Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • amitjoey
    07-05 05:09 PM
    called CA senators, as I am outa state they said they are not entertaining outa state calls at this point...huh!!
    They only do this when call volume is high....Does this mean at least CAlif guys are calling..

    Go IV go@@

    Call your state senators, it is effective that way.

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  • dan19
    05-25 01:09 PM
    PD : Sep 2002 (RIR)
    45 Day letter: Dec 2004 (After that no news)

    I had 2 queries when the case was pending with the state labour office before being shipped to BEC.
    The issues were related to low wages and insufficient experience. The company fixed the issues and ammended the Labour petition.

    Will that cause a problem when it comes to the approval stage? Again, will that negatively affect I-140?

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    09-19 07:54 AM
    thanks for answering.

    i am not married. i have explored the possibility of doing this with friend(s) but decided that would like to do this independently. so i guess i have to figure out this owner/employee dual role problem.

    any experience on this?

    This is exactly why I am planning to open a company that can work as a pool for people who can use AC21, keep almost all the rate they are getting from market without having Legal Issues. I have atleast couple of people joining the pool immediately.

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  • kartikiran
    12-10 04:11 PM
    Good they have seem to have read recently published IV analysis and recommendations and provided a much more detailed bulletin this month for the community.

    agreed. kudos to IV core to push for more detailed explanations without which proposals for fixing this backlog also becomes difficult.


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  • Libra
    09-10 03:32 PM
    thanks raminmd and miy_maqbool for your contributions.

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  • webm
    03-17 08:13 PM
    Most of the June/July/Aug'07 fiasco filers H4's might have received EAD's and thus when 2007 filing tax returns (married filing jointly) will have their SSN# listed could be eligilble.. isn't it??


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  • gcgcgcgc
    07-22 04:49 AM
    Hi Tina,

    Thanks for your reply. I am in Eb3. I am willing to relocate but you know that every state has different rules for Physical Therapists. As I have 3 yrs of experience from India, I wonder who can sponsor me.

    A lot of employers are willing to sponsor Schedule A applications, as far as you get your own lawyer & bare the costs, especially if they don't have an immigration department. So you may want to let them know that you have a lawyer who can file as soon as. Some employers already have the employment notice.

    You may already know these, but here goes

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  • gc_dreamer_2010
    03-19 05:12 AM
    Myths About Homeownership - Freddie Mac (


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  • chanduv23
    09-12 01:35 PM
    I dont mind getting Red Dots, But please, for god's sake. Stop doing this fruitless campaign. Do you guys think Giving a Clock or sending flowers solved earlier problems. Enough of this Gandhiian ways. This country is not good for people like Gandhi. May be Flower campaign got noticed and created a whole new experience for the USCIS, but i dont think it really helped them do anything in our favor. Already, folks here are wasting their money, year after year, on their EADs and APs for them and their family. Just think for a second guys, It costs us 1000 $ to maintain status on AOS and visit our family and this is going on indefinitely for our years now. USCIS/Congress does not want to do anything about this, They are happy to get the revenue. Even if you think a minimum of 200,000 people spending 1000 $ an year, it is 200,000,000 $. Iam not even considering the amount they spent on other things like H1B extension, H4s..... Just think about the Dollars they are making on this Green Card SCAM. Accept it or not, it is indirectly affecting our lives, even though, GC is not really important for lot of folks. Iam one such person, I have a good client and a decent employer and iam with the same folks for 9 years and they are happy extending my H1b at their cost. But still, this whole GC game, is sometimes disturbing. They are playing with our emotions and our loved ones. So, GUYS we need to take a bigger and bolder step. To me, Calling people, sending flowers and letters explaining the situation makes no sense. Do you think, those guys dont really know about our situation. Let us a make a bold move. We are 70,000 folks just here in ImmigrationVoice. Let us compile a letter,that pushes USCIS/Congress on improving the condition. As long as they get those EXTRA Dollars, i dont think anything is going to happen. Even if they remove the provision to apply for GC while on H1B, it is good for us, for we will know that in advance and can plan on shaping our future better, instead of this false promise and emotional torture. I think even AILA or other Lawyers are useless. They dont want to do anything for us. All they do is, interpret the LAW , and explain us in the way we can understand. They dont take steps to fight for the justice. All they care is the money. So let us make our point clear to USCIS, we dont want to waste money on EADs and APs and H1B extensions. To me, it should be free of cost, since it is their problem that they dont work efficiently. Why should we pay 1000s of dollars for their inefficiency. let us all 70,000 work together in sending a letter to USCIS or Congress that We are not willing to spend any more money on the GC knowing that we are not going to get it anyway. Unless, we do something like this, the real impact of our situation will never get noticed. Again, our main aim should be to let them know about our situation and not just that IV is a group that will send flowers, to express its presence.

    To do what you suggest, we have to organize ourselves first. Opening threads and debating and then burying them deep does not help. If we have 30K IV members + 40 K families and friends 70K letters will definitely make a difference.
    Thats why I say, lets organize ourselves - andthe first step is to "pledge commitment for the cause" followed by coming out of anonymity - followed by actively participating in grassroots efforts by working through state chapters

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  • ps57002
    09-15 08:57 PM
    all those hiding, come forward...come to the rally. We NEED to be heard. It's time to be heard loud and clear. EACH AND EVERY NUMBER COUNTS. Like each drop makes the ocean, each member that comes to the rally counts...each and every single one. you think if only you don't show up, so what...imagine if everyone thought same..there would be no rally. no one would hear us. Nothing would change...change your thinking. You matter. Each and every member matters. Each person who shows up matters. We are all like drops of water which together make a powerful ocean that can wash away anything in it's way....

    Think..act...before it's too late...this is the time. It's NOW.


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  • mjdup
    01-02 11:51 AM
    That's very impressive yabadaba, you have excellent writing skills !

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  • gctoget
    07-16 11:53 AM
    nice to see good activity on the forum. Please hold on from holding any rally until you hear from IV core. We have some good synergy amongst or members in So Cal, lets plan a meeting in the coming weeks and decide on an action plan. I would encourage you to start thinking about ideas/specific actions we can take. I have a few ideas and would share it on our so cal email distribution list. Who can take the initiative to organize this meeting? Twinbrothers? any one else? Pls P.M me.


    I have made a list of all SoCal members. It is coming upto 50. Please give us instructions on arranging a rally in LA, SanDiego or Orange county ASAP.


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  • alterego
    07-06 01:33 PM
    According to the State Department, from October 1, 2006 through May 30, 2007, the USCIS requested and was authorized the total EB visa numbers of 66,426. Between June 1 and the first few days of July (?), the USCIS requested and was authorized over 60,000 EB visa numbers, in approximately one month. Since it has been made clear by the USCIS that during the last weekend of June (2 days) the USCIS approved 25,000 EB 485 applications, apparently over 40,000 visa numbers were requested and authorized before the weekend. Obviously the 60,000 plus cases must thus have been approved (?) in one month


    66K plus 60K still only makes 126K, do they still have another 20K or so? How does the math tally here?

    I think this all boils down to them wanting to clear the 485 backlog without accepting any more 485s all while not wasting any visa numbers for this year.
    In an effort to juggle all these issues, they screwed it all up.

    Bottom line is they want to streamline the system such that they don't have "unapprovable" 485s in the system. They have caught on to the way the lawyers and us legal immigrants were filing 485s to get our foot in the door then sitting tight for eons. They simply don't want that. They either want you here on a temp. visa or on a green card straightforwardly. Thats what I am getting from all this.

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  • McLuvin
    10-22 09:47 AM
    What is the average time frame for this whole process??

    Lets say once the company approves for the porting process....

    What is the average time involved for processing, PWD, adv., then perm filing/approval...

    Anyone who had gone through and had experience.. pls share...



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  • Alien
    03-13 12:57 AM
    How does that work? There is no law or process to connect an abandoned labor. I had approved labor with a PD of 1999 that got lost when I switched companies. But no one seems to be connecting that to me.

    I said I was *wondering*. Not quite a declarative sentence.

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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-02 10:27 PM
    Ironical, isn't it? This diatribe coming from someone whose handle is "BigLoser"!! From which mushrooom did you crawl under?

    Thanks, but no thanks!


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  • SDdesi
    08-12 12:48 PM
    here comes another one..... keep it coming....

    we are just too far off from the reality..... arent' we

    I am for any reasonable solution for the EB community my friend....

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  • ssss
    08-06 04:05 PM
    I also have a problem getting my employer's signature

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  • singam
    09-10 05:17 PM
    $100, Google Order #360858396298535

    07-14 04:01 PM
    Sig done too

    05-14 05:01 PM
    Do you mean to say, the employer just sends a letter with a signature and LIN numbers to revoke and USCIS revokes them?

    In that case does USCIS send a confirmation of revocation of all the requested LIN numbers to be revoked? Or it is just a one-sided handshake?

    Yes, I think it is just a letter.

    Just like say, you do not want your Green card - you send a covering letter to USCIS and enclose the green cards. They shred the cards and process the letter update their records.

    You can also send a letter to USCIS to withdraw your 485 - they will be happy to do so.

    My dad had a expired green card (in the 70s) and recently when he went to consulate to get a toursit visa - he presented his expired green card (30+ years old) and they took him aside and completed some paperwork and took the expired green card and said they gonna process the return of expired green card - this is normal paperwork and procedure they follow.

    What baffles me is - they follow all the laws perfectly - but when it comes to beneficiaries, we see all sorts of issues? I really do not think it is a training issue - this could be something else - maybe I am just speculating

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