Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • pmpforgc
    02-13 09:51 AM

    though most part of Sch-A is doctors and Nurses it also covers under its Categorey II EXCEPTIONAL ABILITY PROFESSIONALS in ARTS AND SCIENCES. So some of the PhDs, Scientists and academics are also covered under Sch-A.

    I think to oppose Sch-A s effort or H-1 B is counter productive to the IV's goal as both of these categorey include wide ranging support from Health as well as Tech Industry. More over Labor Department have already accepted by giving BALANKET APPROVAL TO SCH-A that THEY ARE THE SHORTAGE OCCUPATIONS. so there is established precedent for that.

    We should focus more on PACE, SKILL or OTHER education or energy bills and try to accomodate over concerns and points in those rather than focusing on CIR, which is most likely to be in discussions only till PRESIDENT for 2009 take over his tenure. No body wants to touch it, they just want to get hispanic votes so will tell that they want to do this but will not do it as it takes away several moderate conservative votes.

    Due to involvement of US EDUCATED WORKFORCE as well as BACKING from ACADEMIC, TECH and OTHER lobies SKIL is more favorable option compare to CIR.

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  • stldude
    07-09 03:59 PM
    Team - My attorney sent my 485 forms and it reached USCIS on july 2nd. Now if it's rejected will theybe sending it to my address. I did not fill in the G28 form. Pls. clarify

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  • hebron
    06-15 07:05 AM
    I hate to say this and I hope I am wrong. All of us EB3 folks need to start speaking up or else our fate is sealed. I do not see any hopes of CIR passing. There is always going to be some political backlash due to the AMNESTY factor.
    From what I have seen, most employers are now filing only in EB2 category. They know that filing in EB3 will see their applicants backlogged so severly that there is no hope in seeing their applications approved. So, even those with less than 5 years of experience create resumes that show 5 years to qualify for EB2. Imagine the flood of applicants in EB2 that will pour in when the dates move forward beyond July 2007. There will be a new backlog of EB2 numbers that we have to wait behind. When are we going to get our turn?
    With nearly 10 years of experience and a master's degree, I am still languishing behind all these new comers who come here with fake experiences to qualify for EB2.
    We EB3 folks need to speak up, and have the spill over given to the oldest filed applications IRRESPECTIVE of category. The spillover rules from what I know were defined at a later stage and not as per the original law. If we cannot get CIR passed nor a piecemeal regulation, at least let us get the spillover changed.
    Or, let us en masse transfer to EB2 by porting, thereby making us all eligible for GC ahead of those that are coming in through the back door. I see them as no different from the undocumented immigrants. Breaking the ethical law at the expense of those of us who followed the law. Our positions did not require a Master's degree and I dont see why a programming position today still requires such. I also dont see why our experience today should not count towards qualifying for EB2.
    I dont care what or how many reds the EB2 folks give, but the fact of the matter is that we EB3 must join hands.

    Agree with you 100%. I have been waiting patiently all along hoping something good would happen for EB3. I am talking to my employer if they can port my case to EB2. I have a master's degree and about 13 years of experience (8 years in the current job). My only concern is if the new EB2 labor or I140 doesn't get approved for some reason, can I fall back to my current EB3 application. I don't want to jeopardize my current application just by deciding to port to EB2. Any suggestions?

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  • wahwah
    11-14 10:50 PM
    probably the best post i've seen on this board. good points....I did sometime back.

    Given thanksgiving is barely a week away, we can be certain of the usual platitudes directed at immigrants - this is a good time to remind the average American how far they have strayed from their roots and forgotten the true sentiment behind the tradition. Immigrants have always been hated and reviled by those that got here earlier - but the current anti-immigrant sentiment is vastly different in scale and sophistry due to the times we live in. If every IV member signs up 10 citizens to the immigrant cause, we should easily be 100,000 strong in a couple of weeks. It could be anyone from your advisor at school who mentored you to your buddies at work - even the stinkin relatives should be harassed. Though CIS and Numbersusa pretend that they are a product of the current anti-illegal sentiment, they started out much before the so-called 'wave' started. And they have adapted and honed their strategies very well to crush whatever relief Congress contemplates/passes. Consider the way CIS was initially dedicated to 'researching' immigrant issues that they would complain about the media's positive stories about immigrant contributions as merely anecdotal evidence not worthy of rebuttal. Now they are suddenly fond of anecdotal evidence themselves since experts began demolishing their claims of job-stealing and other baseless charges convincingly(esp CFR's Sebastian Mallaby) using empirical evidence-they shamelessly stoop to use someone's sob story to make their case. So, as repugnant as their motives are, they are too transparent for their own good- and they can't cover their tracks -which is good for us since we are appealing to the fair minded. Remember - every one in the US is an immigrant or an offspring of one. They have always been hated and reviled -so if someone who benefited from the immigrant tradition of this nation wants to turn around and deny it to those following him/her even though their ancestors did the same thing at a great emotional/economic cost to the then existing natives- they have a higher bar in explaining why the current bunch shouldn't continue to benefit from the great tradition-merely being bigoted but sophisticated enough to hide it isn't enough. so don't lose heart but dont sit on your ass either.


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  • nogc_noproblem
    07-16 03:41 AM
    Hope this becomes true.

    It is very simple.

    Old Vertical spillover system
    EB2 ~ 44 k
    EB3 ~ 89 k

    NEW, Horizontal spillover system
    EB2 ~ 89 k
    EB3 ~ 44 k

    The above will be definitely true for FY2009. It might be a little less for FY2008 as they changed the system mid-year. EB2 will become current by end of FY2009 to 2010. Without legislative action, EB3 will get max relief then - vdlrao is correct.

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  • walking_dude
    10-18 12:54 PM
    All Michigan GC applicants are invited to attend this auspicious opening ceremony of the Michigan chapter.

    Blessings in presence only


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  • rb_248
    07-07 10:36 AM
    As I promised earlier I would keep you guys updated on the process of this case.

    On saturday I received the welcome as a permanent resident to USA letter. After trying to get a hold of my attorney I got in touch with him.

    Heres the story. (this guy is a genius)
    I asked him how it was possible when my PD wasn't current I got GC approval.
    His answer was funny and pleasant. Magic :D

    He said after the approval of my PERM during filing I-140 under EB2 he also filed a petition under "person with extraordinary ability interest to US" on my behalf. So in other words both the petitions were being processed together at USCIS. Me not aware of USCIS rules wasn't aware of all the lingo so didn't know.

    Now the Extraordinary ability petition quota is always current. So when my extraordinary petition was approved the attorney informed the USCIS that to adjucate my adjustment based on this approval. Since the PD was current for this category. USCIS processed and approved the GC based on that. I love this guy I don't have to work for my current employer anymore hence he will get a big surprise when I turn in 2 day resignation. HA...

    Congrats......this truly is your 4th of July.

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  • Hinglish
    03-13 05:43 PM

    When do you think EB3-India will move to 2005? Any guess?

    Best guess : in your life time


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  • msp1976
    02-13 10:01 AM
    The problem of contacting media with "stories" is that you don't want people who are just hanging by a thread; just trying to stay in status and having all sorts of hardship because they want to stay. It feeds into the fact that there are a lot of people here which the country doesn't need. Discussing layoffs or threats of layoffs or employer abusing, etc., feeds into the perception from an outside person that there are too many people here not doing specialized work that an American is not able to do.

    In fact this is a very valid point ..... We should be careful about what kind of stories we diseminate into media .... If we are just giving stories in which people apperear to be grovelling to stay on at whatever cost is not good for us as I think...

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  • bestin
    10-20 11:40 PM
    how was the meet? updates, pics etc...???
    Good start.I think 14,may be 15 turned around.We had an overall idea of the objectives of IV.Some shared valuable points.In short thanks to WD and CC for organising such an event.I think they would be contacting core with updates.

    For a start it was nice that so many people turned around.;)


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  • go_guy123
    08-09 09:42 AM

    How much finance is required to do MBA in canada say in top 50 universities. Can we get financial aid for international students?

    There is no aid for international students. U of T is very expensive for international students, 86K CAD for MBA. Try others like U of Calgary, Alberta etc. very reasonable.
    check out their website.

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  • johnamit
    07-27 12:44 PM
    A lawsuit against USCIS for $20, thats cheap, I am in. BRC screwed me twice, when both labors went to BRC with no outcome then I filed third in PERM and thatwhy I am stuck with 2005 Sep PD with folks who just came to US in last 12 months and filing for 485 now. I know most of BRC folks are still stuck there and I am with them, lets get this cleared and have celebrations with all of us.


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  • delhiguy79
    07-18 09:32 PM
    if u dont ve employement letter, u can give salary slip, w2, offer letter etc. but if u r not workin for the company i think u ve to show some future employement letter.

    Again u need to ve the 140 receipt notice for filing 485 is still a question for u as well as...........

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  • nsk123
    05-12 09:22 PM
    I entered US on H4. Then applied for H1 for software job. worked for 2 months last yr and then went for maternity leave.
    Now I started working again and I still have to go for stamping.
    I have completed CPA and I would like to move to an accounting firm ( they have to file my H1 transfer with accounting domain).
    Is this going to cause any problem during H1 transfer or stamping??


    I entered US on H4. Then applied for H1 for software job. worked for 2 months last yr and then went for maternity leave.
    Now I started working again and I still have to go for stamping.

    I have completed CPA and I would like to move to an accounting firm ( they have to file my H1 transfer with accounting domain).
    Is this going to cause any problem during H1 transfer or stamping??

    Please advise me...



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  • rp0lol
    05-19 04:26 PM
    Transaction ID: 23W42494LY532151G

    Donated 100$ today...

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  • Alabaman
    06-26 10:52 AM
    Kennedy talking about Labor Unions.

    Its 11am now and I believe they're supposed to start at 10am. Does anyone know what's going on?


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  • pappu
    05-25 01:04 PM
    Paypal Transaction ID: 3XD21983XR083501J

    Also forwarded this thread link to all friends stuck in Immigration limbo!

    Thank you

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  • eb3_nepa
    12-01 10:02 AM
    One option for H4s could be to involve in organizations like Bill and Melinda Gates foundation or similar social service organizations. Well educated people can do wonders in social service. Everyone must do social service, it would be great if H4s can occupy themselves more into voluntary work etc...

    That is all well and good if like Bill & Melinda gates you have millions in your bank account... People like us would prefer 2 working spouses to give added meaning to both the partner's lives. If over and above that you have time, fine do social service.

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  • mundada
    01-13 09:09 AM
    I disagree with you. I will try again but you can continue to disagree with me.

    Guy from ROW joins Company A in 2001. The Company A files his EB2 ROW in 2004.
    Guy from Retrogressed Country (India/China) joins same Company A in 2001. The Company A files his EB2 India in 2004.

    Both guys are brilliant and have same talent.
    ROW guy gets approval in 2005, while Retrogressed guy has not got approval even in 2010.

    ROW guy gets promotion and moves up in the ladder in 5 years from 2005 to 2010, while Retrogressed guy cannot move up the ladder even though he qualifies for the promotion because he does not have green card and is required to maintain same or similar job.

    Agreed immigration is benefit. But immigration laws should apply equally. It cannot be the case that people from only few countries are retrogressed by 5 more years than the people from all the other countries, which causes people from few countries to be at disadvantage at work.

    It would have been fine legally if people from all the countries had to wait for green card for same amount of time, even for 10 years because immigration is benefit.

    I think when the law was designed this situation was not considered. Hence, I think the law as it is has had an unintended consequence of discrimination at work.

    I therefore think if someone with EB2 from 2004 or EB3 from 2002 has a good chance of convincing EEOC of work discrimination because

    1. He/She is required to have same or similar job; AND
    2. He/She is qualified for the promotion; AND
    3. People in his/her group and in the same/similar situation who were from ROW received their GC at least 3 years earlier and have got the promotion; AND
    4. People from only few countries are retrogressed; AND
    5. The only reason for his/her not receiving the GC is visa number unavailability because of country quota and there is no other reason

    EFFECT: (though unintended)
    He/She cannot get promotion; while his collegue from ROW can i.e. People from only few countries are at disadvantage at work compared to people from ROW.

    You are missing the key point here.

    Equal Employment Opportunity applies only to applicants who are eligible to apply for that job. It does NOT apply to immigrant visa allocation and any other visa benefit such as H-1B approval.

    In other words, Equal Employment Opportunity is applicable to US Citizens and residents with work authorization (Green Card holders, EAD holders, person with H-1B approved) and this is limited to job hiring, job promotion, discharge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, classification, referral, and other aspects of employment. This does not extend to immigration benefit or opportunity lost due to lack of immigration benefit (such as I-485 approval).

    Not a legal advice.

    02-13 02:03 PM
    Very well responded Jay.

    I don't want to write in the forum just for the heck of it, but when I see non-sense posts like the one posted by a "talented leader", I just can't seem to stop. At some time, I just feel its not worth even 2 minutes of my time to read and respond to negative comments, but then I think these negative comments don't create a type of "Grass-root" org that we need. I'm starting to believe that people have no regard to whatever the "Volunteer" IV Core members are doing, they just like to post messages and induce negative discussions and when we feed the trolls, they get excited. So my point is - let's stop that. Let's not feed them - our time, our energy, our ideas.

    We need to promote more of "WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER", and each and every one of us "CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE". This can only happen with actions - Get active in State Chapters, post what you are doing there - that will create the sense of belonging and not by responding to every little negative comments that get posted.

    Ok enough already.


    09-29 08:06 PM
    Though i am not a big fan of Laloo, but i do admire the way he saved Indian Railways from brink of bankruptcy.

    Read here: Lalu Prasad Yadav - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

    "Railways Minister
    During his initial year as a railways minister, Yadav banned plastic cups to serve tea at railway stations and ordered that they be replaced by kulhads (earthen cups). He claimed that the measure would generate more employment in rural areas.[17] Later, he also said that he had plans to introduce buttermilk[18] and khādī[19]. In June 2004, he announced that he would get on the railway himself to inspect its problems and went on to board the Patna railway station at midnight. [20]

    When Yadav took over, the Indian Railways was a loss-making organization. In the 4 years under his leadership, a cumulative total profit of Rs. 25,000 crore (US$ 5.2 billion dollars) has been reported. Ironically, under the previous government, the Rakesh Mohan Committee (headed by Rakesh Mohan, secretary, department of economic affairs) had termed The Railways a 'white elephant' and predicted that it would suffer a Rs 61,000 crore (US$15.4 billion dollars) loss possibly ending in bankruptcy by 2015. [21] The only solution seemed to be privatization.

    Yadav with 2008 Indian railways budgetLalu Prasad Yadav, along with the IAS officer Sudhir Kumar[22], is credited with engineering the financial turnaround of Indian Railways, that was on the verge of bankruptcy before his appointment to the office. He left passenger fares untouched and found several other profitable sources of revenue for the Railways. He also improved on his first year's performance by stating a profit of 14,000 crores with decreased freight and unchanged passenger fares in 2006. Then, in the 2007 budget, he increased the profit level to 20,000 crores with the introduction of cushion seats in all unreserved compartments.In 2008, profits were 25000 crore (equals $ 6.25 billion @ $1~Rs.40)

    Speech of Shri Lalu Prasad, introducing the Railway Budget 2008 on 26 February 2008

    “ Speaker Sir, I present the Railway Budget for the year 2008-09 with a sense of deep pride and satisfaction. Each year we have progressively raised the bar based on our own successes. The cash surplus of the Railways rose steadily from Rs 9000 cr in 2005 to Rs 14000 cr in 2006 to Rs 20000 cr in 2007. The august House would be happy to know that in 2007-08, we will
    create history once again by turning in a cash surplus before Dividend of Rs. 25000 cr. Our operating ratio has also improved to 76%. Indian Railways is a Government Department. However, we take pride in the fact that our achievement, on the benchmark of net surplus before Dividend, makes us better than most of the Fortune 500 companies in the world... [23]"

    I seriously hope he takes over AI and transforms it too.
    AI needs extreme makeover and Laloo seems to be the right guy for this job.

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