Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • tinamatthew
    07-21 05:44 PM
    Hi Tina,

    Do you know any employer or recruiting agency (in NY) who can help sponsoring physical therapists for 140 & 485.

    I got a NY work permit and got my crdentials evaluated but unfortunately that emplyer is no longer having job vacancy. Now I am stuck and don't know if I can get benefit from some other employer.

    Any input would be greatly helpful.

    Hi GC

    Are you EB2/EB3?
    Did your previous employer put up the notice for 10 business days?
    Are you willing to relocate if you don't find a sponsor in NY. Time is not on our side if you are EB3.
    Even if you found an employer who is willing to sponsor you now, you still have the problem of the 40 day poster.

    Let me know.

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  • rahulpaper
    09-13 03:14 PM
    Anyone can do this!
    The AILA media link is great, easy to do. Just type in your zip code and you will get a list of all news papers/radio stations/TV stations in your area.
    Just personalize the email and submit submit submit

    Please post the URL

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  • gcpadmavyuh
    08-12 01:16 AM
    This is too good to be true.. How could you apply in June if you are Eb3 with PD Sept 2006? The PD was'nt current in June. Also, how did your 140 get approved in less than a month? Premium Processing was'nt there in July...

    I think I have been very lucky so far. I don't think USCIS processes based on anything concrete, I think it's a little random. Or maybe I am just lucky.

    I applied for PERM in Sep 2006 - EB3 - India.
    I got approved for PERM in Mar 2007.

    I applied for I-140 and I-485 concurrently in Jun 2007.
    I-140 got approved July 20, 2007 and on July 23, 2007 I received all 4 receipts for I-140, I-485, EAD and AP. So my approval came before my receipt. I live in California so everything went to Nebraksa.

    Lawyers emailed saying they also received the EAD card yesterday July 23, 2007.

    Now I have to wait for only AP and Adjustment. And I still have 5 years left on my H1-B (2 years on this visa and then another extension).

    So I say, anything is possible. I wake up every morning and pray to USCIS because they made my life better :) :) :)

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  • amitjoey
    06-05 04:25 PM
    Instead of giving like that why don't IV open a "IV Store" and sell T-shirts for 100 or 200$ ?

    we can use or other sites which provide this service.

    Great Idea conchshell !!

    That idea has already been implemented, please feel free to buy the apparel
    A lot of us bought shirts, sweat shirts for the rally in washington and Sanjose last year.


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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-10 08:51 PM
    It was naive for everyone, including those with PDs in 2006/2007 (and - here's the funny part.. even those who recently filed... ) to suddenly expect the tap to be flowing with full force and everyone's AOS being approved magically in the months of August and September 2008.

    We have historical data about the USCIS' efficiencies - but for those who believed (and I'm not excluding myself here... ), it was probably a welcome break, full of hope. It was great while it lasted.

    In the process, we've lost focus on the bigger goals - HR 5882 being one of them.

    When things were "CURRENT", all we could think of was tracking LUDs and claiming superiority based on an earlier PD or a "U.S. Masters... ".

    Again, it's time to take a hard look at past successes and failures, question why we're still in this country, and if you have no doubts about that - get back to the business of pushing for legislation, imho.


    Please realize that HR 5882 is the only hope for now. I had mentioned in my previous posts that EB 2 I/C will retrogress in Oct (many said i was just saying this because i was EB3). This is not the time to be complacent or hope that USCIS will start dishing out visas and clear the backlogs. Help in working towards getting something done with the bills, the window of opportunity is very short.

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  • inskrish
    09-28 09:32 PM
    More than willing as! You know what to do, ei and don't give me can interview me but soon after give me GC....

    LOL. :) If I am a volunteer as an IO, I would get the names of all IV members, write a small script to approve their GCs, make sure the cards are delivered to the members, and immediately resign my job. :D



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  • crystal
    09-11 07:34 PM
    My apologies.. may be it is not right time to quote that :D----
    Please stop analyzing. This is a decisive moment. Join the DC rally!

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  • ganguteli
    07-06 02:57 PM
    You morons, You have spent so much time in useless discussions and anti-immigrants are laughing at your foolishness. Its high time your greencards applications get a denial or RFE. You will come crying to IV to save your status. Or else you will be deported. That is all you can do. You guys have got sub labor or faked your resumes and now you want someone to be accountable to you. First learn to be accountable to yourself and your values.
    Here is what antis are telling you aholes:
    As for you fuckers over at Immigration Voice that caused this temporary outage, keep it up. The more time you waste harassing me, the less time you have to send flowers to politicians, begging for your green cards.

    Give it up, slumdogs. The whole H-1B thing was like a little tryout to see if you scumbags could fit into American society. Since it is clear that the bigoted, misogynistic caste mentality is ingrained in your DNA, we have to send you home. Maybe we will make you wither in limbo for 10-20 years, dangling a green card in front of your eyes, but the end result will be the same. You will have to leave.

    Unfortunately some of you may not live long enough to see that open sewer of a sub-continent again. You may die here in America, in an accident, or by natural causes, or commit suicide like all the techies in India are doing.

    Either way, by death or deportation, you will be gone.

    And Americans can go back into I.T. once again and reclaim the industry that we created.

    STFU you freeloaders


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  • ilikekilo
    03-04 03:40 PM
    Cases are being pre-adjucated, So there are RFEs and other inquiries...After this, they will wait for visa number in PD Queue....which is a good thing...This assures there will be no wastage this year....

    Anycase, it looks like there will be significant forward movement...

    My estimate

    EB2I will enter 2005 in next 2 bulletins.
    EB3I into 2003 in next 2 bulletins.

    I admire ur optimism.. :)

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  • sweet23guyin
    10-01 11:39 AM
    I am not as articulate as other posters in understanding/explaining recaputre, unused visa#, loaning visa# to FP......and so on. Reading all these post,I see every one are so frustated and every one want to do some thing and let USCIS know how imp these things are...but how:confused:...IDEA!!!...."FLOWERS".... I don't know why, but my long and short sense sayss....send some more flowerss again and again....
    " Congratulation for not using the visa# for FY 2007, God bless USCIS"


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  • ngodisha
    09-09 11:41 AM
    Paypal contribution of $300. I cannot make it to the rally because of prior commitments. Thanks to all who are going to be at the rally in person.

    I feel good after making the contribution. Hopefully, several others will join this contribution drive and experience this good feeling first hand.

    Good luck to all.

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  • abracadabra102
    09-14 01:22 PM
    Please stop this EB3 vs EB2 nonsense :mad:. Let us work on something all of us can agree on a) VISA recapture b) STEM exemption c) Streamlining of USCIS processing etc. Let us not open the old wounds again. We are becoming a laughing stock with this constant bickering.


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  • mirage
    08-18 02:52 PM
    Please don't wait to reach a consenus on the content, take a cue from this letter and modify it to put your own experience..bottomline is to get the word out to Senator Cornyn & Rep. Lofgren. I am sure they will do something if we can get them this info...
    Please continue to post your comments on the letter - the sooner we can all agree upon the content, the sooner we can start sending these out.

    Also, is there a possibility of having a common meeting (all retrogressed EB3 candidates) with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren expressing our situation - just a thought.

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  • needhelp!
    09-10 03:28 PM
    asharda rainy Jitamitra kumhyd2 ngaheer sanjay sureddy


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  • ameryki
    01-06 03:56 PM

    I talked to my lawyer and she didn't mention about any kind of delay so can you please give me some more details about this PIM and how does it affect the whole process and slow things down.

    Thanks a lot in advanced

    scorion PIM process is a new additional step that is now part of visa stamping process. if you read around here you will find out more about it but in short uscis office in kentucy has to scan and upload all your supporting documents i.e employement letter etc that you might have used to get an H1 approval. The embassy you will visit for visa stamping has to review all the uploaded doc's before stamping your visa. Now I read in one of the thread here that someone in chennai has been stuck for over 3 to 4 weeks after their visa intvw just because the PIM process is not done. Hope this helps. Check out this thread:

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  • Leo07
    04-30 02:16 PM
    Cornyn Open to Working on Immigration Reform - Roll Call (

    We need to get more, but obviously a good beginning.( correction in title. it's Sen Cornyn )


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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-06 01:39 PM
    The article suggests that people in the namecheck hole were granted GC's which is WRONG. Most are still languishing with no reprive.

    When they say 25k or 60k GCs were approved, i am sure they would have stuck to the per country caps and the security clearance.

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  • chanduv23
    09-12 12:11 PM
    can we put up forum threads here for state chapters or some kind of direct link or page for each individual state chapter
    Doing state chapters through list servs is just not working out.

    Most people here just want to discuss but when it comes to action - you will notice that they would not even give out their proper name to IV while registering - so mobilizing is not as easy as discussing it here.

    Discussion forums are good because ideas emerge here - ideas are needed for execution and discussing pressing issues must lead us towards a path to execution.

    The question is - can all those who do that talk actually walk the talk?

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  • qplearn
    12-18 06:02 PM
    You may want to get in touch with core members if you have questions. They are very prompt in answering questions.Such posts will only create roadblocks to the momentum created on the forum by some of our members. It is time to help rather than ask. We have seen in the lameduck session how close we came to getting the bill passed. If IV was not there, even this much was not possible. We give thousands of dollars to our lawyers, can't we simply give 20 dollars to IV without asking questions and believing in this cause?
    I don't give any money without asking questions. Sorry, I am just that way. And I am guessing most people are like that. I have given money in the past, however, and have contributed in many other ways as well.

    Oh, and rather than acting as a roadblock, it will actually help the process.

    07-06 10:36 AM

    Saying the truth is not being debated here. How you say the truth is being debated. The last thing we want is a hearing on this issue involving hours and hours of USCIS, State Department and FBI officials. We would rather prefer them working on our cases and getting them approved. I am not sure why you are not happy about USCIS working on weekends to clear our cases. Isn't that what we want - Faster processing?

    If you really want to help and concerned about the FBI check issue and want to make it more efficient, try contacting Senator Obama and support him in whatever way possible. He has a bill to increase the funding for the FBI security checks so that it is faster.

    Good Luck!

    AILA's publication itself said that checks were not done... Its evident on also. If you refrain from spicing up things its never going to come up in media. Who cares if 500 mm immigrants are backlogged ?

    You are saying that authorities will take retaliatory measures for saying something that really bad happened. Then dont even talk about lawsuit etc... Do you think a lawsuit aginst USCIS/DOS is going to please them very much ???

    Take either Boat1 or Boat2 -- Please do not sail keeping your foot in two boats. I apologize if i sound aggressive but it is what it is. Doing a work
    in weekend of 48 hours (consuming 25000 visas) which takes even more
    than 48 days definitely involves bypassing CRITICAL checks !!

    Truth is a truth - neither you or me or anyone can alter it.


    09-30 04:16 PM
    USCIS can process recaptured numbers. If 200k numbers are in one year USCIS will plan for 200k numbers in that year.In 2000 they processed more applications after a immigration reform. One way of preventing wastage is plan to process all the applications in 11 months. If any unused numbers can be processed in that one month.

    I would like to have whatever you are smoking when you type these things. Seriously man...give us a break, will ya? Is there a point system by which people get GCs if they play the devil's advocate? I would like to sign up for that.

    The Ombudsman's report clearly stated how USCIS wasted all these visa #s due to their ineffieciency, very well knowing that these #s cannot be re-used the following year. Why don't you send your below mentioned valuable advice to USCIS and see if you can make them do the right thing instead of "educating" us("One way of preventing wastage is plan to process all the applications in 11 months")

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