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matthew morrison married

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  • augustus
    05-13 09:45 AM
    I called the senator in MA. He doesn't support the bill but I did say we cannot be equated with illegals. I begged for them to bring skilled immigration out in the open.

    I hope we make difference.

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  • mjdup
    01-02 11:51 AM
    That's very impressive yabadaba, you have excellent writing skills !

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  • gcgcgcgc
    07-23 07:03 PM
    I do not have any problem in baring the immigration costs, but where will I find such an employer who can sponsor the paperwork.

    Guys, Please help me in finding any NY based employer for physical therapist.

    A lot of employers are willing to sponsor Schedule A applications, as far as you get your own lawyer & bare the costs, especially if they don't have an immigration department. So you may want to let them know that you have a lawyer who can file as soon as. Some employers already have the employment notice.

    You may already know these, but here goes

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  • NolaIndian32
    03-12 01:42 PM
    I fully support a donor-based forum too. I support the concept as put forth by IV Core.

    Reddog, if information if free elsewhere, why are you still here at IV? If you are so unhappy with IV, why don't you find another forum where you CAN be happy?

    It is very easy to contradict or find errors.

    No body is getting paid here to have a tester test it.

    Yes I like the idea of donor for paid members. There are 31000 members not even 2500 members are contributing. This is one way of making them pay for the services or the info you get from the forum.


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  • YesGC_NoGC
    02-12 12:11 PM
    PD Dec 2004 from DBEC

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  • SA EB3 Retro
    08-13 03:28 PM
    Signature has all relevant information.


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  • Leo07
    12-15 12:19 PM
    Just as you took initiative to post this message...Start a Poll of who are willing to Join you with this initiative--Of Donating to IV,with this one-point agenda.

    Once you have 5-10 people behind you and you look serious enough, IV can guide you with your initiative. As you might know already that there are no full-time employees in IV to pickup requests.

    I totally understand that you would want to "part" with money only with some kind of promise. That's totally normal. But, just to get your 'Donation', IV or any member will/can not make any false promises.

    After I-140 approval if we are allowed to file 485 that will give us big relief, Willing to contribute big time if IV can make this part of its agenda

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  • hebbar77
    09-12 01:00 AM
    I wouldnt mind sending old bata slippers:D to beat themselves with

    sorry mate, in this country good/bad opinion is conveyed in a good looking manner.


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  • learning01
    04-26 09:58 AM
    You stated dual intent immigrants. In letter and spirit.
    That contradicts US Embassy provisions of H1 stamping, when you first go for the visa interview. Doesn't the US Embassy/Consulate state that you should be able to prove your intent NOT to abandon your country of origin, show you family ties, financial connections. Am I right? I can give a ton of links from US Consulate web sites with those exact words.

    Now, what you are talking is dual intention: get H1B visa and get on the permanent residence highway, at the earliest opportunity.
    It's OK to start with an empty kitty in SS and Medicare account, just when are about to get your Green Card than to walk back to your country losing 10 to 20 grand of your own money after 6 or 7 years. Uncle Sam should not collect SS Tax and Medicare from temporary workers. Period.

    Although on first reading I was agreeing with the person who indicated that deducting SS and Medicare from non-immigrants does not make sense, lets look at it from another perspective... most of us would agree that more than 50 to 60% of non-immigrants or dual intent immigrants (read H1 visas for the purpose of this thread) are trying to obtain their permanent residency. Now, if the SS and Medicare are not deducted while you are on a H1B (boy, the employers would love this because as per law they have to match your deduction dollar for dollar) and you get your green card, you would be essentially starting with an empty kitty (i.e. the benefits that you would have accrued over the 9-10 years that it took you to get your GC are zero. Now, whose loss is that? I think, the better alternative would be the proposal by Sen. Kyle/Sen. Cornyn where they advocate that a temporary worker who has to go back will get the money when he leaves. If you don't and get your GC done, then the money goes into the SS/Medicare kitty and that way nobody loses.:)

    Khnmbd is correct, if we demand not paying SS and Medicare, we probably stand to alienate ourselves from the mainstream. The very reason we are asked to pay SS/Medicare is because the H1B/L1 visas are considered to be dual-intent visas. That is the reason why students on F1 visa are exempt from paying SS/Medicare. Hope this clarifies a few issues and results in cooling down the temperatures:D

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  • rennieallen
    10-01 09:16 PM
    After the july fiasco, USCIS need not have to worry about recieving huge applications if they move the dates forward. Since almost all the folks (except for folks stuck at BEC) would have turned in the applications uscis should be able to move the dates forward for FY08 to a big extent , so that visa numbers are not wasted.

    but again it all depends on how they view this.These are cry from our end..

    Yup, because of July '07 there will be no wasted visas for several years...

    I am wondering whether USCIS made that mistake on purpose, after the immigration reform thing failed in congress?


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  • skv
    06-20 01:14 PM
    Atalanta sucks

    Yes, maybe we try for pre-approved labor before July end?

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  • lost
    09-07 10:36 AM
    I'm only posting a response cause my response is sad and funny at same time. No one's beat me yet???

    Came in Dec 1990
    Been on various visas including F1 (grad and undergrad) and H1.
    Didn't get to file GC till 2007 unfortunately...

    Thanks all.

    I'm in my mid thirties now. I came as a teen, fifteen.

    So I wonder....should the dream act come through....could it work in my favor too lol? I came through no choice of my own (though legally) with my parents....

    And do i get a GC for beating everyone on here :)


    Did your parents file for GC? What is their status now?


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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-18 12:23 PM
    you can modify the letter posted by mirage to include your details. i had updated it to the following.

    I understand that the visa allotment process is constrained by the laws passed by the Congress, USCIS should also understand that applicants from retrogressed countries that have spent significant years of their careers waiting without any indication or guidelines as to when their dates will be current. I am sure everyone will understand the futility of waiting in a line where your position keeps increasing or decreasing every month with no end in sight.
    It will help us make concrete long term decisions if you could provide the following information for the retrogressed countries.

    -- number of pending EB1, EB 3 and EB 2 AOS cases per year for retrogressed countries from 1999-2008.
    -- number of unallocated EB visas from 1996-2007

    I also wanted to send the letter, but saw a ton of comments on the original letter. It would be a good idea, if some one goes thru the comments and update the letter in the original post. I think we should all send a decent letter.

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  • glamzon
    07-20 02:54 PM
    ^^^^^^^ is this true?


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  • skark
    07-11 11:59 AM

    My wife is on H4 and she has her H4 extension approval. But the local DMV says that they need to see a visa stamp in her passport to issue a DL. Its actually exchanging her out of state DL! Can anyone from NC (Raleigh, Cary, RTP, Durham etc) share their experiences please.

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  • indio0617
    03-09 11:22 AM
    hi indio
    which cap on Nurse are they talking about. Is it the EB cap or H1B cap?

    They voted YES to include amendment to eliminate EB visa cap for Nurses (India, PHI)

    Will send the Nursing comm into raptures if it finall passes into law. Strong indications that it will make it. Of course that will have major impact on EB3 numbers, I guess


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  • pappu
    11-28 10:36 AM
    Got legal immigration?

    This is a great article. We will be making efforts to get it published. if somone can also write on the innvators ( (If you doubt the contributions of foreign-born workers to our country, you simply need to look at the talent that has provided the United States with a high-technology edge. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, is Russian-born; Intel co-founder Andy Grove is from Hungary; Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail, is from India; Jerry Yang, originally from Taiwan, brought us Yahoo; Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, is from France; and Vinod Kholsa, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, is from India.) and how they helped America in the op-ed it will be another angle for us.

    The article can talk about the talent, innovation high skilled immigrants bring to this country and be more specific to the greencard process. The above mentioned URL is specific to H1B visa.

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  • GayatriS
    01-05 11:02 PM
    Ok then, why did you come to America to study at Duke? Why did you spend all this money? The reason our people invest crores of rupees in American education is that it is better.

    You people seem to be too nationalistic. Even with the comments about quotas. Affiirmative action with 52% of all seats being reserved based on caste? You call this fair?

    Ok, so I saw the video. I am confused by his analogy and I am a scientist. Maybe it is the lack of data analysis and graphics he keeps referring to. He is not a great speaker. I stopped watching it midway.

    BTW, I am a student from a so called 'garbage' Indian education system and a graduate of Duke University.:p

    Go figure!

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    07-06 10:17 AM
    What the hell on earth is this? Do you know for sure they have ignored it? Do not add masala to the existing crap. Do you understand the consequences of these kind of spiced up stuff? We all would be sulking in the security check for ever, if DHS gets pissed off or gets a congressional hearing and the authorities get lambasted over this. You are seeing how doctors are being implicated in UK and all over. Security is the most important thing right now on this planet and western world is agog over security. I dont know from where Greg Siskind and Jay Solomon got the tip off. They tipped each of their hats off and put the story in our brains to run the show. Security is not a Joke. Do not make it a bigger issue unless you dont know whether it really has happened. The consequences can be pretty dangerous to the extent of revoking all the issued GC's in the past 20 days, if congress gets high on this. I dont know what lawyers want, but my understanding is none of us want to have negative consequences of this issue.

    No matter who screwed up, we should be conveying the following message after we say that USCIS/DOS goofed up.

    "The root cause of the situation is the inability of
    a) DOS/USCIS to recapture the visa numbers from previous years
    b) to carry forward the unused numbers for atleast one year

    If congress makes the needed legislative changes to solve the above two issues, USCIS/DOS will not be in the ugliest predicaments like they are in right now"

    Its our choice to make USCIS/DOS our enemies or we get compassionate to the situation considering how arcane the current laws are. We agree or not, we have to work with them going forward. Just that they are down and we are on a bashing spree right now doesnt mean that it will be situation for ever.

    Agreed 100 % !
    Stop spreading RUMORS that can hurt us guys !

    03-20 10:35 AM

    I applied AP in Jan 4th 2008. Last week on 13th there was a LUD on AP. Today the status changed to "Document Mailed to applicant". Based on your experiences does this means RFE or Approval. BTW i belong to Nebraska Service Center.


    08-12 12:02 PM
    He is slamming consultancy businesses. all together, clearly!
    America will pay through the nose for this move.

    +2K. Are they crazy?

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