Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • immi2006
    07-05 09:50 AM
    So based on what you mentioned below :

    Persons who sent their apps, now if they become curent in Oct, they will process those applications. And all others appls will be returned by Oct/Nov 2007 ?

    Seems like folks have to wait in dark for 3 months ? are u sure about this ? or is it hearsay ?

    I have always been of the opinioin, that the most correct thing for the USCIS to do at this point is to not return the applications, but hold them until Oct. When the window technically re-opens, just swallow everything that is on hold - the window technically only needs to open for a few seconds for that to happen.

    The other thing they should also do is accept all 485 applications till the end of July and process them likewise.

    Giving everyone EAD/AP benefits does not hurt....they can then line up all the 500-700K people and issue the green cards as per visa number/PD/RD availability...

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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    12-10 05:42 PM
    First off it is quite frustrating with people not participating and not putting their money where their mouth is. However, on a constructive note, screaming at people for behaving the way they are behaving rarely gets them to meekly surrender and start doing the right thing. Whether people do it out of their own free will or after persuasion, it take courage for people to participate. What works is to look at the problem and not to personalize the issue. So poor participation is the issue. If you are consistently not getting enough people to attend then it makes sense to delay the frequency of the meetings as one option. The other option is to call people and ask why they were unable to attend and give them a chance to come for the next meeting. Maybe the projection of rounding up x people was based on poor assumptions. So setting realistic expectations and then building momentum from there is the key. This is a dry tough fight. We need to set up tangible goals which break the vision down yet show the grassroot level people how the baby steps will lead to success. Most people in my opinion, back off because they do not see a realistic connection between the baby steps and the final vision. I think if we treat this like a challenge and try to understand the underlying problems, this movement will have a better chance at success. Regards, JH

    P.S. My apologies for offering unsolicited advice. Please feel free to ignore. and understand that my intentions are good.

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  • bestin
    10-19 06:07 PM

    Guys decide .Tomorrow is pooja.You can combine the visit to Troy Temple.;)

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  • arunmurthy
    09-30 07:26 PM
    Is this a serious discussion on the immigration portal about airlines.

    Why don't you shut the fuck up!!@#@# and get on with your "SERIOUS DISCUSSION" about AI, Vonage,Lingo, Shahrukh Khan etc etc etc..

    Serious!! yeah damn serious to be on this forum... guy like you are a shame and disgrace to the whole community where they just can't contribute but yes can definitely try to distract, deviate and derail the efforts.

    You got all this bashing for the reason, I dun consider this conversation as "SERIOUS" and was trying to add up humor to lighten up the thread. But the A**H***E like you and other 2( who gave you the green on the comment) are totally stupids to understand on where to discuss what.

    I am proud donor of IV, if that makes you feel ashamed when you look at the mirror, then I can't help you.

    You should show some decency in replying to posts. Otherwise it reflects where you come from.
    By donating few dollars, you are not entitled to write anything on any forum. If you think that a thread is not for you, you should not post there.

    If you are a proud donor, good for you. :)
    But why dont you start a local chapter and do some field work instead of just writing a check and claiming yourself to be a superior guy to others.


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  • pvsramu
    03-26 11:12 PM
    When I said that there should be one Item in IV agenda to Ban Porting, everyone got mad.

    I still say that they should be allowed to port but should go back in line. they are disturbing the balance. I am not against them, if they were EB2 candidates why they didnt file on EB2 category at first, if now they think they are qualified then they should start new process.

    BTW. they will create a big retrogression for EB2 then EB2 people have to port to EB3

    Red dots are welcome.


    You better stop stereo type answers. Don't understand why you post same answer for every question and waste others time (not your time) reading your shit answers.

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  • mpadapa
    07-01 11:27 AM
    Fellow Texas folks, esp those from San Antonio and Austin.
    Please call Rep. Lamar Smith's DC office, they are available this week.
    Do request your friends in SA and Austin to call Rep. Smith's office and express support for the 3 bills.


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  • what_now
    05-17 05:04 PM
    Dear Mr. XXXXXX:

    Thank you for contacting me about my views on the current immigration proposals being considered by Congress.

    I have long supported legislation to curb illegal immigration by increasing criminal penalties for immigrant smuggling and document fraud, eliminating the use of government documents that are easily forged, and doubling the number of border patrol guards. Better enforcement and tougher penalties for both undocumented immigrants and their lawbreaking employers are the way to fight unauthorized employment, and employment opportunities are what drive illegal immigration.

    Unless we fix the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and enforce our own labor laws, we will continue to debate how high the fence should be and how many agents should guard our border � with no real solution in sight. In 1994, the U.S. signed NAFTA, which promised, among other things, to help create a thriving middle class in Mexico. At that time there were 3 million undocumented workers in the U.S.; today there are more than 11 million. In Mexico, 9 million more live in poverty than when NAFTA was enacted. NAFTA has failed the U.S. and Mexico. By creating an atmosphere where Mexican citizens feel they have no chance of a successful life in Mexico, these ill-conceived trade agreements increase the number of illegal immigrants coming into our country.

    In addition to addressing the forces that are compelling illegal immigration, we must take action to bring illegal immigrants out of the shadows. While I do not support amnesty and have serious concerns about guest worker programs, I do believe our nation should consider establishing a process by which illegal immigrants can eventually earn citizenship. The solution to our immigration problem will not be a simple one, as many things in our country need to be fixed to stop illegal immigration. It is time to take a common sense approach to immigration reform.

    The Senate most recently considered immigration when S.1639 was introduced in the 110th Congress. On June 28, 2007, the Senate rejected a cloture motion to proceed to final passage of S.1639 by a vote of 46 yeas to 53 nays. I was deeply concerned about the guest worker provisions in this bill, and voted against proceeding to a final vote. Should these issues come again before the Senate in the 111th Congress, I will be sure to keep your views in mind. Thank you again for contacting me.


    Sherrod Brown
    United States Senator

    Don't they read their emails????

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  • Stlguy
    07-11 01:34 PM
    My experience with Greenberg Traurig has been good too. They worked extremely hard to get the applications send on Friday . Not that it make a differnce :(


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  • saileshdude
    09-12 07:35 PM
    Jab fat-ti hai to IV yaad aata hai otherwise just be free rider :mad:

    What kind of person r u ...This guy received a denial notice for I-485 and u r using this attitude and language.. If you cannot help please do not post such offensive messages , especially towards people who are in need of advice and help.

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  • acs_78
    06-26 04:29 PM
    Is LUD mandetory after finger printing? I applied for EAD for my wife and me on 5/21. Sent supporting docs and had LUD on 5/23. Went for finger printing on 6/10 but no LUD so far. I am concerned if the finger printing center sent the data to USCIS or not. Our EAD expired 7/30 so I am concerned.



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  • nlssubbu
    08-01 08:03 PM
    Berry, Appleman & Leiden LLP is very good firm. I have very good experience with them. They completed all my paper work on Jun 30, so that they can file by July 2. Also the attorney and the para-legal were really good and replied to my questions patiently. The website is


    During my GC process, they took good care of many issues and they are prompt in responding your questions, concerns. I strongly recommend


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  • snathan
    02-09 11:01 PM
    Hello ... I m responding to a some one who dis-respected my fellow citizens . So what do you say English speaking guys are great IT professionals ? To work on computers you need brian and understand bits and bytes not english .

    I think you got my message wrong all I m saying is you dont have to be a great english communicator to qualify for EB2 , unless you are applying as professor .

    In 70s most of the towns having only local language schools and stuided in local language schools , thay may be part of reason why some of them dont communicate well ..That doesnt mean they can not work on computers ...

    Well thats our opinion/preception or even truth. If you need to work in the US, you need to be good in english as its their national laungage.

    I am giving this one for example...

    So even if you are a greate talent and could not speak even a word in english forget about coming to US.


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  • garybanz
    09-19 05:52 PM
    Firstly thanks for the great show at DC, we are really beginning to bring this issue to the fore front. I could not attend myself but I did make a small contribution as a token of my support. However we should capitalize on the momentum and follow this up with some thing more substantial so that every one knows that this was not a one off spark but is a clear growing fire.

    I guess (just by reading posts on IV) one point which came out pretty clearly was that IV has good support in some regions and really very little support in some others (support as in visible support, where people are willing to show up for rallies, contribute to IV�s efforts etc), I guess this pretty much means that we need to focus on building the regional chapters of IV, like have strong/formal leadership and goals of each of the chapters.

    I was also thinking that we can possibly learn a lot from the protests by undocumented immigrants. They had record turnouts in their rallies and most of their people stayed away from work to take part in the efforts when ever there was a call for the same.

    I thought which keeps hitting me is about a simultaneous rally in all major US cities? I know that undocumented immigrants did this and that really worked for them and once again this will build our regional chapters coz the onus will clearly be on each of the regional chapters to achieve targets (target in terms of membership, turnout in rallies, fund raisings etc ) set by IV

    Some of the advantages of having simultaneous local rallies is that
    1) No travel expenses � (So that we can spend more money on media and lobbying than travel expenses)
    2) No need to time spent on travel � ( Better turnouts)
    3) Comfort � every one can just go to a local rally point (Better turnouts)
    4) Stronger regional chapters � (work at grass root levels)

    Also if this can be done on a Saturday then I am sure the turn out will be much better.

    What do you think?


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  • delhiguy79
    07-18 12:52 PM
    I did not find this invalid. But the NSC update from last year also doenst say as how long it was valid. We really need to talk to an attorney.

    As for me, I am going to file my I 485 by July 31st if I dont receive the reciept notice from USCIS. We can just show other proofs that it was more than 15 days that we filed our I 140.

    In this case we dont know till when the update is valid. so it can't b said that it is invalid also.

    so I am planning to wait till Aug 10 to get the receipt notice, otherwise i ll fle myself with the fedex tracking number and the letter from USCIS about the labor approval.


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  • TheOmbudsman
    11-08 10:58 AM
    GCBY3000, I think you are right. It is not all that simple. There are many in the House who can still vote against amnesties. We shall watch and see. I suggest that no one gets too excited about this.

    SInce democrats gained the contorl on house, they will wait till the next congress starts to pass releif to immigration issue. THis way, they can take the credit for it and campaign it for their next election. Republicans are stuck now. They neither want to pass it nor want it to supress. They dont want the democrats to gain the credit whatsoever. If republicans cannot pass it this year they will do everything to stop it in next congress session if they have majority in senate. It is vey comlicated and sensitive issue and we have to wait to see how the business people push the lawmakers. None other then business tycoons can make some impact with this kind of power split in senate / congress with a lame duck president for next two years.

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  • waitingGC
    02-13 09:32 AM
    Do go here and post some hard hitting arguements to shut up Kim Berry 31df832fcaa
    write to as well

    Pappu, I sent the article to my cousin in China, asking him to publish his story. Please read his reply. He graduated from University of Chicago and went back to China two years after working in US.

    "This is another sad story about skilled immigrant.

    I want to talk about this issue from my perspective.

    I got my M.B.A in a prestigious US university and worked as a Financial Analyst in US for two years. I was thinking of applying for GC at that time because I had planned to stay in US. But, that winter, when I took a vacation in China, I decided to look for a job in China because I was very impressed by the economic development in China and wanted to capitalize on the opportunity. The Chinese market was/is in urgent demand for US-trained financial analyst. After some interviews, I got a very generous offer from a multinational company and quitted my job in US without any hesitation.

    Now five years has passed. Because of my excellent performance, I get two promotions in the past five years and am a director in my company. My boss, who is an american, lost his job and has to go back to US because my company cannot see any fiancial advantage to hire him anymore. I have never been happier. I believe that I made a very good choice five years ago. Most of my chinese classmates during MBA study are still struggling for their GCs and get stuck in their career development because of GCs. They are quite regret that they did not come back to China back 5 years.

    So what I want say is that, US is not a very good place to stay anymore. There are many golden opportunities in your own country! Many countries are becoming stronger and stronger. It's not 10 or 20 years ago. 10 or 20 years ago, US is the best place in the world to stay. But now, it's different. My friends in US make about $150k a year and cannot afford a luxury lifestyle. I make $100k a year and enjoy a very comfortable life in China. I built my own house in China, which is even better than my house in New Jersey before. I hired my own chauffeur, housekeeper, two nannies for my baby... I cannot afford these thing if I were still in US. How many americans can afford the same lifestyle as mine? I don't think there are many.

    My point is, be open to opportunities in your own countries or other countries in the world other than US. You will be happy to leave US several years later when you look back. Besides, if more and more US-trained scientists and professionals come back to their own countries and help their countries to develop, maybe in another 10 or 20 years, no one would want GC anymore."


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  • shukla77
    09-22 10:29 AM
    When you say these are the " ONLY REASONS", you should think twice. If your wife delivered baby on that day or if you had back surgery a week ago probably you would not be been in DC for the rally. So please dont generalize anything.I am not sure if the most efficient way to motivate people is to write bunch of threads with the words like the four you used many times.
    Yes, and the only reason I see is LAZINESS, COWARDICE, SELFISHNESS AND ATTITUDE

    Good Luck

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  • Jaime
    09-15 02:14 PM
    Come on DC, Tri-State, Penn, Virginia, all surrounding areas!

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  • desi3933
    02-25 10:06 AM
    Reading through this, this only says that the status cannot be changed (to a PR). It does not say that the prefiling of of AOS application cannot be done.

    I think we should definitely try to work towards this. There was also an article on Immigration daily (,0225-endelman.shtm) which suggests pre filing as a administrative fix that will solve a lot of problems.

    I am definitely in for such a initiative.

    Read again
    (3) an immigrant visa is immediately available to him at the time his application is filed.

    Explanation - At the time when the application (i.e. I-485) is filed by applicant, an immigrant visa is immediately available (i.e. PD is current).

    If you still have doubt, talk to your attorney and post here what he/she told you.

    Have a good day!

    Not a legal advice
    US citizen of Indian origin

    07-23 03:23 PM
    Seems like it's the same info as the NSC Updates dated November last year... So it's official that we can file 485 without 140 receipt notice!

    03-03 10:13 PM
    will sent more.

    Cheers for your efforts :)

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