Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • eb2_mumbai
    07-18 03:19 PM
    Sc3 and other friends. Here is what has triggered this bad blood on the forum

    Apr VB EB2 is U and EB3 is doing well every one is normal exactly like every other VB no surge of threads and replies everything is normal

    July VB Eb2 is in Apr 2004 and Eb3 is in U again every thing is normal

    Aug VB Now suddenly Eb2 is 2006 and Eb3 is U ( no change) and all of a sudden there is a flood of e-mails complaining injustice against EB3. I think the timing of when Eb3 folks realized injuistice is what ticked off many.

    I am not saying every one shares this feeling but just the sheer volumes of posting on this thread speaks for itself. I am sure many do not agree with me (or least pretent not to agree) Any one can query Eb3 injuistice posting before Aug VB and compare it since this bulletin was posted and see the data speaks for itself we do not need any body to prove anything

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  • browncow
    06-13 03:49 PM
    What I am saying is - when dealing with things outside of your home country - you cannot expect or assume fairness to you.

    lol, are you saying that an american does not expect to be treated fairly in canada?
    or you have accepted racism as a part and parcel of being born an indian?
    if so, believe me, you are in the minority.

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  • Administrator2
    02-13 03:00 PM
    Indeed it seems very few people are interested as most member may have their 485 submitted already. EB immigrants are a small minority of this country, yet we are only a small portion of this small minority. It is a sad fact, but it should not stop us from fighting..

    Dear jchan,

    We are very interested in this provision. Immigration Voice has heavily invested in this measure, both, legislatively and administrative. We have consistenly advocated for this provision which we believe will curb arm twisting by bad employers, that are like few bad apples in the big basket. Such a provision will help everyone including USCIS, lawyers, genuine companies, and direct+indirect beneficiary. Its a win-win for all.


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  • pitha
    05-31 10:42 AM
    This is a slippery slope,

    "would create a quota exemption for certain highly skilled immigrants who have at least three years of U.S. work experience"

    the keyword is "certain", in skil that "certain" meany MS or PHD, what does this certain mean, it all depends on the definition of certain, it would be nice if the use the same definition of skil (masters and phd)

    would create a quota exemption for certain highly skilled immigrants who have at least three years of U.S. work experience


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  • willwin
    03-20 03:55 PM
    Assuming no relief for immigration system as a whole, EB3 India will move forward substantially only during last quarter of the FY.

    Rest of the times, it will be in 2001 or 1999 or even pre-immigration years. You never know.

    The least preferred category among EB (taking the country tab in to account) is EB3 - India.

    Isn't that a privilege to us?

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  • alterego
    09-22 12:02 PM
    All that is being said is very true. Petitioning the US gov't is as American as apple pie. As aspiring Americans we can only be respected for this, if we do it politely and peacefully.

    People who put in a herculean effort (not to be underestimated by anyone here) to organize the rally and surrounding activities, broke their backs trying to lay a platform for the rest of us to communicate our case. It is only natural that when they get the lamest of lame excuses, they feel upset.

    Every one of us has skin in this game. We need to find some way to lend our weight to this issue rather than just passing time on this or other websites. It is really unclear to me why in America, the most free society on the face of the earth, people feel unmotivated, inert, insecure etc to press what is a most legitimate grouse.

    Let me give you a few points that might convince you in this issue. For most of us:

    1) We are here at the behest of our employers or the US Gov't (NIW cases). Not on our own accord or illegitimately.

    2) The US gov't has certified that our jobs do not have suitably qualified americans to take them.

    3) The US Gov't has approved our immigrant petitions.

    4) We are in a period of inordinate delay to complete the steps due to a variety of factors, including bureaucratic delays, inordinately long security checks(BTW bad for both us and the country) and an inadequate supply of visa numbers for the number of approved petitions.

    5) We are asking the US Gov't to fix this issue and treat us fairly and not make us wait 6-10 yrs for no clear reason.

    6) We are asking them to be more straightforward in their policy and to stop sending mixed signals.

    Above all we are doing it in the most American of ways. Peacefully petitioning and lobbying the government. Most broad minded Americans can and do relate to this.


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  • apnair2002
    07-05 12:50 PM
    To core IV team members,

    Do we are sending any "thank you faxes "to the congress man who orginates the skill bill?

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  • Jerrome
    07-17 07:03 PM
    Please do not confuse with IV objectives with the Posts with someone who is not part of core team. IV's objective is always getting MORE visa numbers.

    All these Horizontal vs Vertical etc all USCIS/DOS created issues. Whoever is benefiting out of this overflow, they are happy and others are not happy.

    Last year during last quarter there was heated discussions between EB3-ROW and EB India. During that time there was vertical flow and EB3ROW got more visa.

    If you ask me overflow should be evenly distributed based on the backlog of a specific category.

    The % of allocation should be based on the backlog.

    To do this USCIS/DOS should have exact detail and have a centralized process in place. Since they don't have this and changing this is not possible in our life time, everyone is trying to suggest to change to EB2.

    Achievable goals or goals worth pursuing from IVs point i guess is

    a) Visa # increase
    b) Making USCIS accountable for yearly visa#
    - In my opinion If there is no IV then even 140K visa allotment in a year, overflow etc,etc..itself would not have happened.

    Thats why Always IV moderators and core team members maintained that only way out of this mess is "to increase the visa#".


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  • rajeev_74
    07-05 09:24 PM
    Well let me put it in a slightly direct fashion....

    Most people seem to be in denial...For now they just want to hear that they will be ok...I''m sure we have members whose motherly instincts can kick in. Please help these poor souls...Not sure what else to say...I'm very dissapointed at how much we were able to raise..

    Everbody's posts here are speculations on what USCIS will do to I-485's filed on or after July 2. Everybody is trying to get an answer from USCIS. You called and got an answer DIRECTLY from USCIS which you doubt and don't believe. So what you want is for people here, who can only come up with speculations as to what USCIS's action would be, to confirm what USCIS already told you??? definitely need a brain check.

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  • pijp
    07-18 10:51 PM
    Hi, I am currently on a Company A's payroll and working at a client's place (Company B); now that Company B wants me to join them; however, there is a contract between Companies A & B not to hire the employee directly; what should be done in this case? I also have a contractual obligation to my employer not to join the client for 12 months. My employer(Company A) is not willing to let me go (though I worked for a year already). Any advise from the forum?


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  • sanan
    06-14 08:53 AM
    Yes they do!
    I have the same question - Do dependent spouses get EAD even if dates retrogress after applying for I-485?

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  • minimalist
    04-10 02:22 PM
    Asking the question is never the problem, it may make people uncomfortable but I want people (like yourself) who are contributing to at least ask IV before ranting on people like me (who dont contribute) to support the cause...Supporting the cause is NOT equal to giving IV money. The republicans already tried something similar ..."If you are anti-war, you dont support the troops"..That was fallacious and so are all the personal attacks on the "freeloaders" (like myself ofcourse).

    this reminds me of a true story of a 5 year old kid who asked his grandma, why are you pouring somuch money building a wall around the empty site when you could have built a nice house. For him to understand and appreciate the necessity to spend money on the wall, he needs to understand numerous things. What can you tell such a kid. You'd smile and leave it at that. Sure he has a valid point about putting the money to a better use.

    The point you are making is also same. There is definitely truth in that but there is more around that. When you look at the big picture , you'd get it. Otherwise, when some one tries to explain it , it will sound like a rant.


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  • patha007
    06-02 02:21 PM
    My wife is on H4. She has applied for SSN for stimulus package and got denial letter. How will be useful this letter to get SSN for her. Please advice.
    Thanks for your great help.

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  • pitha
    06-08 06:05 PM
    Bush is going back to the Capitol hill next week to push for immigration reform. He is hell bent on signing a CIR bill no matter what and Kennedy and durbin know that this there best chance to give amnesty to illegals and screew us Legals EB so this bill is going to be introduced and will pass for sure

    We almost fell in to the Fire from the Frying Pan. Now that we are back in the Frying Pan, somehow it doesn't feel that bad of a place to be in. LOL :D


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  • satishku_2000
    06-09 05:06 AM
    You definitely raise an interesting case. What I would say to that is that they just have to reevaluate the points allocation system. the details of the point allocation system may be bad but the overall intent still stands to benefit the highly educated while including the EB system as well will make sure less skilled but in demand people are also taken care off. handling family based GC is a whole diff ball game though.

    Overall intent of the bill was to legalize/give amnesty to 12 million people at any cost for dems. The intent of republicans was to gut the whole immigration system whether legal or illegal.

    You say that they just have to reevaluate point system. How many amendments were filed to do that . If the intention of "masters of the universe" was to reform the system they would have approached the whole thing much carefully. The total bill was written by special interest groups on both sides of the political aisle.

    I agree that a strong economy like america needs both skilled and unskilled people. Shouldn't it be left to the employer to find out who is the best person that can do the job.

    The bill as it was written before the cloture vote was a piece of CXXX.

    Once the bill is passed I dont think anyone wants to talk about immigration for another 20 years , I dont think I want to wait for another 20 years for law makers to make changes to the point system.

    I am happy that this ill conceived bill is on life support system now. Hope they are not able to revive it ...

    Foreign nurses wont help revive this baby because they dont get any points in the new BS system called MBS ....:D :D :D :D :D

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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-26 11:06 PM
    just went out and got 13 more..

    Needhelp is collecting letters in her sleep :) Folks be inspired!


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  • mannubhai
    05-21 02:27 PM
    Did that yesterday. Do we need to mention it here in order to get it accounted for?

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  • snathan
    04-25 06:28 PM
    Once you have contributed, please post on the thread and we can know how much closer we are from our target. IV chapter leaders and Team IV members will run this thread and count the contributions

    -Which Thread or how to post ?

    I have singned up for $50 recurring contribution and willing to volunteer...


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  • pappu
    02-13 09:41 AM
    Pappu, I sent the "
    Pls post this in 'tell us your story' thread. update your profile so that you/your friend can be contacted if ths angle of the story is selected by the reporter for publication.

    02-22 04:00 PM
    Thank you very much to the above for your replies. This is very helpful.

    A couple basic questions:

    a) What is AC21? Is it a form I send to USCIS?

    b) What is an RFE (re: I-140)?

    Many thanks!

    11-15 11:12 AM
    Enrolled for $100 monthly contribution.

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