Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • wanna_immigrate
    03-15 02:47 PM
    ...raised an SR, sent an interfiling request, but still no LUD yet.

    If you check OP and other posters in this discussion, looks like it took around 2 months for all of them.

    Did you mean in 2 months after interfiling they got 485 approved? Please clarify.

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  • rtarar
    09-08 08:14 AM
    6 years 2 months and counting.

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  • punjabi
    08-02 06:17 PM
    Hi Niklshah,

    What time did your application reach NSC?

    i am a 2nd july filer, my cheques were cashed today. filed at nebraska

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  • insbaby
    07-06 01:43 AM
    We are being funded and we have a great member base.

    Why does the line on top of this page say

    Goal amount for this month: 10000 USD, Received: 0 USD (0%)

    I guess, last month is about $2500, and previous month is less than $2K.

    Any plans in your mind how to get every member pay $1 every month?


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  • willwin
    07-11 11:13 AM
    Yeah I am EB3 India June 2003 too. Not sure when our turn will come, IF at all the way things are crawling here. Sometimes I really feel there is no justice to some of the IV members on here. I wonder which is worse, the corruption in India or the bureaucracy in the USA. Atleast in India, if I would have bribed the official, I would have had the documents by now.


    People here think EB3 deserves to be waiting (in the given scenario and only EB2 move forward). After all we are not EB2!

    2003? another 2-3 years easily. I am only 2005. So may be another 5 years for me. Well, what the heck

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  • JunRN
    05-28 06:46 PM
    Actually, they asked for it because I only have 1.5 years of US experience. I arrived here in the US on June 2007 and applied for I-140/I-485 on July 2007 under Schedule A (LC exempt).

    I showed my EAD valid until 2010 and USCIS FAQ showing I can renew it until I get my GC. I also showed I-485 receipt notice.

    Anyway, I also got FHA loan at 4.5% fixed for 30 years.


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  • gc_on_demand
    06-11 08:33 AM

    July bulletin is OUT and NO more significant movement. Donot hope for future bulletin . Please call Lawmakers ASAP. Unless we take action USCIS is not going to do anything. Situation can be worse once we head towards election season. Still we have 1-2 months to get things done or we will be waiting for years to get green card OR EAD ( For some folks ).

    It is just 10-15 minutes need to spend to call. Let them know WHO WE ARE AND WHAT ARE OUR ISSUES .

    I request all of you to call , if you have called then ask your friends and family members to call.

    Now its time to act. If we dont take action CHC will not allow to move ahead our 3 bills.

    CALL NOW .... and Spread this message to everyone.

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  • svm
    07-18 03:19 PM
    Sorry it is not really related to the thread !.

    Ths USCIS site says the following ....

    "....The current fee schedule will apply to all applications filed under Visa Bulletin No. 107 through August 17, 2007. (The new fee schedule that becomes effective on July 30, 2007, will apply to all other applications filed on or after July 30, 2007)."

    Does that mean if I file 485 on Aug1st I have to pay new fees?

    Thanks any one for a reply.


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  • realizeit
    07-11 10:51 AM
    These two could be the real reasons why they changed the dates to 2006-June-01.

    1. USCIS want to utilize all available EB2 and EB1-Balance GC numbers before 2008-0ct-01. So, they moved the EB2 dates in such a way that there is enough room for obtaining approvable and valid EB2 applications.

    2. They could just move the dates to somewhere at the end of 2005 instead of 2006-June to achieve the same result. But, they did this specifically to include some relief to EB2 CHINA folks as well. EB2 China backlog starts from the beginning of 2006.

    3. This reason is from my imagination: USCIS is a govt organization..You know. I heard stories that corruption is there everywhere in a GOVT system. Some influential applicant needs to get the benefit and they moved the dates to June-2006. :)) HEY THIS IS NOT TRUE :)

    Oh by the way, this won't last long. The month September could see an "UNAVAILABLE" EB2 or "2004-APRIL" EB2.

    My heart jumps with joy, but my brain still caution the heart to wait for the official visa bulletin at DOS/USCIS website. USCIS has a trend of "correcting" the visa bulletin. Nevertheless, if the dates are really what they are published at Mumbai site, its a time for us to be happy.

    EB2 looks promising, but in this moment of joy lets not forget our friends in EB3 category. Anyone whose priority date is current, please don't just move forward with your joy, and continue to support IV and our initiatives to help legal immigrants. We have suffered so much because the folks who came prior to us never bothered to support legal immigration, once they got their their GC. Please remember that after GC/Citizenship, your status in this nation depends on how active you are socially/politically.

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  • Suva
    09-01 09:20 AM
    Landed in April, 2000. Filed labor in Dec, 2004. 6 years and still counting.


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  • Libra
    09-10 01:36 PM
    Thank you guys, you guys are the best. It would be really great if you all can make it to rally. who can't make it, thanks for contribution.

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  • meandmygc
    09-10 04:48 PM
    Contributed $100 via Google checkout. I could not make to the rally but planning on sponsoring one of our friend who can make it.

    I personally thank all the guys who are attending the rally in person, much appreciated.


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  • 9years
    12-10 08:00 AM
    Hello 9years: Thanks for sharing the info all along. A quick question:

    I got my EB2 Labor certified today, and now my lawyer is preparing EB2 140 as an interfile into my existing EB3 485.

    Is this recommended or should we do regular premium 140 and request date porting once its approved?

    If we do decide to do interfile now during 140 application. Is it advisable to do premium processing?

    Hi AllVNeedGcPc,

    Congrats on your labor approval. As already mentioned doing premium does not hurt but it will expedite the process(to my knowledge). Talk to your attorney and company. They are the one who supposed to take decision. In my case Eb2-140 approved copy has priority date of EB3. Porting request also does not hurt and it could do better. Best of luck.

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  • glus
    07-06 12:41 PM
    I wonder what.....something is coooking and they will be some changes soon. I have a feeling they are in fear of the lawsuit and media coverage as this thing has in fact taken off....


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  • Mouns
    04-30 04:47 PM
    "To maximize visa number usage while working off its backlog, USCIS has adopted a production strategy that focuses on completing cases where visas are immediately available and on working cases to the point just short of approval (pre-adjudication) where visas will be available in the coming months. Pre-adjudication includes completing all required background checks and resolving all eligibility issues except for visa availability. This allows for immediate approval and visa number allocation as visas become available for pre-adjudicated cases."

    does it mean that if your EB3 (I) , your I485- file is not going to be looked at for the next several years?

    Yes I believe that's what it means... If you date is not current or not about to become current in the next months, then your case would be unlikely to be adjucated...

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  • khukubindu
    01-03 11:42 AM
    We ( I and my wife) applied I-485, AP and EAD on July 26th, 2007 got recipt on Sep 26 th,2007. Finger printing done on Oct 31, 2007. My wife got her EAD and AP( 11/09/2007) and I got my EAD but my AP is not approved yet. I contacted with Texas Service center and they told that our (for me and my wife) namecheck and finger printing have been cleared. But my AP is pending because of background check. I asked is it different kind of check , she said yes but as usual could no tell how long it usuallky take to complete this kind of check and also when this background check has been requested.

    I need to travel in January. Does anyone has the same situation ? Please reply


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  • sands_14
    09-28 11:27 PM
    Can all of us at least send a joint request/letter to Rep Lofgren to ask USCIS to formalise a procedure for re-capture of visa numbers?I guess USCIS can do this without any senate approvals.At least ,this will decrease retrogression a little.Any major reform looks unlikely anyways till year 2009...

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  • manish_jain99
    09-10 04:46 PM
    I won't be able to join the Rally in Washington but can contribute some money to the cause that binds us all.

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  • arnab221
    06-20 10:43 AM
    I was wondering which center my PERM app will go? Atlanta or Chicago? My co is detroit based. I am just filing now, so if it goes to chicago, there is a chance that I can file my I-140 before 1st October deadline (assuming the new CIR becomes law) .

    any clues?


    Detroit = Michigan --> Chicago.

    CIR will not pass. Relax !! Not worth losing your sleep over the joke that is CIR .

    07-11 03:18 PM
    how abt predictions for Nov 2008......Lets do that in the predictions thread though

    04-01 09:53 AM
    Alright Guys, Let's ignore this Dard-e-disco guy he doesn't deserve a second of our time. To answer your question, one thing atleast USCIS can give us is, Release data like How many applications they have already received from Major Green Card Seeking countries and in which EB categories. All this data they would have entered in their computers, They can easily run these kind of reports, I'm sure they'll be having some Data Warehousing softwares. So atleast everybody of know where we stand today and stop predicting cut-off dates etc. etc.
    They can also make sure they send our APs and EADs in less than 90 days....

    Why ignore him? He's got a very valid point. You can't just abuse USCIS everytime your GC is delayed. Our GCs are delayed too.

    IV is trying its best to help resolve this issue but that's all we can really do. We are aliens on a foreign land. If we don't like the way things are going here, we can always go back to our country. We are free to go.

    Blaming USCIS will not help. Dura Lex Sed Lex (The law is hard, but it's the law).

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