Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • Kodi
    06-27 09:33 PM
    If you e-filed and no FP notice then you won't be getting EAD in 90 days.

    The day you get FP notice from that at least two weeks after FP will be scheduled. After FP it takes 2 weeks to further processed (Card + approval).

    Although USCIS says to contact after 90 days, you should think in terms of getting infopass.

    Could anyone else provide some more input?

    Mine is paper based. Does anyone know how long it takes when its paper based?

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  • desi3933
    03-20 10:17 PM
    Desi, with due respect, I have to clarify this, I am not talking about H1B status here I am talking about "unauthorized work" part upon change of sponsor.

    Please explain.

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  • gjoe
    07-26 06:11 AM
    Please stays away from Syed H Simin PC law firm. They don't answer calls, the receptionist or the front desk phone operator is very rude. Most of them who answer phone calls have a heavy accent , don't know the current immigration procedures or law but still they try to answer your questions. Most of the time they put your call on hold for 15+ mins and hang up on you. Very frustating and totally unprofessional. I wouldn't want to hire them even if they provide service at no charge.
    Only 3 people in this firm know how to talk politely and answer your question properly, and they are the actual attorneys. The rest of them in the law office think that they are the DOS chief :) You won't find such kind of people even in a 99c store :D

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  • factoryman
    02-13 01:58 PM
    My posts at IV is to help IV and its members to be on the virtual vigil and to achieve IVs stated goals. I firmly beleive my threads and posts generally have a very positive comments from real IV members.

    It is clearly members like chiecoli ( that are really upset.

    Short of substance and material. Let me know if I can be of help from my skills, research and ability.

    It seems nurses are more frustrated because their H1B visas are getting rejected by the tons over there at Philipines. Read straight from the source. (

    I am not going to take anything by staying quiet. Give me your next salvo. I am ready with more research.


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  • columban
    06-09 03:55 AM
    You definitely raise an interesting case. What I would say to that is that they just have to reevaluate the points allocation system. the details of the point allocation system may be bad but the overall intent still stands to benefit the highly educated while including the EB system as well will make sure less skilled but in demand people are also taken care off. handling family based GC is a whole diff ball game though.

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  • BornConfused
    07-03 02:56 PM
    My 485 application was also received my USCIS in second week of May '07. Does this mean that they have alloted visa number to me as well? I am confused :(

    According to him, we do. I'm slightly worried but not excessively so. I think we're gonna be ok. I'll call again in about an hour, so check back on here soon for my update.


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  • pappu
    05-19 01:57 PM

    I have helped in some other initiatives, but not donated money primarily because I was disgusted with some folks calling non-donors as free loaders. Anyway, since it is needed for our cause and our voice at this moment, I have donated $50. First time ever! Do keep up the good work that you guys always excelled at!

    Thank you very much av2004 and axp817

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  • chanduv23
    09-13 12:22 PM
    I have been thinking about whether to attend the rally or not from past few weeks. Attending the rally would require me to take a day off. Finally today without thinking twice I just went to my manager asked if I can take day off on 9/18 instead compensate the work in the following saturday. It was approved and I am attending the rally on 9/18!

    I am feeling so good now.

    Also, I live in DC area and can help if somebody needs to be picked from airport to the rally and drop them back if needed.

    Hope to see thousands on 9/18th...



    Join the motivation campaign - I am sure all the naysayers are just on the fence - today and tomorrow are the days - to decide - yes - we know you all are joining us


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  • Kushal
    07-16 06:16 PM
    Berry, Appleman & Leiden LLP is very good firm. I have very good experience with them. They completed all my paper work on Jun 30, so that they can file by July 2. Also the attorney and the para-legal were really good and replied to my questions patiently. The website is

    They are very professional. They are doing my paperworks to file by this week..

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-27 01:12 PM

    its very simple and doesnot take more time. I was working from home today so called few lawmakers including Rep Smith and Rep Rothaman. Lady took address and phone no and told me she will pass a message and let me know via mail.

    Please call . These bills are only our hope till next year..


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  • arrarrgee
    07-18 01:15 PM
    Its just the Battle that has been won guys.,...the War is still on.. Its just the beginning ..everyone has just started taking us seriously...We gotta trust IV and support them (Ourselves) in every step...

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  • thomachan72
    06-10 08:27 AM
    I have a question in case any experts come back today to visit this thread.
    Its reg the point system. We get points for employer sponsorship and number of years of US employment right?
    1) If a person has been working here for 4 years on H1b in STEM decided to leave to canada this week. He then comes back lets say in 2008 or 2009 and then wants to apply for GC. Will he get points for the previous 4 years, even though there was a break in service (canadian trip) for 1-2 years?
    I need to know this because I am contemplating moving to canada (my current employer has filed for LC, which I will then be nullifying). Ofcourse I intend to renter after 1 year or so.
    2) My seccond question-- I am also planning to start a new GC before leaving to canada. Can GC application proceed while you are out of the country? If so until what stage?


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  • mohican
    01-13 05:39 PM
    I finally received my I485 denial notice. I had to make 4 infopass appointments to get the letter. My attorney hasn't yet got it. I will be filing for MTR and sending the request to Ombudsman per another thread on this forum.

    Was curious if others have the following in their denial notice:

    last paragraph:"There is no appeal for this decision" This decision is without any prejudice to any future I485 application that you may file....blah blah.."

    They have quotedsection 245 immigration and nationality act [8 USC 12s5]..states " underlying visa petition upon which seek permanant residence has been revoked...blah blah"

    Is this pretty standard?

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  • saimrathi
    07-18 03:29 PM
    Please close this thread... Someone wanted to apologize, they apologized... done deal... no point going on.. I have mentioned in my posts before that if you dont like someone or what they have to say add them to Ignore list, their posts wont show up while you are browsing threads... Lets keep the forum clean and informative... Thanks...

    Most people showing their cool wisdom still not getting the point. A BEC person with Feb 2005 PD may not be able to file for another 2 years while a PD 2007 person will be enjoying EAD during that time. In my dictionary this is injustice. And that's why i was kinda happy when they updated the July bulletin, now I'm not really happy even if my company has already filed my 485/EAD on july 2. I'm still wishing (and i'll be honest) USCIS come up with a reason/regulation/rule that will delay EAD for everyone until BEC people are able to file 485 OR in Oct they retrogress only till March 2005.

    P.S. if you are superstitious, you want to know this: most of my relatives/freinds call me "Black Tongue" because usually when i say something unpleasent it happens. e.g. i told my wife last month that i don't believe everyone is able to file 485, something will go wrong and everyone will be disappointed. (when everyone expects something it does not happen- contrarian theory)


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  • peterpan
    06-14 03:12 PM
    And most people on this forum who rail against the treatment of Indians might want to think about why they left India in the first place. India is by and large an extremely unfair place to live. There is constant discrimination. We left because we wanted to lead a decent life without pandering to someone all the time. Everyone from India on this forum was fortunate enough to be educated enough that they could afford to make that choice. There are a billion people who can't make that choice. And they are in India. We chose to abandon them and come live among what we percieved to be a fairer society. And it is, in a lot of ways. Do not be hasty to judge through the glasses of pent-up frustration about your current circumstance. If you have a personal experience that you thought was not fair, tell them at that moment why it's not cool. And by and large, they will stop or at least empathize with you. Try that back in India - tell your local politician why you think he's not doing a good job and see how well that goes.

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  • gaz
    04-10 03:25 PM
    gaz, I have contributed before, but I am still unable to access some posts. Could that be a problem with the website or am I not understanding you right :confused:? Thanks.

    the current subscription model is setup only for members currently contributing. So if you sent a contribution since the FOIA drive - you should have access - contact admin if you don't.

    Otherwise read this

    What I'm talking about is that I like the idea of members who have contributed earlier to have their contributions applied retroactively towards membership (eg. if someone contributed $123 - they get 4 months of membership - i.e. multiples of $25 per month)

    Its only a thought - upto the core and a quorum to decide and act on this.


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  • perm2gc
    12-05 11:38 AM
    How can you say there is no stress for the person working at home, raising the family?

    The poor H1 soul is constantly over-stressed as he is supporting a spouse and a child or even two children.

    Imagine how the H4 spouse feels...he/she cannot do a thing to alleviate frustrations of his loved ones as her hands are tied..
    I deeply care for my husband and I had lived through some agonizing days in the past when he was out of work, without salary etc..knowing how much he is in pain himself as everyone and everything depends on him, literaly....

    We will be moving away soon 'cause we care too much for each other's happines to continue to live in the circumstances where we only suffer ...
    I second you on that.But we must keep in mind,we know the law before coming here .Every immigration lawyer wants H4 law to be changed but, you know "USCIS".. they have handsfulll.

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  • asanghi
    04-30 12:21 PM
    Just contributed $100 through Paypal.
    Receipt ID: 9KK73848NS0845404

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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-08 05:42 PM
    Volunteer for your own cause! Don't let this thread slide.. Sign up on this thread and make a pledge .. Set a small target first. You will see it is not at all difficult.

    I am going to try and make it to 200! Count me in for CA :) Come on folks, I bet you we could do it!

    11-16 12:44 PM
    I totally understand the push from IV to encourage state chapters and build grassroots strength to this movement.

    Join the state chapter : IV does not have a state chapter in the state I live in - Nebraska,: So I thought I would start one and wrote to IV ...after initial response from IV , there has been no progress .

    Start contributing: I have already contributed $100 and will contribute further as and when I can.

    Volunteer for IV: Volunteered to start the state chapter.

    Well I have done my bit so hopefully I will not be disparaged for making comments on this issue,

    You must promote your state chapter by starting a thread and keeping it alive so those visiting the forums will know. (most people only look at latest threads)
    Where is the link to your state chapter in your signature?

    09-29 01:08 PM
    continuation from my previous post;
    And why is the flying so terrible these days?? because the airline industry is the least profitable among all industries. Most are bankrupt or on the verge and the people working there are all tensed about their jobs. It is the worst time to be in airline industry. Our only hope is that the certification agency (if there is any such thing) makes sure that the industry uses aircrafts which are checked thoroughly and in operatable conditions. They arlready are completely negligient on customer satisfaction (everybody customer+industry officials know it). Hope they are not negligient regarding safety standards.

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