Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • what_now
    05-17 05:04 PM
    Dear Mr. XXXXXX:

    Thank you for contacting me about my views on the current immigration proposals being considered by Congress.

    I have long supported legislation to curb illegal immigration by increasing criminal penalties for immigrant smuggling and document fraud, eliminating the use of government documents that are easily forged, and doubling the number of border patrol guards. Better enforcement and tougher penalties for both undocumented immigrants and their lawbreaking employers are the way to fight unauthorized employment, and employment opportunities are what drive illegal immigration.

    Unless we fix the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and enforce our own labor laws, we will continue to debate how high the fence should be and how many agents should guard our border � with no real solution in sight. In 1994, the U.S. signed NAFTA, which promised, among other things, to help create a thriving middle class in Mexico. At that time there were 3 million undocumented workers in the U.S.; today there are more than 11 million. In Mexico, 9 million more live in poverty than when NAFTA was enacted. NAFTA has failed the U.S. and Mexico. By creating an atmosphere where Mexican citizens feel they have no chance of a successful life in Mexico, these ill-conceived trade agreements increase the number of illegal immigrants coming into our country.

    In addition to addressing the forces that are compelling illegal immigration, we must take action to bring illegal immigrants out of the shadows. While I do not support amnesty and have serious concerns about guest worker programs, I do believe our nation should consider establishing a process by which illegal immigrants can eventually earn citizenship. The solution to our immigration problem will not be a simple one, as many things in our country need to be fixed to stop illegal immigration. It is time to take a common sense approach to immigration reform.

    The Senate most recently considered immigration when S.1639 was introduced in the 110th Congress. On June 28, 2007, the Senate rejected a cloture motion to proceed to final passage of S.1639 by a vote of 46 yeas to 53 nays. I was deeply concerned about the guest worker provisions in this bill, and voted against proceeding to a final vote. Should these issues come again before the Senate in the 111th Congress, I will be sure to keep your views in mind. Thank you again for contacting me.


    Sherrod Brown
    United States Senator

    Don't they read their emails????

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  • danu2007
    06-23 04:49 PM
    Called just now..

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  • MLS
    09-25 02:06 PM
    Hi Nat,
    Fragomen took about 6 months in getting "prevailing wage info" for my case in 2001. My manager ( Canadian who had gone through US GC process himself) finally talked to them and asked them to file without waiting for DOL's reply on prevailing wage. (That was a risk but we agreed to take it at that point)

    That six months delay costed me 6 years in GC processing ! But thanks to my manager , otherwise I dont know how many more years I would have waited.(One of my co-worker still awaits his labor cert !)

    The big law firm goes by predefined steps , which are probably the safest way for most cases but may not be the fastest way. You need somebody who has been through this process and can understand and asks good questions to lawyers and can help lawyers to think for your perticular case. Check if you have somebody in your org to do that.

    All the best.

    My company started the PERM process for me about 2.5 months ago. I contacted Fragomen about 1.5 months after approvals within the company and they said they are working on establishing min requirements for the position. I then contacted them 3 weeks after that day and they said they have established the requirement and will request the DOL for prevailing wage info (this was 2 weeks ago). After which they are going to start the recruitment process. So I'm not sure if the time line is okay or should I be chasing them more frequently? Please advise.


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  • walking_dude
    10-08 04:35 PM
    I posted a public event on 'Detroit India' listing for IV MI meet. Event posting has been approved and I've updated the listing to reflect current venue, timings, address etc.

    It's linked to in their home page -

    On the other hand MI India has deleted the announcement on their website :mad:


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  • sujijag
    05-19 06:09 PM
    Just made a $100 contribution through Personal Check.

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  • nmdial
    07-22 02:57 PM
    I never knew Hindi is a local language in US:D Moreover I dont have anything against Hindi or any other language. Its the personal experience with people on more than one occasion.

    I was not talking about Hindi in particular. I simply meant the language local to the place you are at, be it any city or state in India or the US.


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  • yabadaba
    07-20 04:10 PM
    u cannot roll into a roth directly. u have to roll into a regular ira and then to a roth.

    but the earlier statement made sense.. dont withdraw immidiately..wait till the next yr and then withdraw from ur taxes will be 10% penalty and ur tax rate at that time...which will depend on the value of ur 401k.

    so if make 80k now and are in the 25% bracket and u have 80k in 401k then u ll have to pay taxes equivalent to the 25% bracket.

    but if u make 80k and have 20k in 401k then u r bracket will be the lowest one.

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  • god_bless_you
    06-30 12:01 PM
    Shadegg Introduces ‘Skil Bill’ To Keep American Workforce Competitive
    Rep. Shadegg – “We stand to potentially lose the next technological giants like Yahoo! or Google if we do not keep America’s workforce competitive.”

    Washington, Jun 30 - As the United States works to maintain its economic competitive edge, U.S. Representative John Shadegg (R-AZ) introduced legislation yesterday to help retain the innovative minds of foreign-born nationals here in the United States.

    “We have benefited greatly from the many foreign-born scientists, engineers, health care professionals, and teachers that help keep America moving forward,” said Shadegg, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. “To our detriment, current policy mandates that we educate and train these brilliant individuals and then send them away to other countries to compete against us.”

    H.R. 5744, The Securing Knowledge, Innovation, and Leadership (SKIL) Act, addresses this growing problem by increasing the allotment of H-1B visas, returning to the prior, higher level of 115,000, with potential for future increases. The bill would also allow foreign nationals who graduate from U.S. universities to stay in America and contribute to our economy by joining the American workforce.

    “Unfortunately, we are not graduating the number of Americans with advanced degrees in math and sciences that our high tech and medical industries need to compete. Until we can fix the problem of not having enough highly skilled American graduates, we need to pass the SKIL Bill.”

    Shadegg went on to say, “We stand to potentially lose the next technological giants like Yahoo! or Google if we do not keep America’s workforce competitive. We must maintain our edge by providing opportunities to highly educated and skilled individuals interested in staying here in the U.S.”

    In 2005, foreign nationals earned more than 40 percent of the master’s degrees and 60 percent of the doctorate degrees in engineering awarded by U.S. universities.


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  • rock945
    06-29 11:20 PM
    This is definetly a great news...Hope this bill is passed soon.

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  • simple1
    08-07 01:47 PM
    I agree, India is a far better option.

    Assuming this discussion is about immigration/permanent-settlement and not about short term visits, work and study.

    On the side note, The only problem faced in india is over population which triggers almost all other issues. If india implements onechildpolicy most of the problems faced today will disappear in few decades. Your child (note: singular) need not leave india to enjoy international level lifestyle & benefits.

    As a backup plan to greencard advocacy we need to lobby the indian government to implement onechildpoilcy immediately.

    No, Canada is not a better option. INDIA!! is a better option. You got to get it out of your mind that you need to go somewhere. It is different in the US because you have some industries and jobs here that you cannot get anywhere else. Also a certian lifestyle. But common Canada, eastern Europe, Africa... you guys are nuts.

    India is a MUCH better option than anywhere else except maybe if you get a real good job in China. As far as I am concerned if nothing happens here I am headed back to my hometown-Bangalore, India.

    I have much better lifestyle and opportunities than Canada or even western europe! Period.


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  • walking_dude
    10-18 12:54 PM
    All Michigan GC applicants are invited to attend this auspicious opening ceremony of the Michigan chapter.

    Blessings in presence only

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  • walking_dude
    10-08 09:59 AM
    Here's the venue, time etc. which has been put up in the beginning of the thread. I'm also PMing you.

    IV MI chapter Meet
    Location : Troy Recreation Center, Troy ( Livernois b/n Big Beaver and Wattles)
    Address : 3179 Livernois, Troy, MI 48083 ( courtesy Google)
    Time : 10:00 am sharp ( no ISTs)
    Agenda : Discuss future actions - Lawmaker meetings, publicity campaign, getting attorneys to answer GC questions pro bono etc.

    I will put you under may be! Hope to see you at the meeting

    Can somebody post the exact logistics (location address, time etc....). I would love to come, so put my name under MAYBE category. If in the last minute my plans get changed (not in my control unfortunately), I will come on my own from Lansing......


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  • msyedy
    05-31 08:20 PM
    Is there a way out... (Mandwaali nahee ho sakti) any compromise in this compromise immigration bill.
    We forget the who CIR thing and plan for something else.

    There are uglier things than sausages being made. For example, when Bernie Sanders gave a 30 minute speech to increase H1B fees and make H1B program useless, he brought a big chart and the whole enchilada to try to prove that H1B depresses wages.

    However, in the starting part of his speech, he said he supports the bill.

    The bill brings in 200,000 guest-workers each year (it was 400,000 before Bingaman amendment). However, according to him, that is just fine. When guest-workers come to US in numbers like 200,000 then they dont depress wages of the lowest income group in America. However, when hi-tech workers come here they depress wages.

    This is the kind of logic from people like Bernie Sanders and Co. that is uglier than watching sausages being made. Watching sausages being made might hurt your eyes, but this kind of logic hurts your head and can damage your brain's neurons.

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  • piyu7444
    08-05 12:10 AM
    If you are on WEST COAST (CA) I highly recommend KELLY WACHS.

    She will talk to you at length to answer your questions and will do every possible thing to make sure that your paperwork gets submitted to USCIS without any ERRORS. She is quick with email/phone calls.

    518 Ocean Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Cruz, California 95060
    Telephone: 831-457-2253 Fax: 831-457-0103

    If you are on EAST COAST (NJ/NY) I highly recommend RK LAW and in particular POLLY CHAN / Shirley


    200 Centennial Avenue, Suite 110
    Piscataway, New Jersey 08854-3950
    (Middlesex County)

    Phone: 732-463-7511
    Fax: 732-463-7648
    Email Contact:
    Shirley Yu -
    Polly Chan -

    Polly is smart & will asnwer all your questions + will help you as mush as she can. If she does not have full info. on any item she will find out & then call you back with accurate information. Whatever information/answer she will have for you will be 100% reliable/accurate.

    I have had chance to work directly with both the above mentioned lawyers and have had EXCELLENT experience. I actually never had any problem with my immigration lawyers. :)

    If you need more information feel free to contact me.

    Good Luck!


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  • gc genie
    06-13 07:33 PM
    Congrats to all who can apply for I 485.oUR situation is that my husband is a fellow in medicine speciality and already been offered a job which he wil start in july 2008.Our details
    lc approved for the future job
    i 140 pending.
    Are we eligible to apply for i 485 ..ead for a future job etc.
    I am on h4 .
    Thanks People.

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  • cnag
    03-17 03:12 PM
    Does the Frist Bill refers to advanced degree from the US or advanced degree
    from Indian Universities also ? I mean MCA/MS/Msc/MTech etc? Can anyone
    please clarify ?


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  • dixie
    03-20 04:10 PM
    I see that there is a lack of understanding about what "special" labor cert means.In the context of univ profs it means that the university is allowed to justify hiring an alien based on the fact that he was the BEST qualified candidate for the postion - that is, the univ is allowed to reject other minimally qualified applicants. This is currently not the case for other junta in either EB-2 or EB-3 .. if ANY minimally qualified american citizen / PR is found, the labor cert is denied.

    If this is extended to EB2 / people with advanced STEM degrees as Frist Bill proposes, the labor cert will become quicker and painless for these folks (not to mention the immigration attorneys and the employers).

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  • MLS
    06-14 01:35 PM
    The priority dates moved because of IV's efforts.

    The phone calls we made and the webfaxes and email we sent to senetors, really got attention to the issue we were facing.

    Congratulation and a big thank you to everyone who contributed to IV.
    And thanks to IV core team for great leadership.

    Whatever may happen in future, now we know that if we unite and put in efforts we can get even seemingly imposiible things done !
    Great job everyone.

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  • hazishak
    09-17 06:56 PM
    So if what you are saying is true, then form example, country "A" has only one applicant. Since ROW collectively used all the visa,country "A" has to wait 6/7 years to get visa number?

    They do have per country limits. But the none of those countries have used up the 7% allocated for those individual states before the the total number of visas ran out. In other words none of those countries had applicants to consume the full 7% but collectively used up the the total number of visas.

    But in the case of the countries like India, china etc they have actually used up the total 7% of the visas per country.

    12-04 05:14 PM
    Allows dual intent AND allows spouse (L4) to work.No cap limits to top it off.

    07-06 11:00 AM
    Bobzibub you are a funny guy :-) That made me smile. Maybe we should petition for you for an EB1NIW as a comedy script writer of international reknown! :D

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