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  • Jitamitra
    04-28 11:50 AM
    My 2 cents

    $100.00 contribution through paypal.
    Receipt ID: 9D335528R9233850V

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  • lsuk
    10-09 07:12 PM
    Hi all,

    I highly recommend attorney Ksenija Kokanovic, Milwaukee, WI. She helped me with my H1B renewal and the whole EB3 green card process. She really knows her stuff! :)

    Her website is:

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  • lazycis
    02-12 05:07 PM
    It's not possible to achieve this without changing the INA.
    It's a legal requirement that an immigrant visa is immediately available to an applicant at the time AOS application is filed.

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  • n_2006
    02-08 07:24 PM
    : In this case, the only thing you actually "transfer" is ...yourself and nothing else. "

    What about time you already spent on H1? With NEW H1 you do not get your time back Also You do not need approval to start working with new employer. There are many differences between new and transfer.


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  • needhelp!
    02-08 03:39 PM
    Thanks! We can all do this.. do we care enough?

    Hi NeedHelp, I've reached 112 and think there could be more in the making.

    Yes let's use this weekend folks! :)

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  • gk_2000
    03-28 03:28 PM
    Hand toasted pizza with tomotto sauce and garlic bread.

    Or GC with Fedex overnight

    With free bag of *&^% to go with it.. :)


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  • kumhyd2
    07-21 11:00 AM
    This may be useful to understand a little more about e-filing of I-140 for those of who doesn't know much because the employer/lawyer doesn't give u full information. There appears to be no e-filing for I-485. Anyway navigate thru the USCIS pages for more info. D&vgnextchannel=9059d9808bcbd010VgnVCM100000d1f1d6a1 RCRD

    Instructions for Electronically Filing Form I-140

    Please note that the Premium Processing Service has been disabled within the e-Filing System for Form I-140. Please refer to the instructions for paper filing if you would like to request Premium Processing Service for Form I-140.

    I-140, E-File Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker

    If E-Filing is not the best option for you, please see the paper-based Form I-140.

    Purpose of Form
    To petition for an alien worker to become a permanent resident in the United States. This form is filed on behalf of an alien, and not by the alien.

    Who is Not Eligible to E-File This Form
    You are NOT eligible to E-File this form if:

    You are applying for a waiver of the filing fee.
    You are requesting that your case be expedited (does not include filing for Premium Processing)
    You are a Soviet scientist
    Who Is Eligible to E-File This Form
    Any other alien, except those listed above, may be the beneficiary of an E-Filed I-140 petition.

    Filing Fee

    Initial Evidence and Supporting Documentation Required
    See Instructions to the Paper-based Form I-140.

    If you are required to obtain a labor certification from the Department of Labor, do so prior to E-Filing Form I-140. The original Labor Certification signed by the filer and certified by the Department of Labor must be submitted with supporting documentation to the Service Center that has jurisdiction over your case. See your Confirmation Receipt Notice for the Service Center's mailing address. The required initial evidence must be received by the Service Center within seven business days of E-Filing the Form. If you do not submit the required initial evidence in the requisite time period, you will not establish a basis for eligibility, and we may deny your petition or application.

    Also see the general instructions for Submitting Supporting Documentation for an E-Filed application and/or petition. You may access those instructions from the Related Link on the right.

    Concurrent E-Filing
    E-Filed I-140 petitions can only be Concurrently E-Filed with the following applications under the following conditions:

    I-907 application: Only if the I-140 beneficiary selects Petition Type "e" - A professional (at a minimum, possessing a bachelor's degree or a foreign degree equivalent to a U.S. bachelor degree) or a skilled worker (requiring at least two years of specialized training or experience) in Part 2. For all other petition types, the e-Filed Form I-140 is not available for premium processing.
    When E-Filing an I-907 concurrently with an I-140, the 15-day Premium Processing guarantee will not begin until the supporting documentation for the I-140 is received at the Service Center that has jurisdiction over the I-140.
    If you E-File Form I-907 by itself or concurrently with any other application, please see the list of Special Mailing Addresses.

    Supporting documentation

    Submitting Supporting Documentation

    Supporting documentation is the initial evidence that is required as proof of identification and as justification of eligibility for a benefit. These documents are required for USCIS to make a decision on your application. Examples of supporting documentation include copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, Permanent Resident Cards, etc.

    Check the instructions for the form you are E-Filing to determine what supporting documentation, if any, is required.

    Instructions for Submitting Supporting Documentation for E-Filed Applications Only

    Review the instructions for your E-Filed form to determine what supporting documentation is required.

    Please Note: If you E-File Form I-90, you must submit all required initial evidence and supporting documentation at the time of your in-person appearance at your local ASC. Please see the Form-Specific Instructions for E-Filing I-90.

    Gather your supporting documentation for your E-Filed application.
    Originals and Copies. In almost all cases, submit a photocopy of your supporting document to the USCIS. For more information, see How Do I Know If I Need Original Documents? If form instructions state that a copy of a document may be filed with an application, and you choose to send USCIS the original, USCIS may keep that original for our records.
    Translations. Any foreign language document must be accompanied by a full English translation that the translator has certified as complete and correct, and by the translator's certification that he or she is competent to translate the foreign language into English.

    Print a copy of your Confirmation Receipt notice and attach it as a cover page (or first page) to your supporting documentation package.
    DO NOT include a copy of your E-Filed application with your supporting documentation.
    If you E-Filed several applications concurrently (see E-Filing Forms Concurrently), you will have a Confirmation Receipt notice for each application submitted.
    Include the Confirmation Receipt notice(s) as the first page of the supporting documentation for each application.
    DO NOT include any paper-based applications or fees with your supporting documentation for the E-Filed application.
    NOTE: All Attorneys and Organizational Representatives E-Filing an application or petition on behalf of a client, MUST perform the following steps:

    Generate a copy of the G-28 (it will be generated as part of the PDF file application after you click the �Finish� button).
    Confirm that the Applicant/Beneficiary/Petitioner name and address information does appear on the G-28.
    If the Applicant/Beneficiary/Petitioner name and address information does NOT appear on the G-28, print out the G-28 (it will printout with the PDF file application).
    Make a copy of the G-28 for each application electronically submitted.
    Fill in the Applicant/Beneficiary/Petitioner name and address information by hand.
    Sign each G-28.
    Submit the completed and signed G-28s to the address on the Confirmation Receipt notice with the required supporting documentation.
    If you E-File Form I-907 by itself or concurrently with any other application, please see the list of Special Mailing Addresses.

    Keep a copy of your Confirmation Receipt notice(s) and application(s) for your records, noting what supporting documentation you mailed and the date you mailed it. You may wish to make a copy of the entire package before mailing it.

    Place all supporting documentation into one package and mail it to the address provided on the Confirmation Receipt notice. If you E-File Form I-907 by itself or concurrently with any other application, please see the list of Special Mailing Addresses.

    Failure to follow these guidelines may result in processing delays or even denial of your application.

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  • desi485
    10-27 05:39 PM
    In the scenario presented above, or where USCIS erroneously issued a GC when PD is not current, the obligation on the GC applicant's part is to report the error for appropriate resolution by USCIS. Even if the GC applicant (like my best friend who got his GC in 2008) is not aware of the detailed process, and is not tracking RD, PD, ND, the applicant still has an attorney who is representing the applicant. Also, filing the I-485, doesn't automatically guarantee the issuance of a GC (eg of withdrawing $100, expecting to get $100 but getting more than that amount - comparison is not apples to apples when talking about expecting GC after you file I-485).

    In the end, when these situations occur it boils down to doing what is ethically and legally appropriate, within an appropriate response time frame.


    Nola, your intentions are good, but I do not agree with your conclusion. You are biased against yourself and other applicants.

    1. who, applicant or cis, is required to make sure gc process is properly followed?

    2. also, if someone goes thru' "pain of gc revocation" due to cis error, isn't it ethical (and legally required) to provide "ead/ap" (so person can continue to work and feed his family, be in status), "reinstatement of (again) pending 485" etc. to that person by cis?

    3. are these legal & ethical norms only applies to one party or both parties involved in this process?


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  • Totoro
    05-15 06:22 PM
    I also missed out the stimulus payment due to my wife's ITIN. Bollocks to FAIR...

    Hopefully we can make it backfire on them.

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  • rpatel
    07-19 12:16 PM
    Yes, I used to say like this five years back when I had time and age in my hand. I assume you are in early or mid 20's. I will put it differently for you.

    Assume there is a big pond which starts from 1 feet and gradually increases up to 100 feet. People with one year work experience steps 0.5 feet. There are life jackets(GC) floating around the pool and whoever is lucky is picking it up. There are guys like me who are already in 5th-6th feet deep without finding the lifejacket, but we are sure if we go further, may be 3-4 feet more we WILL find it. There are guys who are lucky to find a life jacket at 1,2,3 feet also and happily float to the shore passing us. The fifth feet guy is practically seeing how the 6th and 7th feet guys are struggling. May be they are seeing some one in 8 feet to 10 feet. Now a big Tsunami (retrogression) comes and drags all the jackets 20 feet down further. These guys are dejected and some of these guys even pull their spouse/kids in one hand when they float/swim.

    Dont forget, it takes one year to step 0.5 feet. Every year the pond management drops a fixed number of jackets. These guys keeps their hope alive based on the above fact. But these guys are seeing some kids passing in motorboat(LC Substitution) paying that guy 10K and getting a life jacket. Hmm pain, but even if I had a chance I would have also done it.

    Now comes your saying. When the deepest s...t guys talks about their fate down the line and how to take their family safe ashore, a guy at 0.5/1 feet shouts saying "Dont give up, it is like deciding to take a sanyas because you are tired of dealing with social issues".

    If you are in 5+ feet, I take your statment. Otherwise, you will not understand what I am trying to say until you reach 5+ feet without finding a life jacket and also pulling your family in one hand and seeing your seniors struggling more in 8+ feet. :)

    NOTE: BTW, no offense. I thought to express what I am saying in different way. I understand what you meant. Cheers.

    I am in my late 20's and am going to finish my 7th year next decide how many feet of water I am in..:rolleyes: Meanwhile I totally understand your argument that the situation is the most frustrating for people who have been here the longest. I'd say sharpen you swimming skills and then it wouldn't matter how deep the water is or how tall you are....I's say stick with it and endure hardship if you value the end result (GC ofcourse). Even if you decide to go back...whatever your age/experience be...never forget its never too late..Gandhi was 46 years old when he returned to India from SA after spending 22 years there..Still wasn't too late for him to start a revolution now... or was it ?:)

    May be you might also want to change your handle...GCby3000 doesn't sound that optimistic


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  • tinamatthew
    07-20 09:51 AM
    What happens if I get my EAD after 180 days of concurrent filing i-140 & i-485, and my employer no longer has a vacancy for me. Can I start at another job or do I have to refile the i-140. (I'm not presently working for the company yet)

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  • needhelp!
    03-05 02:53 PM
    Yes, country of birth should get us close.

    needhelp...maybe instead of country of chargeability we should ask for grouping by country of birth; this is an actual field required in the I-485 form.

    You are right about priority date. It is not a field available in the 485 form. in the 485 form we reference the approved I-140, which is the only place where your see the "Priority Date" field.


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  • GCwaitforever
    03-23 11:06 AM
    If your interpretation is correct, US STEM degree holders with 3-year experience hit the Jackpot. Good for them and good for remaining people in EB2 queue. Unfortunately EB3 can not use any surplus/leftover created in EB2 with the new bill. That is a minus point. EB-5 benefits a lot though.

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  • ilikekilo
    04-30 09:59 PM
    bump bump


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  • verma
    02-20 06:03 PM
    What happens if we don't have 25000 letters?
    I see that we're way behind and only 10 days left.

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  • greendream
    07-17 01:40 PM

    I would like to discuss about changing from EB3 India category to EB2 India category. Currently the PD for EB3 India is somewhere in October 2001. We know people with PD November 2001 to current waiting for GC to get approved. Now the questions I have and topic I would like to discuss are,

    1. Do you guys think that people with PD November 2001 to November 2002 should change the category from EB3 to EB2? (If they are eligible and if they want)
    If you have any reason that these people should stay where they are and wait, please share your opinion.

    2. Do you think that that people with PD November 2002 to November 2003 should change the category from EB3 to EB2?

    3. What about people with PD after January 2004?

    4. Where do we draw the line? We need to help our community to make the best decision on whether to move it EB2 category or stay where they are.




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  • paskal
    09-29 04:47 PM
    then why are visas about to be wasted yet again this year?
    after...they said all numbers were exhausted on July 2?

    i think it's not quite that simple.
    there is no doubt that lack of numbers is a key key issue. but letting uscis off the hook when they have failed to process 269,000 Green Card numbers since 1994 is not kosher. that is >20% of the backlog right there.

    my straightforward NIW application based on national interest service not exceptional ability (which may be more subjective) will take almost a year to process. wow....!

    uscis also takes the narrowest interpretations of any law- even when it clearly conflicts with the law's intent- then it takes a lawsuit to budge them- speaking from personal experience and the loss of 4 years in PD in an India line...believe me this is not an agency i feel like defending.

    just my 2c.

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  • JunRN
    09-13 09:32 PM
    Something can happen if we have a Democrat Congress which is filibuster-proof, meaning > 60% of total membership must be Democrats, AND a Democrat President, then something good could happen for us. It might not be exactly what we like because "undocumented" will get the same as well, but atleast also get what we want.

    Nothing good will happen for us if we have a Republican Congress and Republican President. They will just make life hard for all of us --legal or undocumented alike. If we are having a hard-time getting a Driver's License right now, then expect worse if this combination happens next year plus the continuing recession.

    Republican Congress + Republican President + Recession = NIGHTMARE FOR IMMIGRANTS

    They will put all the blame on us, which is already happening right now.

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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-07 12:48 PM
    Go IV!!!

    03-20 08:46 PM
    So are you suggesting that everyone in EB3 ROW is unskilled professional?

    And I think you need some reading lessons .... read my post ... the comparison is between categories for eg EB2 for IN/CHina vs EB3 for ROW

    06-26 02:03 AM
    I think the country based quota has been eliminated for the "merit based" quota. Am I missing something.

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