Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • xeixas
    06-27 03:58 PM
    If we don't receive a notification today saying that our EAD has been approved, does that mean that we would get a 2-Year EAD card? Or do you think that they will work over the weekend? :D

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  • Tito_ortiz
    12-01 11:04 AM
    Ah, ah. You just gave a very good suggestion. One of us should dress like Gandhi. That would be a peaceful way to bring attention to our cause. I can see that.

    Any thin, bald and friendly Indian fellow out there could volunteer ?

    Also, the fellow who suggested the free MATH tutoring, SAT, GMAT/GRE is a genius !! That could be a very creative and peaceful way to protest !

    Good thread !!

    There are two things we can do to fight for devil of Retrogression. Similarly Mahata Ganghi did for Independence

    1. Release stress, frustration, negativity encounter to all of us due to retrogression. Positive points are highlighed in this thread by many friends. Mahatma Gandhi also did the same to overcome enger, frustration of millions of people.

    2. Keep aggressively working on SATYAGRAH (insist for truth) to end retrogression. If nothing happen in lame duck session, I would suggest to gether at DC (may be 50-100 people) and have one day hunger opposition. One person can dress like Gandhi to attract attention of media. Send one flower and picture of Gandhi to all Congree members with just one line message and it can be repeated every week.

    This is just my thought !!! I am not sure every one like it or not. When MLK Jr inspired by Gandhi philosophy and made revolution, why can't we?

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  • waiting4gc
    06-13 07:12 PM
    This is excellent news and we should step back and celebrate for a moment, however we need to concentrate on IV goals.

    I am sure we will have to fight retrogression soon again and other issues, probably name check etc. Please continue contributions to IV...

    GO IV..

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  • gc4me
    09-18 11:37 AM
    If anybody has experience here please answer the bellow Qs:

    01. If I-140 is revoked by the previous employer after invoking AC12, does the status of I-140 changes? Any LUDs?

    02. How long does it take to revoke an I-140 after the employer sends the withdrawal request?


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  • coopheal
    03-14 04:54 PM
    This is like telling passengers to move to the other side of the boat when it starts sinking one side. The outcome is only making the boat sink faster. Remember, the huge backlogs are not completely due to unavailable visa numbers.

    Unless there is a real need, moving from EB3 to EB2 dont make much sense.
    Do not agree with this. This is not a fair analogy.
    Nobody is saying IV should stop efforts for administrative and legislative fixes.
    If someone has an option to switch to EB2, he/she should definitely try it.

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  • smuggymba
    05-18 09:22 AM
    Reply from Sen. Lindsey Graham this jan -

    Date Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 10:02 PM
    subject Re: Your Message

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I appreciate the opportunity to hear from you.

    Due to the large volume of mail I receive, I regret that I am only able to respond personally to inquiries from South Carolinians.

    As we continue our work in the 111th Congress, I look forward to supporting our troops in the War on Terror, repairing our economy and creating jobs, strengthening Social Security, lowering the tax burden on American families, and making the federal government more accountable and efficient.

    If your correspondence pertains to a scheduling request, please fax your request to (202) 224-3808.


    Lindsey Graham


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  • gc_lover
    07-05 09:59 AM
    If that's the case, why DOS made it unavailable? It could have maintained same June 2007 bulletin for rest of the year right? - Never understand, how their brain works? :confused:

    Because going back to 2007 bulletin is lot of work for them. Looking at PD of each application and seperating it from the lot. If they just made it U, its easy...send everything back.

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  • yabadaba
    07-17 08:29 PM
    i think this is the same guy who created a huge fuss on july 2nd when we found out that all 485s will be rejected and said that we all deserve it since we did not "remember" people in pbec.

    do u want to go thru somthing like that unbanning him?

    bestia do not feel sorry for ppl like these...because they kick you when u r happy


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-05 10:31 AM
    I called USCIS and she said based on the information she got from his authorities, she said all the 485 application packets will be rejected with a note saying that , please apply after oct 1st if your PD is current.

    I also asked her if you dont send us back by oct 1st what sould we do, she said if I dont receive by August mid, then take infopass and go to local uscis office and request for my application back.

    I think all the customer service agents are aware of the issue and got informed what to answer for our questions.

    I BEG to differ. I called USCIS today morning and the rep told me VERY CLEARLY that ANY application received on July 2 will be ACCEPTED as July 2 is the cutoff.

    A few min later my spouse called and they told her, Everything would be rejected.

    USCIS customer service center, currently cant differentiate their A** from a hole in the ground!!

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  • newyorker123
    05-19 09:01 AM
    Dear Mr

    Thank you for contacting my office with your thoughts on immigration reform. Your correspondence is highly valuable, and I appreciate your sentiments.

    Like you, I am deeply concerned about our current immigration system. I support a comprehensive immigration reform strategy that will end illegal entry and effectively address the reality that 12 million undocumented immigrants are currently living in the United States , many of whom hold jobs, make significant contributions to our economy, and have children who are American citizens.

    As you know, immigration reform requires action on many fronts. The Department of Homeland Security does not have the resources to adequately protect our borders, and the system for legal immigration to our country is broken. Citizenship and Immigration Services must be reformed to eliminate the unacceptable backlog of immigration applications for legal immigrants and effectively track immigrants granted legal entry. We must also be sure that the current laws on the books - which require employers to verify immigration papers - are enforced. No one wants to make this task more onerous or burdensome, but if we reduce the demand for labor from illegal immigrants it will lead to fewer people entering this country illegally.

    Agriculture is one of the most important industries in upstate New York . While some farmers can find sufficient labor locally, many can not find the workers who allow them to keep their family farms in business. I do not support cutting off the labor supply to upstate farmers who depend on seasonal workers to run their businesses. America 's farmers should not be punished for government's failure to adequately police our borders and implement a reasonable, transparent guest worker program.

    Congress faces the urgent task of enacting comprehensive reforms that will preserve the traditions that have made this nation great, while addressing the security challenges we face. As debate continues on immigration, please be assured that I will work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to reform a broken system in a way that protects families, respects human rights, strengthens our border security, and enforces the laws of our country.

    Again, thank you for your opinion and letter. I am most appreciative. Should you have additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My door is always open.

    For up-to-date news and information about our district, please visit my website at Congressman Paul Tonko : Home ( and sign up for my E-Newsletter.


    Paul D. Tonko

    Thank you for your e-mail. Each and every piece of correspondence I receive is important because it allows me to better understand the New Yorkers I serve in the United States Senate.

    As you can imagine, my office receives a great number of messages every day regarding a variety of issues � this is particularly true of e-mails. It makes me proud to know that my constituents take an active role in our government by corresponding with me, and I look forward to responding to your concerns in greater detail. In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know that your e-mail has been received, and to ask for your patience until I send you a more detailed response.

    Again, thank you for writing. Please feel free to visit my website Senator Charles E. Schumer ( to follow my work in the Senate and to learn more about the services my office can provide to you.

    Warmest regards


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  • eastindia
    05-18 12:37 PM
    It was Easy.
    Done again today.
    I will send one everyday to both Congress people and Reporters

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  • DSJ
    06-19 04:15 PM
    End of Page 291

    Buehler : Thanks for the find. Can you quote it please, if possible?


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  • amitjoey
    05-19 03:35 PM
    Thank you everybody that has contributed. We need to raise $50,000 in the next 15 days. That is $3334 raised every day. Now even though this looks like a big amount to raise, with a collective effort we can do this. This is our chance to make this happen for ourselves. The alternative is just staying in limbo renewing EAD/AP every two years for atleast the next 10 years. That is an average cost of $800 every two years every member.
    We need 17 members everyday contributing $200 everyday or 34 members contributing $100 everyday for the next 15 days.

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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-21 11:52 AM
    Just received confirmation of 4 more letters which takes me to 200!! Going to shoot for 250 and will send most of these new ones to NORCAL, will send final batch close to March 1st. Keep them coming folks.


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  • Horace Jones
    07-22 04:32 PM
    I had something similar happen to me once. You should definitely file a complaint, and you might be surprised with the results. Here is some more information about filing a complaint: Where do you file a complaint against the US embassy? Is it in a federal court? or somewhere else? - Yahoo! Answers (

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  • dish
    07-05 05:56 PM
    com 'on. H4 process is known as Dependent Visa. Let H4 prove the Credentials and Get H1 ..........

    Yeah , For sure we all knew H4 is a dependant visa.
    So we are denied work permit but we are not denied the freedom to ask or even lobby for changes in the Law.

    But we didn't know that we are going to go through a painful process called Labor Certification which in our case is pending for more than 1675

    If all went well an H4 Spouse, who decides to get married to an H1B, would have faced an average of three year break in her career before she recieves her EAD. Now due to the huge backlog in Labor cert and the next awaiting Retrogression We are facing huge gaps of 7 to 10 yrs, which is almost unrecoverable, So IV Core pls understand and consider our issues as Real.

    And getiing an H1 in fields other than Software is tough, but that does not mean that the person is incapable. An electrical engineer who had worked for 4 years previously in india in a well reputed firm was unable to get an H1b.

    A Request to moderator : Please moderate posts which contain deregatory comments and words towards H4 Spouses.



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  • Tito_ortiz
    02-13 12:27 PM
    Folks, let's not be judgmental please. Constructive critics should be a good thing.

    I think this guy is from numbers usa for sure. After writing all the BS, he asks it to take it in constructive way. There are lots of other way to express your concern if it had to taken in constructive way. This is definitely not the way.

    Based on your comments I could see that you are a regular visitor (FREE RIDER ATTITUDE) to IV site for more than a year. We had several threads crying out for funds in very critical time senstive times. At those times you are a mere spectator and now just for posting this bashing post you reluctantly became a anonymous member. All these shows your LEADERSHIP skills and quality of leading the battle from FRONT. If I were in USCIS I would do a background check on these high qualities and ground breaking positive attitudes even before giving H1.

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  • nitinba
    06-26 03:01 AM
    I got approval email too. It cant be sheer luck that so many people are getting the approvals when it was taking 3 months as per their published processing times. Looks to me they just want to give 1 yr EAD to as many as possible. Good way to make money in recession year.

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  • sb3300
    10-15 08:15 AM
    First of all I would like to Applaud the Consulate General of India - Houston for the phenomenal speedy service I received for my daughters PIO application via mail. I sent my application on Oct 1st 2010 and it's Oct 15th - we have already received her PIO along with our passports back!! All the information about delays which I had read online before submission seem to be rubbish.

    Additional info: notarizing passports was hassle coz no one was ready to stamp the photocopy. Texan credit union manager made a letter with my passport information, took my signature and notarized it for free. I just attached the photocopies with her letter.

    I sent the below mentioned documents from Dallas via $20 Express Mail USPS - with signature proof. Was delivered under 24 hours. CGI Houston returned our stuff in FEDEX.

    For status update: I called the consulate 7 days after the delivery notification - (yes its tough getting through - but they do pick up the phone) the lady informed me the PIO card had been processed and will be sent soon.. Didn't realize it would be in next 3 - 4 days!

    Below is the cover letter / list of documents I sent with my package from Dallas, TX:

    To, 30 September 2010
    Consulate General of India
    1990 Post Oak Blvd. # 600
    3 Post Oak Central
    Houston, TX 77056

    Subj.: Application for PIO Card _____________

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please find enclosed the following documents to support PIO card application for_(applicant)___________

    � 2 Copies of - Application forms duly filled with signature of parents and thumb impression of applicant (my child being an infant - the thumb impression was just like a smudge mark from her thumb - no problem at all)

    � 4 Passport sized photographs of applicant

    � Certified Birth Certificate + 1 photocopy (I sent the original certificate along with a copy as it is not legal to notarize B.Certificate - which they returned)

    � Original Passports of ________(applicant), ________________ (both parents)

    � Notarized copy of Passport for ________(applicant), ________________ (both parents)

    � Notarized copy of Passport Card for applicant ______________ (Not Necessary)

    � Notarized copy of Marriage Certificate for parents ( __________________))

    � Notarized copy of Texas Drivers License � _______________(1 parent - Address Proof)

    � Bank Statement for (Address Proof)

    � Money Order for $205 ($185 Application Charge + $20 Return Mailing Charges)

    Please process the application at your earliest and oblige.



    03-05 11:21 AM
    While it is terrible on the part of USCIS to do so, but I believe, we have an opportunity to at least get a clear picture of what is going on in USCIS.
    Count me in for a contribution.
    IV Core, please set up a thread to colllect votes for this, give a time frame of 10 days to vote. Then divide equally, the $5000.0 among all those who vote "yes" for obataining this info.
    This is official robbery/bribery, but is our best bet, as of now.

    07-18 05:54 PM
    People were very happy with the last USCIS announcement but we all forgot about pain of people who are stuck in years of backlog. Though some of those unfortunate may have used harsh or improper language, but they had all the right to express their feelings. We all talk about Gandhian philosophy, but we need to be more tolerant. Before we ask to ban anyone from our forum, please try to put yourself in their shoes.

    Our fight is far from over, we should all fight for for in-justice made to people who are trapped in the bureaucracy.

    banning people is not the solution to the and let live...reasonbly

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