Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adam Brody Hair

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  • pappu
    07-23 01:25 PM

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  • GCneeded
    10-16 01:12 PM
    Like many immigrants, I moved to USA in search of American Dream. With a degree in Computer Science and valuable experience, I thought I could pursue my ambition to excel in my field, while also fulfilling my American Dream. My dream of America was about freedom. Freedom of working at niche companies, living a comfortable life, earning higher wages than what I used to earn in my Home country. What started out as a dream has turned to a nightmare. Like many others I came to USA on H1-B and wanted to convert to a permanent resident. The process, which used to take 2-3 years, has turned to uncertainty. The path for Permanent residency has been entangled in complicated government laws and bureaucracy. I had to wait in line for 4 years just to get my labor application approved and now I am struck in another queue of retrogression. I moved from my country; because I did not want to wait in line at Ration shops, bus stops. I wanted to escape from the lines, but now I am struck in a bigger line with no end in sight.

    Whenever there is a discussion about immigration, People always assume it as about illegal immigration. So I have to keep reminding people that there is another side to immigration. Legal immigration. The issues of legal immigrants have been ignored and been buried in the midst of illegal immigration controversies. When I send letters to House Representatives/Senators about the problems of legal immigrants, they reply back about increasing H1-B numbers. Legal immigration is NOT just about just increasing H1-B. Also the anti immigration groups publish that people on H1-B don�t pay taxes. But we pay taxes, Medicare and social security like all other American citizens. With the current immigration laws, we might not be even to avail the benefits of these taxes.

    The facts of the legal immigrants

    � We are NOT here to take American jobs. We fill those positions when a suitable American citizen was not found
    � We PAY TAXES like any other American citizens
    � We are here legally. The government has assessed our qualifications and education.
    � According to Economic Report of the President, 2006 - Legal skilled immigrants increase productivity growth and improve the standard of living for the U.S. population as a whole.
    � According to Economic Report of the President, 2006, skilled immigrants constituted 76% of the employment growth in the Executive, Managerial, Professional (e.g., Scientists, Doctors) and Technical (e.g., Health and Science Technicians) categories from 1996 to 2002.
    � According to Annalee Saxenian, �Silicon Valley's New Immigrant Entrepreneurs,� Public Policy Institute of California, 1999, in 1998, Chinese or Indian CEOs ran 24 percent of Silicon Valley�s technology firms. These companies accounted for over $16.8 billion in sales and 58,282 jobs. These numbers may still understate the scale of immigrant entrepreneurship in the region because firms started by Chinese or Indians with non-Asian CEOs were not counted.

    We are being backlashed by the congress and the anti immigration groups, even though we are highly skilled, well educated and staying legally. We have done nothing but help America in its economic growth and in its quest for innovation and technology. Now we are being punished for being here legally and law abiding by putting us in retrogression. We cannot get Salary hike, or promotions when our green card is in process. So while my American colleagues have moved to greener pastures, I am struck here at the same job and same salary. People struck in green card process cannot open new ventures. The new ventures would open new jobs and increases America�s competitive edge in innovation and global leadership in technology. If American congress does not act at this point of time, there will be a �BRAIN DRAIN�. People fed up with retrogression have already started looking at other countries like Australia, Canada who are welcoming high skilled immigrants with open arms and easy migration laws. As for me I have invested my prime youth for my American dream and hope American government will embrace high skilled immigrants like me. Rep. Shadegg has tabled H.R. 5744, SKIL bill for legal high-skilled immigration. This bill would reduce the current wait time for getting the green card. I sincerely urge congress to pass SKIL bill which will reduce the wait times and help high skill immigrants help America to sustain it�s edge on technology and global innovation.

    We are getting more calls for op-eds and need more IV members to pitch in and write articles.

    Adam Brody Hair. Adam Brody during an OC shoot.
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  • mmk123
    05-03 02:09 PM
    Just called offices of the following senators, spoke with the assistants, explained my position and left a message. Most of them have no position yet till more details about the legislation comes in. As details unfold in nearby future, I will actually try to go meet my local senators - they are key for this legislation. Last yr, I had met my local congressman's assistant.

    Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts)
    Senator Judd Gregg (R-New Hampshire)
    Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana)
    Senator Jim Webb (D-Virginia)
    Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island)
    Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota)
    Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas)


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  • immuser
    07-20 04:51 PM

    there were 144,000 PERM's done between oct 2006- march 2007

    india, china have retro for both EB2 and EB3
    mexico, philippines and bunch of other countries have retro for EB3

    PERM is only for the Primary applicant. For I-485 every dependent of Primary applicant needs one separate application

    Considering all these 750,000 I-485 filings in next 1 month sounds a reasonable estimate.

    Many who had labor pending under the old system, applied in PERM also. So it is 144k minus duplicates. But, I have no idea know many are duplicates


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  • santb1975
    05-22 01:24 PM
    Thankyou. You are our first contributor after our relaunch.

    Wandmaker - I will add your name to the list tonight

    I just sent a check of $100 via online bill payment to IV. I've also set up recurring contribution checks of $25 every month beginning June. I strongly believe in IV's cause and hope that many folks will come forward. This is the time to act to help ourselves, otherwise we'll be left behind. Keep up the good work.

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  • chanduv23
    11-21 04:54 PM
    You know what, my head is going bananas. What you said makes sense too. May be it finally boils down to what IO thinks who is handling your case and LUCK!

    Not really h1b is a different track all together. If 485 is denied and the denial is final - person is still free to work till h1b expires thats why lawyers say h1b is safer


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  • alterego
    06-10 08:27 AM
    This is really dissapointing. Eb2 India has not moved at all. EB3 now unavailable. EB3 ROW now unavailable.

    When the reach the next fiscal year, things will be worse than now for EB India due to the loss of spillover.

    The need for visa recapture is now more than ever.

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  • Ravneetsingh
    10-01 12:59 PM
    Pls excse my noob-ness, i have read all the pages of this thread but cudnt find a precise answer.
    I am in the Rn program, and wud be graduating in may08, hopefylly pass nclex and start OPT by june08. i can then start with my visa screen, and I140 as these are not retrogressed, but if retrogression continues and i am not able to file I485, do i still get an EAD. my guess is 'not' but just trying to confirm as i wud have to plan to continue with studies after 1 yr of OPT.
    and btw thanks for tons of usefull info!


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  • amitjoey
    05-13 09:45 AM
    2 more days. Please call. those who have not please help.

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  • bkarnik
    04-26 02:09 PM

    I looked up the link and it indicates something else. However, there is a remote possibility that CIR might be discussed as one of the witness is congressman james Sensenbrenner who was the sponsor of the house bill. Lets keep fingers crossed:)


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  • nixstor
    04-30 02:57 PM
    Tony Edson, Charlie Oppenheim's boss explaining the process of how the PD's are moved in VB. Says CIS uses 90% of the EB visa numbers. Says their job in last quarter becomes tough because of unpredictability and talks about the 95% utilization rate of visa numbers with in DOS

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  • karthiknv143
    08-10 06:10 PM
    Any updates from USCIS regarding lockbox & receipting dates?


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  • srikondoji
    08-02 03:52 PM
    I told him that i have to make travel arrangements for the month of october.
    He said to call back mid next week, if i didnot get the receipt by then.

    Looks like they are having aggressive internal deadlines.

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  • ragz4u
    03-09 08:56 AM
    He wants to make sure that atleast 8 members till 1.00 so that amendments can be passed/rejected

    Senator Grassley wants an amendment (#6291) that DHS should have more transparency when signing contracts with international firms....nothing to do with us again :(

    Senator Sessions wants some amendment for Illegal immigrant detention!

    I hope they bring in an amendment for Legal immigrants eventually !


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  • jonty_11
    07-06 01:31 PM
    Why USCIS suddenly did this press release? Something fishy?
    see now this rumor is taking steam.....this would make james WAtt proud...

    I think we are onto something here.

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  • Libra
    09-12 01:30 PM


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  • hibworker
    12-10 06:57 PM
    I was single at that july 07 fiasco, now repenting.wife cannot work. no tunnel, no light.

    What are you repenting? That you were not married in July 07 ... well that's not your 'sin' or is it?

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  • pappu
    06-04 02:11 PM
    It is really tricky to come up with a deadline for EB employment. US is set of laws and the law is same for every one it applies. for example:If you not from a retrogressed country you will get your GC even if you start now (before enactment of this bill).
    Please know the difference between bill and law. If ever this particular bill becomes law the deadline for any cases filed under previous law will not be rejected, this is as clear as mud, to make the law same for all who applied/pending /approved on the day of enactment!!.:eek:
    You can refer to other lawyer's interpretations of the bill and also ask your own lawyer for more information and to better understand the harm this bill does to us.

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  • snthampi
    09-02 01:09 PM
    Landed here in November 2000. Started the GC process in 2004. Could've filed on EB2, but didn't care much when the employer insisted on filing under EB3 for whatever stupid reason. My PD is May 2004 (EB3). It wasn't making much difference then. But, now things are different and EB3 is totally screwed up.

    Actually, I am not worried about the GC much, because I am not sure about my future plans. If I make a firm decision to stay, I might reapply in EB2. Life is worth a billion billion times more than the GC. So, let it take its own sweet time. Concentrate on your life and career, and SURELY HAVE A LOT OF FUN BECAUSE LIFE IS SHORT AND YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE.

    07-06 02:22 AM
    [QUOTE=ronhira;462888]lahiribaba - you are my hero. this is the best idea yaar :D[/QUOTE
    good thought

    07-11 05:35 PM
    Why not start a new thread for a rally in LA ?

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