 2005 or later.

    All the calculations point to that.

    visa bulletins suck donkey ass.

    totally meaningless without USCIS divulging backlog stats.

    I m in ...They really dont know what they are doing ...How hard is it to find pending applications in thier database ?

    Move to 2006 and approve 2006 cases and move it back to 2003 ...wow they really need help

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  • satyasaich
    07-16 01:06 AM
    As i pledged, i will add that additional $50 to make it to $2000 for today
    I'm hopeful


    Common people just $150 short. Pacific time people. Please help. We need 30 good souls from the West coast :)


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  • darslee
    07-07 12:31 PM
    Interesting....Our new attorney thinks we have a really strong case too...:)

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  • pcs
    07-05 10:50 AM
    All NJ guys can meet Congressman Pallone, without any problem. You guys are always driving around these addresses.....

    67/69 Church St.
    Kilmer Square
    New Brunswick, N.J. 08901
    Phone: (732) 249-8892 MONMOUTH

    504 Broadway
    Long Branch, N.J. 07740
    Phone: (732) 571-1140
    (888) 423-1140


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  • munnu77
    03-16 10:20 AM
    I just called ....
    They said they r trying to fix it...

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  • alterego
    09-14 06:30 PM
    Does anyone know how to contact NPR. They have done good pieces about this in the past.


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  • vandanaverdia
    09-10 03:54 PM
    p_aluri... Thank you for your contribution....

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  • TeddyKoochu
    12-11 10:58 AM
    I share your pain buddy.I also miss the July 2007 fiasco by 1 month due to my &^@#$% lawyer who took 1 year to apply for labor and kept me in dark .The most painful thing is to see my wife's frustration who inspite of job offers can't join becoz company does not want to sponsor.Just being optimistic is the only hope.

    My pain is similar to yours buddy mine also took 6 months to file. The VB is now an monthly sadness event, even my wife is waiting for EAD, in the current time its almost impossible to get a job if one needs sponsorship read H1, despite being well qualified and having work experience. Also if we have EAD you probably would not have to go through H1B Extension (RFE's), I had to undergo this as well, fortunately my stamping was smooth. Until our day comes we just have to wait, I think the only chance is the new proposed 485 filing procedure when its implemented.


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  • jthomas
    01-05 11:17 PM
    I don't agree with you Gayatri.

    As per my experience, America does not have more educated skilled engineers. I have couple of friends who are MS holders and cannot fit with BE level engineers in India. I am talking about those guys who were born and grew up in the US. Secondly, most of the engineering companies have asians as engineering managers and directors. He had mentioned that most of the industries in silicon valley were started by immigrants from China and India. Do u want to count them as engineers from US?? They are the top engineers from the asian countries. So i don't buy his comments.

    So are you judging all of India's education by the IIT's? I didn't graduate from IIT and so didn't 99.9% of Indian IT people.

    I can tell you for a fact that Universities in America are much better than those in India. This is why I came here and I went to an average university here which I could afford.

    What Professor-ji said in the video was that Indians were successful DESPITE the poor education they received in India. India is becoming a world superpower in research and development DESPITE this. I believe this is true. Indians know how to compete and will be world leaders because they work hard and think smart.

    Lets not fool ourselves at least!! We need to learn to accept the truth.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-14 05:10 PM
    Please contribute guys...just $5

    Excellent points guys. Common people, this can ONLY be a success, if ALL of us contribute.

    Remember the magic formula.

    $5.00 x 30,000 (members) = $150,000.00

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  • GKBest
    08-20 08:02 PM
    My wife's DL renewal is pending for more than 2 months...When we contacted DMV they said its pending clearance from DHS (homeland security) and it could take take 120+ days to get their approval.

    Has anybody encountered this recently?


    You can ask for a temporary license good for 90 days and re-apply again until you get the DMV card renewal.

    04-29 03:10 PM
    way to go pappu!
    we will take this on definitely!!!!!!!!! And we will recognize ourselves as Immigration Voice members in our calls

    07-15 09:29 PM
    to IV PO Box.

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