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  • anukcs
    09-13 10:35 AM
    I have been thinking about whether to attend the rally or not from past few weeks. Attending the rally would require me to take a day off. Finally today without thinking twice I just went to my manager asked if I can take day off on 9/18 instead compensate the work in the following saturday. It was approved and I am attending the rally on 9/18!

    I am feeling so good now.

    Also, I live in DC area and can help if somebody needs to be picked from airport to the rally and drop them back if needed.

    Hope to see thousands on 9/18th...



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  • gvarghe
    09-25 10:21 AM
    This is my first post in this forum, only because I am seeing this Fragomen thread. I had a very bad experience, while working with a 'so called "reputed" India's largest software company' . Fragomen handled my L1 extension for this company, there was an RFE on a simple matter, but they took the whole time provided in RFE deadline to respond to the RFE. Finally when they responded, they responded to USCIS with the supporting documentation of some other employee. USCIS immediately denied my L1 extension petition, and I had to pack up and leave the country in a gap of 1 week. This Fragomen lawyers or paralegals have no concern or not even rendered an apology on this fiasco.

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  • dish
    03-15 05:32 PM
    If you want some good reasons why H4's should have work permit read this

    All these years the United States of America denied work-permits to
    dependant visa holders with one simple explanation "You are in USA
    because Your Spouse is allowed to work here". But numerous surveys by
    different social organizations has thrown light on the darker sides of
    the life of dependant visa holders.

    The dependant visa holder has to forgo his/her career growth in-order
    to stay with the spouse. This causes a big gap in the career and
    finding a suitable job in the home country becomes difficult when the
    pricipal visa holder has to leave USA and return to the home country.

    If the dependant visa holder's field of study or work is, one in which
    getting a sponsorship from an employer is difficult, getting a
    work-visa is almost impossible. He/she even loses his/her hard earned
    skills in the respective fields due to the large gap in career. Even
    though volunteering is possible, most of the volunteer jobs might not
    utilize the persons skills.

    Studying in the USA is good option but, being a single income family,
    it will affect the financial satatus of the family if other members of
    the family (children) are studying.

    90 percent of dependant visa holders are women. Women being, more
    susceptible to domestic violence by the partner, becomes even more
    prone to violence due to her complete dependance on the Spouse. They
    become prisoners in USA due to the spousal abuse and immigration
    policies that give their husbands complete control over their lives.

    The immigrant Women get protection under VAWA but non-immigrants are
    not covered. Even if a law to let the non-immigrant battered women to
    obtain work permit is introduced, It might not protect women whose
    cases dismissed as non-critical. The abuser can furthur exert his
    control over the victim and convince her that he has changed so that
    the victim might not press charges against him. Thus the abuser gets
    encouraged to continue violence.

    Divorce is not an option because most non-immigrants come from third
    world countries where a divorced women has to bear the social stigma of
    divorce and will not be protected in her own home country.

    Because of the long queues for Labor certification applicationa and
    retrogression of visa numbers, getting an EAD and Green Card takes

    Most European countries issue work permits to the spouses. Also the
    time taken for permanent residency is lesser. In USA L2 and E2 visa
    holders can have work permit, but the other categories are ignored.

    Fear of flooding the labor market is not a valid reason to deny the
    dependant visa holders work permit. Allowing the L2 and E2 category to
    work didn't create any marked increase in the unemployment rate among
    US Citizens.

    calling all the dependant visa holders to send in their comments.......

    for more see this post....

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  • elliptic
    05-11 06:17 PM
    I tried to apply for the SSN for my wife and my child about 6 weeks ago.

    As expected, the officer refused even to accept the application ("H4 don't get
    SSNs"). I would have submitted the application by mail, but this is not
    possible since I have to show my passport to prove that I am legaly in the
    country. I insisted that I have a legal reason to apply and even if she thinks
    this is not a legal reason, they have to accept the application.

    The head of the local office finally accepted the applications. I was told
    that the regional office thinks that the Stimulus Payment is not a federal benefit.

    One week later the application was declined. The reason given was
    that "the SSA doesn't issue SSNs for tax purposes." I had included with
    my application a cover letter with the relevant parts of the law and why I
    think the SSA should issue the SSNs.

    I will now ask for reconsideration. If the SSNs are still declined, I am not sure
    about the legal process. Normally, there are two more levels before
    a social security case goes to court. One can ask for reconsideration
    by an administrative law judge. I think this doesn't cost anything for me,
    but I am not sure if this also applies to cases like applying for SSNs.
    (Usually it is about the payment of benefits.)

    There seems to exist something like a legal definition of federal benefits
    (see Wikipedia). I am not sure if the Stimulus Payment would satisfy
    this definition and if this definition is the one used in the social security act.

    To bring the case to court is quite useless since when the case is decided,
    it is to late. One needs the SSN in 2008.


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  • vandanaverdia
    09-21 06:52 PM
    I really admire that. I feel I missed out on all the satisfaction you get when you are proactive about something.

    I was paranoid that all hell might break loose at work when I am gone. Nothing happened. I have to blame my paranoia.

    It is the determination that determines us... Now that u have addressed your own fears, you are ready for the next rally... R u??? :)

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  • bikram_das_in
    05-18 10:38 AM


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  • senthil1
    12-04 07:09 PM
    The visa restrictions, Cap and rules for H1 and H4 all were framed to protect American jobs. If H4 is given work permit then there is a fear that one more job may be taken from the American people. I am not telling it is correct but everyone are in that situation. Also we cannot resolve all the issues. L2 can work H4 cannot work is discrepancy. But one person working in a home will not have any stress especially when there is kid. We have to consider this is an advantage

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  • Macaca
    09-21 04:04 PM
    4) Money is not a problem for them. Many of them are paid off the books and have never paid Income Tax, SS Tax etc. There are also very strong political organizations, PACs (Political Action Committees) supporting. There are many USCs/LPRs contributing to election campaigns on their behalf.

    - We pay all taxes. There is no PAC supporting the cause of EB immigrants exclusively ( ImmigrantsList is a PAC that supports all immigration including "undocumented").

    Even Workers in U.S. Illegally Pay Tax Man, By Miriam Jordan | WALL STREET JOURNAL, April 4, 2007
    From Confiscating Contributions ( By JONATHAN BLAZER | Public Benefits Policy Attorney and JOSH BERNSTEIN | Director of Federal Policy, May 10, 2007

    Peter Goss, Social Security’s Chief Actuary, has estimated that three quarters of undocumented immigrants pay payroll taxes. This generates $6 to $7 billion per year in Social Security tax revenue and $1.5 billion in Medicare taxes.
    According to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, undocumented noncitizens paid almost $50 billion in federal taxes from 1996 to 2003. Recent reports from across the country indicate that during the 2007 tax season, record numbers of undocumented people filed tax returns.
    As IRS Commissioner Mark Everson, a former immigration official, stated in testimony before Congress last year, “If someone is working without authorization in this country, he or she is not absolved of tax liability.” In a more recent speech to the National Press Club, Everson added, “We want your money whether you are here legally or not and whether you earned it legally or not.”

    Tax returns rise for immigrants in U.S. Illegally ( By Nina Bernstein | New York Times, April 16 2006
    Illegal Immigrants are bolstering Social Security with Billions ( By Educardo Porter | New York Times, April 5 2005


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  • nixstor
    03-20 11:10 PM
    Well, which interpretation? The one from April '08 or from November '05? They substantially differ. That's part of the controversy. What motivated them to change it?

    I do think that the interpretation is, at least, debatable, and I can see both interpretations. In the end, the question comes down to: does the country limit have priority over the EB category, and I don't think you can have a conclusive answer.

    But it also doesn't say the opposite.

    It also states: if Visas available. You can certainly construe the case that Visas can only be available if they cannot be assigned to a lower category. 202 (a) (5) (B) actually states that only in application of 202 (e), Visas should be deemed to be required. Does that mean they are not required otherwise? 203(b) actually uses the same terminology to allow non-required visas to fall through.

    Historically, before AC-21 was added, Visa numbers were wasted because they needed to be assigned in proportion. Irrespective of the interpretation of 202 (a) (5) this cannot happen with AC-21.

    Snips from Nov 05 Bulletin (

    The AC21 removed the per-country limit in any calendar quarter in which overall applicant demand for Employment-based visa numbers is less than the total of such numbers available.

    >> As per my understanding, When there are no per country limits, It can be assigned to any one with oldest PD. Not that it is working like that with USCIS. As I said, before in my previous post, we can imagine these visa numbers tagged with the category name beside them. <<

    During FY due to anticipated heavy demand, the AC21 provisions are not expected to apply, and the amount of Employment numbers available to any single country will be subject to the 7% cap. It is anticipated that the addition of unused FY-2005 Family numbers and the remaining AC21 numbers to the 140,000 annual minimum will result in an FY-2006 annual Employment limit of 152,000. This will mean an Employment per-country limit for FY-2006 of approximately 10,650.

    To illustrate the effect of the reduced per-county limitation during FY-2006 on the oversubscribed countries, it should be noted that during FY-2005 India used approximately 47,175 Employment numbers.

    >> Just to let you know before you think I am biased towards one thing or the other, I haven't looked at the text of the INA until a week before and for the past 2 years I have heard the same story that country limits trump category. I have spoken with an attorney and he expressed above similar opinion where we might not have noticed how numbers were overflowing and NOT overflowing to demand or lack of demand. Either way, This is not a panacea for the problem at hand as there is no clarity what so ever in either procedures. <<

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  • bestin
    10-05 12:56 PM
    WD,i dont have problems with driving.I will come unless i have some last minute official breakdown calls on 19th at a different state.


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  • shaikhshehzadali
    07-03 03:19 PM
    According to the first guy I talked to, one has already been assigned upon the start of processing of the case.

    I just called again and the lady was completely clueless about the whole July 2 fiasco. I will try again in another hour and hopefully I won't get the village idiot again.

    For anyone interested in calling themselves here is the info: 1-800-375-5283 options 1, 2, 3 (and possibly 6 after that-I can't remember).

    Visa is generally assigned to an application only if it has cleard background checks etc...and ready to be approved... They never assign Visa on receiving the application

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  • addsf345
    09-29 01:14 PM

    we have some really bad bad exp with lufthansa last year. same way my coworker had a horror story with northwest airlines. There were some IV thread of bad treatment of indians by airfrance at paris. Things can go bad. It shouldn't, but it does. Doesn't mean you not only make a bad image forever in your mind and try to spread that on others. With your theory, all airlines are bad and no one should fly ever.

    While I never flew with airindia so far (planning to fly airindia next year), my parents did and they had a wonderful experience, food and courtsey.

    I have full sympathy with your aged in laws. They do deserve a better service, esp with a baby travelling with them. I pray that now onwards, they never face such troubles. Smile and be positive.

    Experience with Air India

    It is with great shame I bring out this piece to you about how Air India is using the "India" tag by cheating its innocent citizens and show its ugly real face. I have never seen anything so unprofessional and have no hesitation to say they are the worst airline in the world.


    Father-in-Law (FIL) and Mother-in-Law with baby

    My in-laws were returning to India via Air India on September 24th from EWR (Newark, NJ) airport after brief US visit.

    Ticketing Experience:

    We started the whole process 1 month earlier and contacted Air India (1800 223 7776) about the booking. First we got an answer saying that the class we booked in is full and we have to pay another 40$ per person for another segment. For that we had to call another AI booking# and after 40 mins on the call could reach an agent. We
    got new confirmation #s and when asked for the basinet seat was told they could not see the seats and have a special request sent and asked me to call back in 3 days to confirm. We called like 5-6 times and everytime were told they cannot view the seats and when asked to see for seats in another segment or another date, we were told to
    re-book again and then ask for seats. How on earth could an airline not see available seats in its aircraft.They have taken customer service to new digraceful level.I roped in my brother in law to go to AI office in Newark and try with an agent directly. Even after
    going for 2-3 times directly to the AI office, my BIL failed to secure us the seats. After all the tries we were ultimately told to go to the Airport sooner on the travel date so we can get a basinet seat.

    Journey Day:
    On the date of the travel in-laws reached at 2:00 PM at the airport in hopes that they will get a basinet seat. The agent gave them a hard time and we had to go back n forth 2-3 times for getting the seats confirmed and have in-laws and baby seated together. I think the whole ticketing at the aiport is being handled by a third party who
    are doing a horrible job. My FIL in the meanwhile buys a gift at the custom notified shops at EWR.The flight which was to depart at 6: 20 PM was ready for take off when all of a sudden the pilot says there is a technical problem (God knows what would have happened had the flight taken off). The flight returns to the gate and the passengers are told to wait until they fix the problem. They wait for 2 hours and are asked to then wait in the
    boarding area until they really look into the technical problem. (In the meanwhile we hear on Indian TV channels that there is a Pilot strike going on in AI regarding Pilot pay package which adds to our tension). The Air India ( website is for show off only with few flight images and had no flight status. We immediately call the AI office in Newark who have no-clue what is going on. When I asked the problem they said it is confidential and cannot be told:(. Eventually all the passengers are told that the flight has been
    cancelled for the day and should return the next day and all the checked in baggage will be returned. My poor in-laws with baby had to return back and reached home at 3:00 AM in the morning.

    The next day:

    The next day the whole scene repeats again and we had to deal with the irritable AI ticket agents who say they are missing something at their whim. We were able to get a basinet seat this time also and happy we were all set for the 6:20 PM flight. This time we gave my FIL a pre-paid cell phone. The same thing repeats again. This time they wait in the boarding area and are told that the pilots have gone to repair the earlier (Sep 24) flight which had an issue. They wait patiently until 10:15 PM. We were all tensed here
    and were expecting the flight to be cancelled this day also. No body from AI was available this day to pick-up and explain what is happening. The call re-directs to India who have no idea about the flight status in US. My FIL eventually calls at 10:30 PM and said that they will be boarding soon.

    Frankfurt stop:

    The flight has a stop at Franfurt and the passengers were asked to go to another terminal
    for boarding the same aircraft. They had to go through the security check again and to my FIL's horror, the gift he bought at EWR duty free shop was not allowed and removed. When he showed the receipt they said that the gift has been bought in
    US and cannot be allawed into the aircraft. :(Air India where are you and what a Maharaja experience.

    Worst website ever:

    In the mean while we keep checking the AI web site which I think is one of the worst web sites I have ever been to. I think that this contract is also being awarded to some third party with crores of tax payer money. we were looking for schedules of flight which departed on Sep 25 from Newark airport and here it shows th schedule of the 24th

    Customer Service in Mumbai:

    We tried to track the flight (if flightreached Mumbai) by calling AI desk in Mumbai. They had no idea and after repeated calls could reach an agent who made some research and
    told that the flight has reached Mumbai and gave further schedule of the flight.

    Flight reaches Hyderabad:

    The flight reached Hyderabad after change of flight in Mumbai.


    Some of the luggage was missing. To our horror the bags we got had stuff from some other people's bags. Please leave the luggage Air India.


    What a mess Air India. You have taken advantage of the "always yielding" Indians who prefer you for a home experience. Please remove the word "India" nd the "Maharaja" symbol as you are no longer fit for that.


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  • americandesi
    08-09 02:06 PM
    go_guy123, since you have MS+MBA, you should seriously consider applying for US GC in EB1 category. I know a friend who had similar qualifications and he got this EB1 GC approved within a year. You need not be in US to apply in EB1 and you can do all the paperwork in Canada via consular processing. My .02 cents.

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  • factoryman
    02-13 12:26 PM
    Keep your vigil. Research and google it. Use these terms. "nurse" and "retrogression" and "unused" and "visa"

    Yes nk2006, you are right. Anyone interested, go to the other side and see. A simple departmental notification is accomodating the nurses.

    Good News: Non-immigrant visa, H-1C, is back and now available for Filipino nurses (

    In our December articles, Non-immigrant work visa for Filipino Nurses and The US needs a special visa for Filipino Nurses, we discussed the H-1C visa classification, which was created in 1999 to relieve the nursing shortage in the US but which had expired in 2005. However, due to the increased shortage in nursing and the retrogression of immigrant visas, which the regular temporary work visa or H-1B can not accommodate, the United States has finally made a move to address the problem in the nursing shortage.

    Today, February 12th, the Department of Labor announces the Nursing Relief for Disadvantaged Areas Reauthorization Act 2005. The reauthorization took effect on December 20, 2006. This Act reauthorized the H-1C non-immigrant nurses program, a program originally created by the Nursing Relief for Disadvantaged Areas Act of 1999. The program allows employers to file attestations with the Department of Labor, Office of the Labor Certification (OFLC).

    Many posts on this thread suggest that there is no H1B type visa for nurses and so they have to come on only greencard; and that is why Health lobby is trying hard to GRAB 90K unused visas


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  • needhelp!
    02-20 06:13 PM
    More letters = More strength for IV !

    What happens if we don't have 25000 letters?
    I see that we're way behind and only 10 days left.

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  • ghost
    07-07 04:30 PM
    I said I am not defending where the question of praising comes?

    I've read the document. IEEE is supporting "Immigration Visas" but not H-1B visas(temporary).

    Can you shed some light what they meant by "Immigration Visas"?

    It would be great if you can give us an example of some one coming on "Immigration Visa" and becoming a permanent resident and subsequently a US citizen.


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  • chmur
    11-15 07:20 PM

    Ridiculing ideas presented by others and NOT suggesting any alternatives hardly lends any credibility to your post.

    what is your "sound long term strategy (12-18 months)"??

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  • invincibleasian
    02-10 07:31 PM
    They have to abolish the H1B programme completely since they can no longer prevent its abuse. They need to have a new process in place in which scrutiny occurs for each application of a foreign worker!

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  • saimrathi
    07-02 08:50 AM
    I recommend my lawyers:

    05-22 05:48 PM
    Let us change our old record and donate Now for our cause ...

    Everyone need to act ...

    Many may remember the past succesful

    Historic Event > $32,750 / 8 days / 100 pages

    07-23 07:24 PM
    I think we can wait till Aug 15th for I-140 receipt and if we don't get that (:( :mad: :confused: ) then we can file I-485 with the mailroom instructions from the FAQ (:) :) )

    but its better to wait till Aug 12 not more than that.....

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