Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • sanprabhu
    07-20 10:02 AM
    Actually it was lost by only 2 votes. Only 95 Senators voted and hence 57 votes would have been enough to carry it through. Really Sad. :(

    That only 57 is required is not correct. The vote needs 60 to pass the motion. If no is totaling up only 37 but if yes is 59 still then it would not pass. Also if the senator is absent then it is considered a NO vote.

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  • laknar
    09-11 07:27 PM
    Cannot join the rally but contributed 100$. Go IV.
    Google Order #805244100043575

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  • HV000
    09-28 11:43 PM
    Can all of us at least send a joint request/letter to Rep Lofgren to ask USCIS to formalise a procedure for re-capture of visa numbers?I guess USCIS can do this without any senate approvals.At least ,this will decrease retrogression a little.Any major reform looks unlikely anyways till year 2009...

    2009 is VERY OPTIMISTIC. Why would a new administration take up "touchy" issue like immigration in its 1st year (2009)? Least we can expect is 2010 IF NOTHING HAPPENS BY MID NOVEMBER - Congress goes to recess for the year.The window of opportunity is short!

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  • p1234
    09-13 08:15 PM
    I'm getting red dots now for believing in the right!
    Who cares? Give all the red dots in the world...:D


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  • Leo07
    12-10 06:46 PM

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  • WeShallOvercome
    08-10 02:47 PM
    Everyone is saying that "Wait-Wait , have patience , forget Check-cashing till you realize that you've sunk in deep waters"

    If there are few cases which are returned for false reasons ( see other thread) after Aug 17th probably those few will be forgotten till PD becomes Current again - 6-7 yrs - Huh ? :)

    Not if we support IV's efforts !


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  • zinchak
    09-11 09:01 PM
    Just saw the post and make a small contribution of $100 (Google Order #749561768968518)

    Thanks for doing this guys. Sorry I won't be able to make it to DC.

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  • franklin
    07-21 04:39 PM
    Thank you for the clarification cpolisetti and others :)

    I find it somewhat suspicious that someone who has joined IV this month and posted only on this issue, without any input from the core team who I know work closely with those on the hill, is trying to rally our community efforts.


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  • jonty_11
    07-23 03:30 PM
    one of those who got labor approved fast from BEC...and slipped thru quickly....yes, I mean quickly even though it took 2.5 years

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  • gconmymind
    08-13 07:04 PM
    The only practical solution, IMHO, is to move over to EB-2. Like they say, If you can't beat them, join them.

    US Permanent Resident since 2002
    N-400 Oath Date on Aug 19th, 2008

    IMHO, yes, please move to EB2 if you can find a new job within your company or outside. EB3 is in limbo and not sure how long it will take to get resolved.

    I am lucky enough to have an EB2 job with current PD. Several of my friends who are eligible for EB2 could not find suitable EB2 jobs and could not file in EB2.


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  • xela
    07-27 11:31 PM
    for what it s worth here is my experience with ohio bmv

    i brought h1b approval till feb st 2010 and receipt notice for I 485 and employer letter till feb 1st 2010. I dont have ead or ap.

    they told me that cus of i485 i can only get dl for 1 year, however with the employment letter they did give it to me till feb 1st 2010

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  • NKR
    01-05 11:28 PM
    Ok then, why did you come to America to study at Duke? Why did you spend all this money? The reason our people invest crores of rupees in American education is that it is better.

    You people seem to be too nationalistic. Even with the comments about quotas. Affiirmative action with 52% of all seats being reserved based on caste? You call this fair?

    Yes, it is fair, this fairness has come after many centuries of oppression, in fact this fairness was long overdue.
    Now if we want to disagree with each other we can do it by sending private messages instead of indulging in mudslinging and degrading India even more.

    �I can tell you for a fact that Universities in America are much better than those in India. This is why I came here �.� Now whom are you trying to fool?.. You came here because with your IQ you could not get into top universities in India. �I went to an average university here which I could afford� .You are telling us that you could not afford education in India but you could here?...


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  • ragz4u
    03-09 11:57 AM
    is it over now? All I get is buzzzzz

    Yes it is, the hearing is now scheduled for next Wed

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  • pappu
    08-06 11:17 AM
    I checked with IV core and few attorneys regarding this issue. You will need the consent of the employer since we are dealing with I-140 petition. Please speak to your HR and try convincing them to support you. We are not asking USCIS to expedite our cases. All we are asking is follow the FIFO and process cases in an orderly manner.

    Please do not be afraid of approaching your HR for help.

    You are working for the company and helping the company grow and HR should support you in immigration matters.
    Support from employers will go a long way in making your cases strong, whether it is writing to USCIS or lawmakers.


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  • skillet
    06-25 12:33 PM
    Awesome news..some hope for me..
    Filed on Feb 5th

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  • desi485
    11-25 07:21 PM
    Thank you for your response. Is it normal to see an LUD on the 140 (approved) as well, when the G-28N is sent in?


    Sharing what I read on IV - some members reported their 140 status reverted to 'pending' along with a recent LUD when their ex-employer revoked already approved 140. In your case, status is not changed. Keep an eye on status. Hopefully, CIS will not do another wrongful denial, crossing my fingers. Best Luck bro!


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  • alterego
    10-01 09:51 PM
    I think there will not much visa numbers unused. If at all, it may be in few hundreds. We are thinking our point of view, even wasting one visa number is ridiculus based on number peoples are waiting. However, the INA states that every year "not more than 140,000 EB visas should be issued".It sets only upper limit not the lower limit. Therefore DOS has be more vigilant in not exceding 140K. By doing so, there may be a few wastage of numbers. If they issue 120K instead of 140K, it is not the violation of law. Insted if they issue 141K it is vialotion of law.

    However, if the wastage is more than few hundreds it is definitly not acceptable.

    Last year they "wasted" about 10K visa numbers. It is absolutely up to them. However congress has authorized 140k a year and there are huge backlogs for AOS and CP. So when you put that together, leaving about 10K unapproved is clearly not enforcing congressional mandates. The ombudsman blasted them for this in his report, then we had the VB fiasco. None of this sounds like great management of the benefits. There clearly is room for improvement.
    We (us and our employers) as the recipients of the benefits are complaining about this, and it is perfectly legitimate.
    If any visa numbers are left unused, I definitely think we ought to take up this issue with congressional leaders like Zoe Lofgren. Even just a visa recapture legislation alone would help us tremendously until 2009(about the earliest they might get back to this issue more fully).

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  • gc_maine2
    08-10 12:39 PM
    I hope it is this coming monday.:)

    Which Monday are we going to get these receipts. About 3 Mondays have come and gone and a 4th one coming up :)

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  • sanju_dba
    09-08 10:45 AM
    Came here in july 1997
    filed LC in 2003 thinking it would be useful to stay on H1 as long as possible!! and the rest is on my profile..

    I wonder if anybody thinks it makes sense to create a law which simply says after 15 (or some X years) of legal presence in the US you will be given a GC no matter the back ground! In that way we know exactly where the deadline is irrespective of some government agency's whim.
    to make it more arbitrable, how about if one completes the 40 tax credits and is clean of criminal records.

    03-09 10:15 AM
    Talking about expedited removal for convictions...

    01-04 06:32 PM
    I talked to my lawyer and she says I can travel without AP as long as H visa is stamped. I just found Press Release on same topic from USCIS. Here is the link

    My wife is already in India; and I am going to follow her soon and we will be going to get our visa stamped.

    I hope this reduces some frustration.

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