Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • Milind123
    09-16 02:49 AM
    Dear friends,
    I made my first $100.00 contribution and would like to sign up for more. Google Order #834309558256739 .

    I thank all the efforts of the members of

    --From SF Bay Area

    Thank you very much permfiling. Your contribution is very much appreciated. It is certainly going to make IV stronger and in a better position to help fight for causes which affect each one of us.

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  • Mygr8life
    12-18 02:30 PM
    Oops, sorry for the typo in item 1, it should read:

    1. How many total employment visas (is it = 140,000/4) are available per quarter?

    Kondur...My gut says you are probably right that "they will apply spillover only in the last quarter" but the INA law says "quarterly...". So if "by law" if they are required to utilize the quarterly quota by Dec 2009, how many estimated #s are we talking? Is the estimated spillover visas couple of hundred or 1000 or 10,000-15,000???

    Can someone answer the following (I understand IV has crunched the numbers and have predicted dates, but it would also be helpful to see these translated into #s): Does anyone wanna take a shot at crunching the above #s?

    Between Oct2009 to Dec2009 (1st quarter):
    1. How many total employment visas (is it be 140,000/4) are available per quarter?
    2. How many total EB1+EB2Row pending applications?
    3. Now the big assumption, How many of these have been adjudicated or have been alloted a visa # or could potentially use a visa #? (gurus...make some assumption).
    4. So this current quarter how many visa #s are leftover for spillover to EB2-nonRow? (theortically should/could be or must be/allocated or "used up" by Dec2009, i.e. within the next 13 days)?

    So in plain english: The answer could be as simple as "This quarter, which ends on Dec31, 2009, there could be .... visas available for spillover".

    This might be unreasonable to expect but could be useful information...Whether spillover happens this quarter or not? thats a different story:confused:


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  • chanduv23
    05-15 11:27 PM
    Sometimes lawyers are used to their old ways of doing things. However, IOs are not the same people of the old. Most IOs are new hires and still in their learning curve.

    I think the problem with your info. on USCIS screen is that the previously approved I-140 was changed to "denied" on same date it was approved. USCIS probably didn't have a log of the change.

    The only evidence to prove that it was "approved" before is your copy of approval notice and it seems they don't believe the legitimacy of your copy. USCIS relied solely in their faulty database system.

    Did you have a screen capture of the I-140 approval in CRIS? I screened captured mine just in case because it's another proof that one point in time, I-140 was approved.

    He got info from USCIS through congressional liason that his 140 was indeed approved on the date when the IO claimed it was denied and it was indeed revoked when he got a denial. The revoke was initiated by his employer.

    They seem to have all info proper. There is no faulty system. If there is faulty system, probably we have known by now with things never happening right

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  • vadicherla
    05-28 02:27 PM
    i will contribute 50$ now


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  • kumar1
    08-13 05:22 PM
    Thank you for this thread. This news has given me fresh energy to start my case one more time under EB-2 category. I just finished filing a long document for my attorney. This news has given me enough strngth to do that. My advise, I do not see any hope in EB3-I category, unless someone makes a change in existing laws. I can't complain about EB-3 either because we could file I-485 during July-07, my wife got EAD and we do not have to go to consulate every time we visit home country. When there is a will there is a way. It is hard to just sit and watch this so called BS or DOS visa bulls.

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  • kumhyd2
    07-26 09:23 AM
    SoCal Chapter members will be having their meeting at Artesia / Poineer Blvd about 30 miles south from LA on July 28th at 3p.m. Members in this region are encouraged to attend the meeting. The meeting address is

    Woodlands Restaurant
    11833 Artesia Boulevard
    Artesia, CA 90701

    If you have questions or wish to join the yahoo group please visit

    or send blank e-mail to

    Core Team: Can you help set up the conference call for this meeting so that those who cannot make it attend the conference call atleast.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-21 03:01 PM
    I have already sent the emails and will be sending the letters Tomorrow.

    GO I/WE GO.

    Need more people sending emails. This is really a very slow pace (and on contrary the same people don't like USCIS for being slow).

    Send emails now.

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  • Green.Tech
    06-16 02:30 PM
    No contributions today?

    Wake up folks!


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  • needhelp!
    03-12 03:40 PM
    Please do not convince your friends.

    If you are yourself not contributing, how will you convince them to contribute. :D
    Agree with you.

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  • gene77
    03-20 12:43 PM

    I'm on H1 and my wife is on H4. We have both got our EADs and have visa stamps till Jun 2010.

    Can my wife switch to the EAD status and start working even though I remain on H1 status till my visa expiry? Is this allowed?

    If yes, then can she travel on AP while I'm still on H1 visa?

    If we're both re-entering the US, can the IO ask why is the spouse on EAD/AP and not the primary applicant?

    Thank you very much!


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  • black_logs
    03-09 11:29 AM
    So they'll probably take out schedule A workers(Nurses etc.) from EB3 category

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  • tikka
    07-18 04:21 PM
    I wish we make it only for contributing members.

    good idea ! :D


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  • tikka
    07-19 02:45 PM
    Hi Folks,
    I just contributeD $100. I am very glad to be part of IV. Keep up the good work!!

    your first post and you contributed...:)

    thank you for your contribution...

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  • superdesi2100
    09-11 05:29 PM
    Contributed $100 yesterday. Contributed $100 more today. (Paypal Transaction ID: 3SC70877BD390151N).

    Coming to the rally on 9/18.

    Downloaded the petition and already got 20 signatures (not including family and friends).

    Thanks for your effort IV.


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  • Robert Kumar
    12-02 07:38 AM
    Thanks a lot for your reply 9 years...

    How much time does one really need to prepare to file for labor these days ,please let me know. The time before filing the labor, if everything goes very fast.

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  • tinamatthew
    07-23 12:05 AM
    Where are you schedule A? Come on, join this forum, share your opinion and propositions!

    Do all agree that "bridge bill" is the only real helpful measure for us? Or you can show us some other ways?

    I mean let's set at least one goal!

    After that we can establish what we have, and how we can make it real.

    Anyway, it might be quite difficult to organise such a work group, because the majourity of schedule A are outside the US, and on CP... But we all have our emploiers and attorneis who could help us to lobby our interests in the US.

    What do you think about it?



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  • Keeme
    08-14 03:10 PM
    This is the third place where I am posting this ..well why not ..In my view this is worth a shot since greenspan is also talking about it.
    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan predicts U.S. house prices will begin to stabilize in the first half of next year, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.


    Greenspan also offered a novel suggestion to bolster the housing market -- increase the number of potential home buyers by admitting more skilled immigrants

    This is what will help us to clear backlog ! Wanted to post it few days back when news came from UK they wanted to bring more immigrants as one of solution to get their economy back on track.

    Guys, IF any thing may come as 'rescuer' this year and help us to come out from this backlog and move the dates forward in next year visa bulletins, that would be 'current economy and housing market situation'. IF any thing can convinced Congress to clear visa recapture bill this year, it would be only 'current housing market situation'. To get the economy back on track next year, housing market has to be improved and its not happening !

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  • addsf345
    11-21 02:49 PM
    In addition to my above post, one can be on h1b and keep getting h1b extensions and apply for consular processing instead of AOS.

    You know what, my head is going bananas. What you said makes sense too. May be it finally boils down to what IO thinks who is handling your case and LUCK!

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  • bijualex29
    07-05 12:11 PM
    I called the congresswomen and senator from our constituencies. They do not have any idea what I am talking about. I think I made them more confused than ever.

    We need to come up with a letter format, which can be printed and send it to them by mail as well as we need to have web fax with a clear message.

    03-12 03:40 PM
    I consider FOIA is a multifold success. Not only we achieved milestone 1 of $5K, we were successful enough to wake up members to do something after long time. Why do you think the very same members were sleeping? I don't believe IV Core was not doing anything in last few months but members always felt that there is no plan of action from IV. There is nothing worst could happen to us just by disclosing our plan of actions in controlled way like:

    1. <<ABC>> is preparing document for final data information.
    2. <<XYZ>> is evaluating other options how we could retrieve this information.
    3. <<DEF>> is understanding how FOIA works and how long it will take us to get data and what will be the best option to get it earlier.
    4. <<MMM>> is working on funding drive for this.

    There is no reason to hide even this kind of information. But if we do this, members understand what we are doing at high level.

    My 2 cents.

    I agree with you

    02-23 06:43 PM
    What about TSC processing dates,is that wrong too.

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