Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • tonyHK12
    03-28 08:03 PM
    I recommend you apologize to MC and don't make this a circus


    And yes that was spouse not spouses (I am sorry about that spelling mistake) but you did post a message which was a . which was in relation to another members query about whether i am a man/women or something else. Now a . is called a Point which is also a degrotary reference to a person who is neither a man or a women. Now please do not deny it because there is no way you can fight that accusation off. I think if i dig deep down i wil come across other abuses made by you but i regress from the point

    Most EB2's who are talking on this forum are idiotic, egostic and too much of themselves to think straight. Case in point Smugbee, SNathan and TonyHK. Since they don't have ead they want ead and thats all they care about. As long as they get to file 485 and get ead they dont care.
    thats pretty ridiculous, why don't you prove it

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  • CADude
    03-14 01:07 PM
    It's slow poison.. Great deception. You can't get it and You can't let it go. After waiting so long (7+ years in GC road) I got nirvana. One early morning I think over back and relies what the hell I did with my life and career for this stupid card. So I put my energy in study. Hoping to complete MBA by summer and move forward. Waited so long so i don't have any more patience or emotion left. I have to move on with life.. :p

    Have a cup of coffe, it is sprint break time, I am taking my daughter out....also I am going to meet some friends over this weekend.

    This EB-2, EB-3, ROW, India, China..... only hurts me when I think about it! As long as I am busy with my day to day is beautiful.

    Going to make a cup of coffee and watch my fav song on YouTube! Cheers...

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  • rockstart
    07-17 07:17 PM
    You are talking as if IV made this change possible. This is nothing but conspiacy theory that you have made up. It was entirely CIS decision to reinterpret the spill over rules. I had never heard any of IV member on this forum or in state chapter updates talking about spill interpretation campaign. This has been a suprise for most people ( a pleasant for some of us) You tell me what can IV do here tell CIS to revert back to EB3 ROW in which case both Eb2 & Eb3 Ind remain U for time eternity.

    Yes, what I posted was meant to be hard,
    ask a EB3 person if he was happy when EB3 was available and Eb2 was not.
    Did any one try to justify the reason why EB2 was UNAVAILABLE? No.

    Did anyone here feel unhappy that EB2 moved so nicely? No.

    Then why are we not seeing a single post from anyone which says we as aspiring immigrants are not being failrly dealt with when EB3 did not move with EB2.

    Instead we see posts about why EB3 is not moving and explanation of reasons behind it.

    Is there a hidden agenda here, NO. Not from IV, am i trying to prove something like that? I dont think so.

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  • jindhal
    06-24 10:08 AM
    called but elizabeth wasnt at work i guess.. so someone else took my message. Asked me to call my local rep. which I did..called about 7 other representatives..


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  • somegchuh
    07-18 01:41 AM
    I don't know the history of BigTime007 postings. Maybe he has said some things in the past that lead to the ban but his most recent post which got him banned seemed just like venting and nothing more.

    What I do find annoying though is when ppl whose PD's are in 2006-2007 tell ppl rotting in BEC to "enjoy the ride". I have seen a few threads in the past where someone stuck in BEC was just venting and then ppl come along and tell them to "be happy for others". I don't get it. How is a person who is stuck for years, sees ppl with later cases get interim benefits, supposed to feel happy knowing they will still be stuck. :confused:

    I think all these poor souls are looking for is a few words of sympathy and company of ppl in similiar situation (not very different from ppl complaining about retrogression mind you). If we can not do anything to help ppl stuck in those blackhole let's not rub salt into their wounds.

    Lastly, regardless of whether you are stuck in BEC or expect to be stuck in retrogression for the next few years, there is no reason to be uncivil.

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  • amitjoey
    05-31 04:43 PM
    I am confused. it is very contradicting.


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  • needhelp!
    11-15 11:18 AM
    I wish things were better.
    Are YOU doing anything to make it better? Please update your signature if you are a member of your state chapter.

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  • singhsa3
    12-10 12:43 PM
    I second this idea.
    Why can't we move from a free service to a membership based and see how many people still continue ... evenif with 25K members it is only a handful who are active and part of the initiative ... so I would suggest to go for a membership ...

    it could be a per month basis or pay a big amount and get membership for life or year ... say $200 for a year or $20 for a month ... we don't need the number/mass unless they are active in all way ... just my thoughts ... hope the IV core team will consider that ... enough of free rides ... now pay for it and get the access to forums ... :mad:


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  • walking_dude
    10-19 06:49 PM
    May be the Lord gets pleased with you for performing good GC Karma and grant you Green Card in blessings !


    Guys decide .Tomorrow is pooja.You can combine the visit to Troy Temple.;)

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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-20 04:09 PM
    Excellent idea!! Senior citizens are quite active politically and many of them are more mature given their age & experience. We should certainly take this one up...


    One idea my American friend shared with me was to make presentations at retirement centers or community centers/ events. We need to be visible and our contribution to the country made known.



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  • nogc_noproblem
    07-13 11:04 PM
    Based on the various discussions in this forum, the number is expected to be around 20k. No concrete evidence for this claim.

    It will be interesting to see Sep bulletin. Because at present except EB2 I & C all other categories are either C or U. So, each and every visa will go to EB2 I & C and there will be plethora of approvals beginning Aug 1st. I-485 processing date is in July ’07 (both at TSC and NSC) and all the pending EB2 (till June 1st 06) may not be ready to adjudicated (RFE, denials, I-140 not cleared etc). If the above numbers are correct and given the fact that additional numbers will be available beginning Oct (2008 quota), there is bright chance that EB2 dates may still move further. This is my personal opinion.

    Does any one has any Idea or back of the envelope calculation as to how many EB2 visas (for all countries) may be left for the remainder of FY'07?
    The reason I am saying Eb2 all and not EB2 India, as most of the 485 applications filled in early July 485 were from India. Hence, given the new interpretation of visa overflow, almost all will be assigned to this category.

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  • new_horizon
    04-10 02:11 PM
    for all those who complain, and say the IV core doesn't do anything. the very reason you are expression your opinions, and most everyone getting advise is because the IV core took pains to set up this forum. It takes great deal of effort, time, money, sacrifice to do something productive and useful for the masses.
    If you are too much worried or frustrated with the IV core not sharing info with you, why don't you take the pain of starting a forum of your own, and see how many people will join that. You will understand what all pain you will go through.
    Personally I am a donor, because I understand the sacrifice people make to get this thing going. I know nobody is making money out of my donation 'coz they'll be in deep trouble for doing that. And I am not going to complain because I am not being informed of all the actions going behind the scene. I trust the core for doing the right thing which is beneficial to all. There are few core members who have already got the GCs but are still working on this effort.
    So my humble advise is "pls don't complain...nobody is under any compulsion to contribute or do anything. The request is out there for all but it's upto you to act".
    If you feel discriminated against, pls feel free to lodge a complaint with the DOL or USCIS (just kidding this part alone).


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  • Milind123
    06-14 11:48 PM

    Here are just a few that I can think of rightaway.

    1. Once shifted to EAD you loose opportunity to renew or apply for a new H1B if you have not completed six years though.

    2. You have to apply for EAD renewal every year and much in advance. H1Bs are issues for 3 year periods.

    3. Suppose there is a delay in getting the renewal, you are NOT allowed to work until the renewal comes through. Renewal duration depends on the work load.

    4. Fee of EAD is being hiked to $340 per year.

    5. Couple of my EAD starting date was the approval date even though the current EAD had not exipred effectively loosing couple of months validity each time.

    6. Due to some issues if I-485 gets revoked the EAD/AP are invalidated the very next moment and you accumulate illegal stay and would not have time to get the process going.

    On the other hand having a H1B you can apply for EAD any time or not even apply if you have sufficient validity on it. Suppose the I-485 gets rejected you can reapply for a new one or from an another employer and still work/live legally in the US.

    EAD allows you to work any type/number of jobs that is the big PLUS though!

    Great points. Is it possible for the primary applicant to continue on H1 and the secondary/dependant applicant apply for EAD?

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  • piyu7444
    03-20 10:04 PM
    I was also under the same assumption. But I came to know that you can work for more than one sponsoring employer at a time.

    Thanks snathan !

    *Last post for this thread. I am done with it. OP got his answer and that was the aim. Cant be here endlessly. :)


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  • gc_chahiye
    06-09 12:22 AM
    ...Should we not be trying and praying that CIR passes WITH our provisions...

    did you see any of the debate on CSPAN? I unfortunately sat through most of it, and the vitriol that people like Bernie Sanders and Dick Durbin have spewed on H1Bs has left me a bit shaken and a bit bitter. Forget about taxes, we are paying into medicare and social security (which we wont get to use) all these years and yet we were treated like trash. At the same time the red carpet was laid out for illegals who have not even paid taxes, have broken multiple laws...

    I dont know if there was even a 5 minute period in the senate where someone said something positive about the contributions that H1Bs have made here. I doubt if we have any chance of getting any favorable amendment in this atmosphere.

    It felt as if we went into a massive swordfight (Kill Bill style) armed with toothpicks. The fact that we got away with just scrapes and bruises is victory in itself.

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  • amitjoey
    05-24 01:07 PM
    Sent emails to media using the tool. It was quick, I'm sure if many of us do it, it will be effective too.

    Awesome !!!..Such an easy way to send email....Good Job IV, !!!...

    Now is the time to create awareness and momentum leading upto the advocacy event. Please keep emailing and sending letters, this will work in our favour. Please continue asking friends and family to support.
    It is quick and easy.


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  • rajuram
    11-25 03:54 PM
    Lets start with #4, may be a snail mail letter campaign?

    Excellent thinking. :)

    What should be done to make this happen? Any suggestions? ;)

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  • somegchuh
    07-19 04:22 PM
    I think Canada might be a good option for some ppl. Here are some reasons:

    You move to canada, have greater flexibility to change jobs, your wife gets to work, in the meanwhile your employer lets the GC process continue. This way, you live a free life until you get a GC. But I seriously doubt if any employer will continue to process GC if you leave the country.

    Or you have waited long enough and are too tired to wait any longer. You would rather be elsewhere. In this case it doesn't matter where you go, Canada or back home.

    Another good reason can be that you have waited for 8-10 years in US and have no hope in sight. You are not tired but you can clearly see that the wait is completely futile and you are just hoping. You have decided to stop waiting but still want something that's close to US standards. And I think canada still comes very close to good standards.

    What do you guys think?

    yes corret,

    I do not understand the point of moving to Canada to come back to US when the retrogression seems to end(which never ends).

    What is the point in moving to Canada and waiting for something from US. I would very well stay in US and wait. At least US is better than Canada on every aspect including $$$.

    I would say, if you have PR and if you can get a very good satisfying job than what you are doing here which would add value down the line, then there is a point in moving. Just for the heck of having a PR, moving to Canada is not a wise thing to do.

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  • starscream
    06-20 08:47 AM
    I for one think that the SKIL provisions will be in the manager's package like last year.
    I thought the SKIL provisions were already present in last years bill when it was offered - were the SKIL provisions added in the manger's package last year??

    09-12 11:47 AM
    Republicans are generally more amenable to legal immigration fixes than Dems. While not all of the Dems are bad, most of them dont care about legal immigration -- they just want the illegals. If it were not for these Dems, 5882 would have sailed through by now

    I am sure NoBama will say CIR. illegals first. etc. etc.

    So, did you know how many Democrats and Republicans vote for and against HR 5882 at the sub-committee level?

    09-27 01:06 PM
    Speed of approval is not the problem. The NUMBERS are the problem. We saw that in June when so many ppl got approved.

    To me "SKILLED & DIVERSITY" doesn’t make any sense. They should not go hand in hand.

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