Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • Green.Tech
    06-10 08:39 PM
    ..on top!

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  • DSJ
    07-06 12:35 PM
    new from

    July 2, 2007, State Department Notice to USCIS Regarding EB Visa Availability

    Has anybody got more info on this.

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  • vandanaverdia
    09-12 12:47 PM
    With such a great initiative here... I am sure a lot more first time contributors will come forth. Pls dont wait any longer... Pls contribute towards the drive. We have lots to achieve & very little time...
    Kudos to Milind123... u r doing a great job....

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  • polapragada
    09-14 05:45 PM
    Keep aside porting the PD between EB3 to EB2.
    Just try this

    Say, you wanted to buy tickets to a show or travel, there are more than one counter which is issuing tickets. You have to choose some line at random. Obviously like the people Pallavi79 choose a line which is shorter in length. After some time person observed that other line is moving fast so wanted to jump to that line. Thats fine. If you try to jump into middle of the other line based on your time entered into 1st line. If you are demanding the position...Think the situation??

    And after some time if you see EB3 row is runnign fast you will jump back there? Is this a game you think??


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  • anurakt
    12-18 02:32 PM
    # nycgal369, Senior Member like you coming up with this idea...hmmm..

    Do you think mass rallies by illegals has helped them? Did not it back fire? will be the same for us. Will not help. The question is not about being scared, its more about doing the right thing.

    First of all, forget about back firing, can we get 100 people to do this. IV has been trying for funds and i dont think even 10% have contributed..why would u think any one would loose a pay day? even if you take 20$/hour i.e 160$ per day. Lot of members are not ready to contribute 50 bucks :) There might be a few who can not contribute due to various reasons and i totally sympathize with them but what about the remaining?

    My point is not to discourage but just for a reality check

    I completely agree.....

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  • veni001
    06-04 02:03 PM
    It is really tricky to come up with a deadline for EB employment. US is set of laws and the law is same for every one it applies. for example:If you not from a retrogressed country you will get your GC even if you start now (before enactment of this bill).
    Please know the difference between bill and law. If ever this particular bill becomes law the deadline for any cases filed under previous law will not be rejected, this is as clear as mud, to make the law same for all who applied/pending /approved on the day of enactment!!.:eek:


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  • mirage
    08-04 03:51 PM
    What is wrong with bonded to 1 job type ? You file AC21 but job type should be similar. You cannot become a company's Vice president if your labor was for Programmer, why are you picking on things ? The guy sitting next to my cubicle is here more than 7 years, he's waiting for his 140, he's stuck with my employer while he wants to move since he has a 3 years degree than a masters, He was considered a EB-3 I. Don't you think he wants to know how many decades it will take for his dates to get current ?
    If it doesn't apply on you doesn't mean these are not facts...

    My best wishes are with you.

    Go ahead and send your letter, that includes line like Being stuck in a green card process keeps us bonded with 1 employer, job type etc.

    Please keep us posted on updates. Thanks! ;)

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  • gcgcgcgc
    07-22 04:49 AM
    Hi Tina,

    Thanks for your reply. I am in Eb3. I am willing to relocate but you know that every state has different rules for Physical Therapists. As I have 3 yrs of experience from India, I wonder who can sponsor me.

    A lot of employers are willing to sponsor Schedule A applications, as far as you get your own lawyer & bare the costs, especially if they don't have an immigration department. So you may want to let them know that you have a lawyer who can file as soon as. Some employers already have the employment notice.

    You may already know these, but here goes


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  • ebizash
    07-14 04:01 PM
    Sig done too

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  • pointlesswait
    04-30 03:53 PM
    for many its one and the same..delay in GC

    i think nothing will ever happen for GC backlogs in near future..

    allowing X-number of immigrants is based on a social vision of US!
    Too many from one coutnry will dilute that notion of melting pot and make it too much of "sambar" or "wonton soup" londonisthan..americans are not so dumb as those brits!!1

    The wait is deliberate and will be that it or not!
    these debaters are like laloo prasads of away to oblivion..

    lobbying is gorafied version of desi corruption : its only the packaging thats different!;-)

    Yes, it appears people on this forum are still confused about backlogs due to unavailable visa numbers and backlog due to CIS having too many 485s to process.

    They are 2 different things.


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  • akgind
    07-13 10:31 PM
    I am in a similar situation, not a lawyer, but worried about my children's future and trying to do what we can to help everyone with the same issue. Can you provide details of the changes in cspa that you have proposed? CSPA and Dream Act are two channels that may benefit our children. If I can understand what your efforts are in respect of CSPA, we can figure out what we can do.

    Any assistance you can give to help legal age out children would be fantastic I sent an e-mail to Weldon's office for an update today as we are waiting to hear if he will use our legislation and get a co sponsor to amend the cspa

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  • northstar
    09-11 10:44 PM
    Contributed $200 just now through Google


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  • Aah_GC
    06-11 01:20 PM
    You both are right. It is definitely not about quitting or winning, it is making the best decision in cognizance to your career and life goals. For some it might be fighting the EB cause, for some it might just be moving to Cananda or India. Either way, life is as such is supposed to be a rolling stone, most of the mass we carry is just a burden that comes in our way of experiencing true happiness and joy.

    Did you ever hear the proverb "quitters never win" and winners never quit.

    Quit here go to Canada and then face some problems there and then quit canada. And then you will become the rolling stone which gathers no mass. Your family will be sick of your shifting then and no stabilization will cause more issues.

    A friend of mine told me this one evening when I was really frustrated and was planning to quit my dream on being an entrepreneur and here I am now, and I think where I am right now is for the reason that I didn't quit that day and finally my product was liked by a company and they bought the product and offered me a job as well and then one thing lead to another and now I am settled with what I always wanted to do ( kinda not 100%) but its ok.

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  • mirage
    08-04 07:11 PM
    Why are you guys picking on useless arguements ???

    H1b and GC are sponsered by employer and they have to pay. If employer asks employee to pay the expenses then that company is not legitimate and persons should avoid joining those companies. Most reputed companies will pay all the expenses of GC and H1b. Some will ask employees to pay for dependents EAD,AP etc.

    Consulting companies ask employees to pay GC and H1b if employees want to work hourly. That means employees wanted more money and they are taking risk(Also working hourly is against the H1b regulations as they have more chance for falling out of status).


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  • drona
    07-21 06:45 PM
    Southern California members, please join So Cal IV yahoo group here:

    Let's get members together and discuss future action items for So Cal.
    You will need to request membership from the group. Please mention
    the name you use on IV in your membership request.


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  • coopheal
    08-12 12:34 PM
    They could have done this and re-captured visas with additional fees or whatever. And called it greencard fraud fees it that makes them happy. But the fact is they did not want to do anything to give relief to Immigrants. Recapture (hundreds of thousands of visas) would have significantly helped helped retrogressed countries like EB3 India, China, ROW and EB2 India China. They can take additional fees as long as we know the recapture is being done.

    Very true. If he really meant what he said (inovating companies use of H1B) in the speach, bill would have something to alleviate employment based GC backlog.


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  • gcisadawg
    02-08 07:15 PM
    Absolutely wrong. If husband and wife are filing a joint tax return, it is wrong on her part to send money to her parents without informing her husband. Leave the taxes, it was simply wrong on a wife's/husband's part to do ANY major money transaction without letting your other partner know. Its equivalent of cheating (just financial cheating). Do you think it is ok for a man to send money to his parents?

    I do agree with your point that information about transactions should be known to both parties. To answer your question, yes, in my opinion, it is perfectly OK for a man to send money to his parents since the man is earning. If the girl earns, she earns that right.
    Say, when the couple goes to India for a vacation, I totally support the girl buying gifts similar to what the man has bought for his family/relatives. I also support assistance based on humanitarian needs for girl's parents. ONLY when it is comes to demands of sending monthly allowance or occasional lump sum, a line needs to be drawn.

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  • shreekhand
    07-18 05:54 PM
    I am not sure if the guy with PD 2001 will get the number first as against one with PD 2006 when everything is "C" in the example you presented.

    Past data, experience from my acquaintances, official NSC statements as well the SOP clearly indicates the contrary.

    priti8888, What is the USCIS 485 processing date in your senario?

    Your Receive Date is a factor but PD is also a big factor, if limited number available.

    If two person has submitted their application. One has PD 2001 and RD June 10 2007 and other had PD Jan 2006 with RD May 1 2006.

    USCIS 485 Processing Date: June 15th 2007 and Visa Bullitin has "C"

    Still PD with 2001 will get the the number first before PD 2006 case.

    485 RD < USCIS 485 Processing date and PD < Visa Bulletin date
    Order by PD desc

    hope this help

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  • I_need_GC
    03-14 02:06 PM
    Thanks for you post about Canada Visit. You mentioned that one shouldn't say vacation for purpose of visit. What should we say then? My wife and I are going for Landing to Canada and people have posted that if you tell you landed as immigrant in Canada then Border Officers give you a hard time as well and some have even got RFE's from USCIS regarding their intent with US immigration process. So either way we are in trouble!

    Friends please advise. What should you say to Border Patrol Officers on Re Entry to US with AP?:(

    Also would you mind sharing what was your purpose of Visit?

    AP was created for people who had an emergency to travel outside the US while there I-485 was being processed. but over the years these processes have elapse and now take longer. So now the USCIS is more lenient in issuing APs but the law still is that its for emergency travel. Now if you come across an IO who is having a bad day and asks you your reason for travel and you say vacation well he has the authority to deny you entrance. The IO can refuse you entry if he feels somethings not right.

    While you have a I-485 pending trying to get Canadian landing papers in theory is a good idea but heres the problem you run in to. After get us green card or passport you take on any other nationality they don't like that. They consider it that you no longer want to be a US citizen now if you have previously held any other nationality like Indian by birth they are ok with that.

    So yes if you tell the IO you went there for Canadian landing papers and are traveling on AP its sounds like you no longer want to be a US citizen.

    In the past I have said visit family they are ok with that.

    My Canadian visit was for work purposes. my company has a sister office in Canada. so when they asked I said to temporarily work in Canada. they were happy with that.

    07-18 01:40 PM
    One time contribution $100. Already Contributed.More to come.and also added new members to contribute

    Good Luck to our team.

    08-23 09:41 AM
    Definition of EB-2 Advanced Degree:
    Documentation, such as an official academic record showing that you have a U.S. advanced degree or a foreign equivalent degree, or an official academic record showing that you have a U.S. baccalaureate degree or a foreign equivalent degree and letters from current or former employers showing that you have at least 5 years of progressive post-baccalaureate work experience in the specialty.

    Source: USCIS - Employment-Based Immigration: Second Preference EB-2 ( D&vgnextchannel=816a83453d4a3210VgnVCM100000b92ca60a RCRD)

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