Monday, June 13, 2011

amor romantico

images El amor romántico del siglo amor romantico. II Meylinquot;AMOR ROMANTICO Y
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    05-20 08:56 AM
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    wallpaper II Meylinquot;AMOR ROMANTICO Y amor romantico. mitos del amor romántico y
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  • Maniraj Patri
    09-07 11:04 PM
    Really great.. very useful information..

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  • go_guy123
    08-23 01:07 AM
    The placement statistics from the Rotman school of Management website is quite impressive.

    I've a few questions for you. How bright are the job prospects after doing an MBA from U of T in the current recession wolrd? Are part-time MBA students given equal opportunity in job placements? What's the % of placement among Canadian vs US employers?. Howmuch salary can a person with Engineering degree + US experience + Canadian MBA expect to get?

    Placement statistics there are hyped up. Not that great. However the US ones are also hyped. So lets be fair here. US school dont tell
    foreign students that without GC employers dont even want to look at you. Even Harvard foreign students are having a very bad time.

    Plus here they allow spouse to work. If the marriage is more than 3 years , then that
    spousal work permit leads to resident tuition as well. In US F4 cant work. Even you cant work off campus. Without working you have to support 2 persons (for married people)
    Compared to Canada, US literally treats foreign students like dogs....I dont understand why people from India still come to do MS in US. Yes I know I have done MS in US and MBA in I can compare first hand.

    Let me be honest. Opportunities in Canada is no way compared to US for a US Citizen/GC.
    However if you are not a US Citizen/GC then you are far better off in Canada.

    Lately Rotman is a bit too expensive for non-resident tuition. So I wont recommend that to international students. However you can choose U of Calgary etc. I was a PR before I joined Rotman so I got loans, worked part more than 20 hrs week (often more than 30 hrs). Leaving H1B job in US for a MBA in Canada was one of the best decisions I have taken. In fact I was so convinced that I should not do MBA in US that I didnt even apply in
    US schools.

    Answering your specific questions

    International students in Canada are doing better than international students in US who need an H1B. In Canada after 1st they all applied for
    PR and are close to getting PR Plus they get 3 year unrestricted work permit. It has been bad. But now I see eventually all are getting full time employment.

    Part time students cant apply through the full time career center. But they can talk and annend info session. Most people including fulltime
    MBA get jobs outside career center.

    US experience isnt give a premium. Canadian experience is always prefered. 60K to 70K is the typical salaries that foreign students are getting. Well I never said that Canadian oppotunities are great but what i can say is that Canada is a better option if you are not a

    It is hard to compare Canada vs India. India as other problems. If you want finance sector jobs then it is Bombay. It involves long travel
    of 2 hours in locals each way. 4 hours travel...there is no personal time left after work. I personally cant take might be different
    for others. Power problems, traffic jam etc is there. It about what you consider quality of life, and that is different from person to person.

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  • Hermione
    09-28 10:46 AM
    Yes, USCIS IS capable of processing quickly (for example, my own case - but I'd say I was very VERY lucky, rather than an indication of system wide improvements). Remember, my GC was approved whilst my PD was not current, and I am still baffled why this happened. Having talked to many people about it, there is a strong suspicion of "squeaky wheel" helping.

    Neah, there were too many approved to be all squeaky wheels. I think I know what they did. On July 1st they ran a simple query and picked up every application that has had no outstanding RFEs and had cleared namecheck, and then assigned them a visa number. If your receipt is from June, you may have cleared namecheck by July 1st, so you got the number. The rest (fingerprint check and approval itself) is just technicality.

    I am on the opposite spectrum of the processing - been pending since early 2006 in EB2 ROW. My namecheck cleared late August - guess what, I am still waiting, perhaps until new numbers become available in October (even though I am current). Even though I have been waiting longer, they really finished working on my petition in June of 2006, so everything on the CIS side, including an RFE was done in 4 months. So, I really do not think your case is an exception. Most current approvable petitions that are not stuck in namecheck are approved in 3-4 months. So, in my opinion, quotas are the main culpit. Namecheck is easier to tackle because it gets a lot of bad publicity from delayed naturalization cases.


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  • newxyz100
    07-20 12:57 PM

    How can one know if ones employer has withdrawn/cancelled ones H1B visa? Apart from asking the employer, if one uses the EAC # ans checks the status on, will it be reflected over there?

    Q: Can an employer cancel H-1B visa without employee�s knowledge/consent?
    A: Yes and remember it is illegal to travel on a cancelled visa.

    Q: If an employer can cancel my visa without my knowledge, how do I know that my visa is still valid?
    A: Unfortunately, the only reliable source for that information is INS and your employer. There is really no other way to find out. You could try INS although they may not help you as you are an employee.

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  • 99mutd08
    05-21 07:06 PM
    Appreciate the generosity dude..


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  • kaisersose
    07-14 12:25 PM
    Do we know how many India EB2 Labors were applied in the year 2006?

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  • El amor romántico del siglo

  • franklin
    02-28 04:10 PM
    When I got laid off, my lawyer at the time told me that technically you are out of status as soon as you leave payroll. There was no such thing as a "grace period". I was advised to change my visa status to B2 (I think it was that) with immediate effect, if I could not find a new job within 2 weeks to complete an H1B "transfer". It isn't exactly a transfer of the visa, but what you would do normally when you are changing employers whilst on H1 B. I was told that the "maintaining status" was verified by payroll dates, so within the 2 weeks (I was paid bi-monthly) would be safest


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  • ishwindersidhu
    02-13 03:44 AM
    are you a nurse??

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  • knnmbd
    07-06 01:05 PM
    Good one :-)


    Well it would be easier to work with Oracle, Microsoft etc and get their support and provide your support to them.

    Get support from whom? The same corporations that want to outsource jobs to low cost countries AND also lobby for H1B increase, again to keep wages low and all this to increase their bottom line. We need to re think our strategy and get it straight as to who is on our side and who is not.


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  • uma001
    08-09 10:41 AM
    Hi all,
    This discussion is very valuble for people like me deciding between living in Canada as PR vs H1B USA .We all know that salaries in USA are slightly better than Canada .But now the exchange rate is almost equal.

    Can a person with family(2 kids) survive in Canada with CAD 50,000 / year salary in a place like Toronto.? I heard in Canada you pay 13 % tax on anything you buy .Does 50 % of your income goes in taxes ?

    Also is the government sponsored health care good compared to USA .I mean do you have any wait to see specialists.Is healthcare comparable to USA .

    In USA anyone can get a Greencard regardless of their qualifications and it depends how early you enter the GC queue.But looks like in Canada they value your educations and other qualifications.Can IT professionals (non-managers) apply for Canada PR without a job or canadian education?

    Canadian Citizenship:
    Many people want to get Canadian citizenship and return to USA with TN Visa .In future ,could USA put restrictions on this .?

    Please share your thoughts .



    Did you read post#43 ont his thread. Doors are closed for canadian PR for those are in NON Managerial IT positions. Try Australian PR. here is the helpful link
    MODL - Migration occupations in Demand for Australia (MODL) (

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  • nrakkati
    03-20 08:10 PM
    H1 is always new? it could be, but not in case of a transfer

    Any way good luck.

    Can someone explain me how can i find a H1b is new or transferred?

    I got all my H1B photocopies. Does it(new or transferred) show on H1B Document?

    Thank you


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  • El amor romántico, como

  • vinabath
    03-21 02:53 PM
    ... but only after they have issued a greencard to each one of us. :D

    Without your permission, I disagree. I protest . I want USCIS to dissolve and I want President Bush Pardon us and give GCs to all who want GCs and are in process.

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  • ianlock
    09-18 06:12 AM
    im british born and bred.


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  • Jaime
    09-14 03:52 PM
    Change your mind and come to DC!!! We can succeed together!!!!!

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  • needhelp!
    02-25 11:14 AM
    This makes me WOW!
    I am up to 281!


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  • punjabi
    07-03 12:33 AM
    The document mailed is your APPROVED AP.


    This is little wired, what do you all think about these messages



    Current Status: Approval notice sent.

    On June 27, 2008, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I131 APPLICATION FOR USCIS TRAVEL DOCUMENT. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service.

    The above one is very clear, that I-131 is approved. But check out the next one....

    Receipt Number: SRCXXXXXXXXXXXX


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.
    On July 1, 2008 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    Does the above message mean RFE or something?

    I will apprecaite if anyone can shed some light on this one.


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  • anilsal
    12-10 03:20 PM
    and other IL immigration related events, people from the chapter say that they will show up. But they will not. They do not even have the courtesy later to tell that they had something important to justify their absence. This is what ticks off leaders who are working hard.

    If you say you are coming to an event and are unable to do so, either inform asap or after the event, have courtesy to send an email explaining why.

    Being active in IV is an indication of your character. If you are timid and scared, you will continue to be SCARED for the rest of your life (no matter the country you reside in). :)

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  • sc3
    07-18 02:41 PM
    sc3, First of all let me express understanding of your agony and disappointment. If I were in your situation, probably I'll be talking like you.:)

    You recite several unfair things. Who said there aren't any unfair things around? IV has feeble power when comapred to the massive muscle and money power of various lobbies who are stacked against us. In this context saying things that could undermine the unity of IV members can only further undermine any future efforts. Are you saying IV should "rat out" these people who have fake jobs and work for body shops?

    A very dissproportionaely large number of EB3ROW and EB3I were adjudicated last June 2007, one ecould say at the expense of EB2-I. It is not unreasonable for EB2-I members to feel this way.

    The question should be what to do now? There is no other way than lobbying for recapture bill.


    I guess I got carried away with so many people saying that Eb3 are pained only because EB2 is getting ahead -- which is blatantly untrue. Most of us are pained because of the long wait, and the prospect of more long wait to come. Eb2s getting or not getting their GCs doesn't necessarily register on our emotional scale, when we are looking at our own situation.

    Further what really gets to me (putting it in a civil way), is that some people make use of obviously illegal things and then lecture us that we should be "happy for them" and "we should support them" (maybe they are not the same people, but some part of the problem can be attributed to this situation).

    Well if the jobs are fake, then IV need not rat them out, but with people saying the law is implemented right, maybe we should help in implementing it in a more "righter" fashion. Why not? I was just trying to point out that people who are poo-pooing us need to look at their own legal standpoint (that is not to say that I consider any of the poster who is going vitriolic against us to have used that method).

    A very dissproportionaely large number of EB3ROW and EB3I were adjudicated last June 2007, one ecould say at the expense of EB2-I. It is not unreasonable for EB2-I members to feel this way.

    Sorry, you probably did not put it that way, but it comes out as, we suffered yesterday, so you guys should suffer today. If that is the case, then solving the immigration issue should be the last on our minds, since we have suffered this long, maybe all the future applicants should suffer just as much.

    But I am sure you did not mean it that way.

    02-08 04:15 PM
    We need about 20 volunteers from the strong state chapters like CA, Tristate, TX.... maybe 10 in the rest of the state chapters.

    If each volunteer can set a target and collect 200 letters each, we can easily meet the target.

    Is that too much to ask for?

    07-17 02:49 PM
    I was also told that there is new law which requires that the PERM fees should be paid by the employer (around 5-6k). Most desi consultancies used to ask the employees to pony up the labor fees. wonder how this will affect the conversion process.

    I called couple of Desi consultancies..and they told me that lot of thier I-140's aqre getting rejected in this conversion drama...since they are looking for finanacials of the companies and looking for $3 mil of profits..? well do you have anybody who successfully converted from Eb-2-3 please IM me which companies I could contact...

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