Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • knnmbd
    07-07 01:19 PM
    By exempt, you mean exempt from the cap, right? Does this mean that you still need an employer to sponsor you even if you have an advanced degree? Or can you self-petition as in the CIR?
    Exempt from Cap only.No self-petition benefit(yet)

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-28 04:41 PM
    First off i take offence to my spouse being called a "Skill-Less Free Rider". That is by far the most offensive and ridiculous thing anyone has said about H4s. Most spouses on H4 are neither skill-less nor are they here solely for their Green Cards. Infact there are cases where the H4 is More qualified than the primary H1 applicant in their own field, just that it is not an H1b type field or there is no H1B quota etc.

    It would be great if the moderators can please remove such offensive stuff when they get a chance. It is one thing to have freedom of speech and it is another to abuse that freedom.

    If L2's can work then why not H4s is my simple point. I wonder if we can ask for these kind of smaller reliefs from the law-makers.

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  • jthomas
    10-15 06:38 PM
    I recommend Rebacca Holt and associates in Los Angeles.

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  • madhu345
    09-25 10:17 AM
    When they filed my PERM, they missed to recapture the PD from my pending labor, Last week I received 485 receipts only for me and my wife, where as we missing 485 receipt for my daughter GOD knows what they did, they asking me to wait and see.


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  • Prijay
    02-29 05:00 PM
    I have sent in 3 letters and will be collecting 10 more letters before tomorrow

    Attended Sep 18th Rally

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  • indyanguy
    06-25 05:02 PM
    The LUD on my EAD app is 06/16/2008. I hope they forget about it for another week ;)


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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-12 02:33 PM
    Sent 5 more letters to President and copies in one envelope to IV.

    Guys this is great, we can all ask our friends and colleagues to sign letters and we can all secure them by paying for the stamps ourselves. I am not sure my husband knows I have shares in the post office now, but I think he would whole-heartedly support it, and he supports what I am doing!

    Look at Digital2k's amazing number at the front of this thread, now that is inspiring!!! Come on folks, let's get crazy on this!!! :)

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  • ivvm
    03-22 10:09 PM
    I would not agree with your interpretation. You are insinuating that a majority of the EB based green cards sponsored by employers are similar to family sponsored green card and also that people are favoured for their did you arrive at this conclusion?
    Possibly your exposure may be limited to mom and pop shops and that may be the basis of your analysis....!!
    Working in a "regular" company and having the authority to hire people in my department, "nationality" thoughts have never crossed my mind....!!!

    I agree; the law definitively leaves no room for error. If all the visas are held back until fourth quarter then there is a significant chance that visas will go unused.

    At a high level; country quotas in EB do not make a whole lot of sense. I have tried to figure out why they are there; how companies and candidates use EB greencards. Conclusion, I came up with is that in a lot of ways EB is a way to circumvent family base immigration. Many peoples parents have greencards, brothers, sisters, friends, etc; and they realize that it takes too long to get greencard through family base and the fastest way is to come through h-1b and go through EB route. Also; companies; company owners will favor their own people in filing h-1b's and greencards and then you have a situation where certain people are favored due to their nationality or connection. I firmly believe that uscis and the regulatory authorities understand this and hence the reason why there is country quotas.


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  • amitga
    10-04 03:58 PM
    Lets start spreading word that MI chapter meeting on 10/20.

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  • AK_GC
    06-27 12:37 AM
    Got my approval but my spouse hasn't yet received one.

    We e-filed it together through the same account. My LIN was constantly getting updated with the status but not my husband. I also received the notification when my application was approved. I got my approval in the mail today too (about 1 month turnaround time) .But we haven't received any notification on my husband's case. And the online status hasn't changed either. Did anybody else face this? Not sure how to follow-up. Any pointers?


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  • sb3300
    10-15 08:15 AM
    First of all I would like to Applaud the Consulate General of India - Houston for the phenomenal speedy service I received for my daughters PIO application via mail. I sent my application on Oct 1st 2010 and it's Oct 15th - we have already received her PIO along with our passports back!! All the information about delays which I had read online before submission seem to be rubbish.

    Additional info: notarizing passports was hassle coz no one was ready to stamp the photocopy. Texan credit union manager made a letter with my passport information, took my signature and notarized it for free. I just attached the photocopies with her letter.

    I sent the below mentioned documents from Dallas via $20 Express Mail USPS - with signature proof. Was delivered under 24 hours. CGI Houston returned our stuff in FEDEX.

    For status update: I called the consulate 7 days after the delivery notification - (yes its tough getting through - but they do pick up the phone) the lady informed me the PIO card had been processed and will be sent soon.. Didn't realize it would be in next 3 - 4 days!

    Below is the cover letter / list of documents I sent with my package from Dallas, TX:

    To, 30 September 2010
    Consulate General of India
    1990 Post Oak Blvd. # 600
    3 Post Oak Central
    Houston, TX 77056

    Subj.: Application for PIO Card _____________

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please find enclosed the following documents to support PIO card application for_(applicant)___________

    � 2 Copies of - Application forms duly filled with signature of parents and thumb impression of applicant (my child being an infant - the thumb impression was just like a smudge mark from her thumb - no problem at all)

    � 4 Passport sized photographs of applicant

    � Certified Birth Certificate + 1 photocopy (I sent the original certificate along with a copy as it is not legal to notarize B.Certificate - which they returned)

    � Original Passports of ________(applicant), ________________ (both parents)

    � Notarized copy of Passport for ________(applicant), ________________ (both parents)

    � Notarized copy of Passport Card for applicant ______________ (Not Necessary)

    � Notarized copy of Marriage Certificate for parents ( __________________))

    � Notarized copy of Texas Drivers License � _______________(1 parent - Address Proof)

    � Bank Statement for (Address Proof)

    � Money Order for $205 ($185 Application Charge + $20 Return Mailing Charges)

    Please process the application at your earliest and oblige.



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  • PD073102VA
    03-19 11:42 AM
    Here is what Attorney Mathew Oh thinks about provisions for STEM.

    Section 406. Visas for Individuals with Advanced Degrees: Section 406 exempts from the numerical cap on employment-based visas aliens with advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering, or math, and has worked in a related field in the U.S. during the 3 year period preceding their application for adjustment of status.

    [Matthew Oh Comment: This benefit appears to apply not only to the U.S. earned advanced degree holders but also to those advanced degree holders who earned the degrees in the foreign countries as well.]

    It also exempts immediate relatives of aliens who are admitted as employment-based immigrants from the numerical limitations of 203(b).

    [Matthew Oh Comment: Exemption from the numerical limitation of spouses and children of EB immigrants and exemption from the numberical limitation of advanced degree holders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics with 3-year employment in the U.S. would practically make a substantially large addtitional numbers available to the total EB immigration numbers beyond the total cap of 290,000.]

    Finally, it increases the available visas numbers for H-1B nonimmigrants and provides an exemption from the numerical limitation aliens who have earned advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering, or math.

    [Matthew Oh Comment: Currently those advanced degree holders who are benefitted from the different H-1B annual cap are limited to the U.S. earned advanced degree holders. Besides, they are still subject to a cap, albeit separate, of 20,000 annually. This provision appears to make totally H-1Bcap-exempt for those advanced degree holders in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.]

    The H-1B numerical limitation is also supplemented with a flexible limitation that is set according to demand for foreign high-skilled workers.


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  • senthil1
    09-13 10:56 AM
    These news are common when anyone is in politics. When some one get sudden familiarity other group try to spoil the name. First they tried that her 5th child is not her child but her daughter's child. She immediately announced that her daughter is 5 months pregenant. After that they started that she has immoral relationship. It may be or may not be true. But until it becomes true she may be considered as good wife and Mother.She is inexperienced that is true but if we consider that Obama also inexperienced. So it is just selecton of better evil. But Politicians here is much better transparency,less corrupt,better skilled than majority of countries in the World.

    Just to add, Not sure if this is true but there is news that Sarah Palin cheated on her husband, and had a relationship with the business partner of her husband. She is not a good mother, not a good wife, cunning & opportunist politician, with very little experience and a heartbeat away from her finger on the nuclear button when she is ready to go to war with Russia. Watch some 'Sarah Palin' youtube videos and see for yourself.

    Now please don't call this "deep sexism", did anyone see Dick Morris around?

    There is something about politicians who cannot pronounce the word "nuclear" properly. They all seem to somehow become Presidents. Maybe we should start pronouncing the word "nuclear" differently, it may help us to us to become president. :D

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  • hankles
    02-29 03:01 PM
    I sent one letter each to IV and the President a few days back.


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  • anilsal
    09-21 08:10 PM
    and was operating at 40% output. It was "Airborne" tab in water every 3 hours. A fellow chapter person chose coffee and breakfast at Starbucks on the morning of the rally, I chose "Airborne".

    But I kept my plans to attend as I booked my tickets (40 days in advance). I talked at the lawmakers's offices on two days non-stop for 20 minutes, occasionally flashing my handkerchief.


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  • reddog
    07-17 05:45 PM
    I am sorry you feel like that about IV core. I am not a CORE member so I can't speak for them but if you have spent a basic amount of time following and more importantly taking part in IV initiatives you would not have "decided" that IV is promoting "EB2" agenda simply because there is no such agenda.

    I am sure you noticed this but if not, this is a free speech and membership forum and IV is not made up by pappu or paskal but each and every one who tries to make some difference by participating in the action items.

    If you think that there needs to be IV initiatives that better suit your needs, you know what...lead it...set up action items....organize like minded folks. IV is setup for that. It is easy to just point fingers and put out statements based on your negative perception, if you really feel so bad about this phantom EB2 agenda, how about doing something constructive through IV.

    Yes, what I posted was meant to be hard,
    ask a EB3 person if he was happy when EB3 was available and Eb2 was not.
    Did any one try to justify the reason why EB2 was UNAVAILABLE? No.

    Did anyone here feel unhappy that EB2 moved so nicely? No.

    Then why are we not seeing a single post from anyone which says we as aspiring immigrants are not being failrly dealt with when EB3 did not move with EB2.

    Instead we see posts about why EB3 is not moving and explanation of reasons behind it.

    Is there a hidden agenda here, NO. Not from IV, am i trying to prove something like that? I dont think so.


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  • lonedesi
    06-13 01:06 PM
    But will the duration he was with company B while the petiton was pending with USCIS be considered as out-of-status if he returns to company A now? Also his H1b for company A expired while he was away at company B. Will his petition now be considered a transfer back to company A or will it be considered as a new H1 as it had expired few months back?

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  • unitednations
    03-21 09:41 PM
    this whole issue of undistributed visas has been going on since 2005. It was thoroughly digested/analyzed by many, many people. The discussions had a lot of infighting just like this thread does.

    The law hasn't changed; therefore, a different interpretation leaves open possibility of lawsuits.

    I read the law to say specifically that if there is more people in que for greencard then hard limit of 7% to anyone country. Until there is less demand for eb1/eb2/eb3 as a whole then hard cap.

    2005 and 2006 the number of greencards issued to anyone particular company had 7% total. Last year; particularly the summer, visas were used to overflow to china/india when they shouldn't have because in september eb3 row was retrogressed and so was eb2 row. Under the law; if eb3 row is not current then there can be no overflow of visas.

    Most of row has sat idly while the visas have overflowed when they should not have. All it takes is someone from ROW to sue USCIS over this. However; no one does simply because by the time the lawsuit comes; there dates would probably be current and lawsuit would go away.

    as an fyi; i don't think anyone has posted but there has been some peoples greencards which were approved in september and october where uscis sent a notice to rescind because the date wasn't current when it got approved. USCIS does have a track record now of rescinding or starting recission procedures if they have made a mistake. If ROW people do make some commotion to ombudsmen, senators, etc.; and oversubscribed countries go over 7% in this fiscal year then we could have some problems.

    as an fyi; i am from row (got greencard a year ago) but thought I'd intervene since I was pretty heavily involvded in these discussions about three years ago.

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  • nav_saini
    04-26 11:57 AM
    Paypal: 0AW03157BU407862E
    Will contribute more...

    Best of luck

    03-17 02:31 PM
    Senator Frist bill is better as it has no so called 'Guest worker' clause.
    Just wrote an email to Senator Frist for removal of country limit.
    I hope with this bill I'll get my GC by next year.:)

    10-15 07:06 AM
    The information, and guideline we got from you is going to help us a lot pappu... also many thanks to other chapter leaders who took time out and helped us learn the process.
    Lets get going friends here at Michigan.....
    we must fight this monster..... we must fight for our rights, and what is fair....
    we must fight for our families and friends.....

    Concentrate on the topics you want to discuss on, and bring more friends to the 20th meeting.....

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