Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • EBX-Man
    03-28 02:20 PM
    baba re baba ye hp laptop kya hai re ....
    mai spillwer ke bare mai poochta tum kaiku hp laptop ke bareme baatien karta
    mai mian dost boola jaoo iv ko jaake dekho waha kya katre hai to vohich me karta ab main yeha ayike pareshaan ho gaya baba. kya baata karte yaha pe
    ab mian sidha jawab ka sidha sawal koi deta ki nahi yahach pe.

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  • gapala
    03-05 08:23 PM
    $5000 shouldn't be a big deal for a quarter million community who's seeking some information on this...I guess either IV should start and campaign and collect money for this or we can saperately collect money for this..

    Sounds great!
    Where did you get this number from? :D:D:D:D
    May be you had a cartesian join :))

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  • larun
    05-29 08:05 AM
    Contribution: $50.00
    Receipt ID: 1076-0304-7610-2177

    Go IV!!

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  • mrane1
    09-21 06:39 PM
    I didnt attend the rally because I thought there isnt much that would come out of it. The expense was too much to fly from CA. However, if it was in the BA I would have gone...


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  • snathan
    03-20 10:02 PM

    Yes....Each employer must file for New H1B. But it does not invalidate the current H1B, untill its revoked by the employer.

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  • waiting4gc
    07-18 01:58 PM
    Now I see why you got banned. What you did not realize is others were not rejoicing anything "AT YOUR EXPENSE". They were just enjoying what was available to them. You are the one who wants to make it a zero sum game i.e. gain for others is loss for you and vice versa.

    While others were celebrating what was good for them, you want to rejoice others pain. That is just *sic*. I retract my earlier support for you.

    Do I think that its unfair that people (I started my GC in May 04) from 06,07 will clog up queue, yes, but such is life. Can't do much about that can we? So enjoy whatever good is happening. Please remember, what goes around comes around. If you rejoice others unhappiness, you too will soon join them.

    Quote from LogicLife's post

    'And finally, if you do rejoice at the revisions of July bulletin because that would somehow do justice to you and your other BEC brothers, please rejoice privately, not publicly. Rejoice all you want, if that's what gives you happiness, but send PMs to your BEC friends or do it over the phone. Have a barbeque at your home. Have a conference call and celebrate. '

    If all others can rejoice the open of visa filing at our expense publicly, why couldn't we rejoice something that'd bring fairness? Why don't they rejoince in private? You think they have us in mind? I call that BS.


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  • Almond
    07-05 11:04 AM
    Guys, temper your expectations. Cust Service Rep at USCIS are not trained to answer the questions that pertain to things like visa bulletin's effective date and whether or not they will accept the ones or reject the ones on July 2.

    Cust Service Rep is for general information for those who cant or wont use the USCIS website and other sources of information on the internet. Or for those who dont speak English.

    Cust Service is not intended to provide complex answers. Last I heard, even the Vermont service center folks didnt know about bulletin revision and they were turning down 3-year extension requests for H1 visas thinking that the bulletin is current until confronted by lawyers who said that bulletin is unavailable and now there is reason to give out 3 year extensions instead of 1 year extensions.

    If Vermont service center was unaware of visa bulletin revision, then what do you expect from a Cust Service Rep who is trained to answer questions that cover information that can be fit in 20 pages ??????

    Well, I'd like to hear one say 'we don't know, please keep checking for updates on our website or check back later with us".

    Anyways, is there a number for the Nebraska center specifically or is the general USCIS number the only one that we can call for information?

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  • kumar1
    09-25 01:33 PM
    My company started the PERM process for me about 2.5 months ago. I contacted Fragomen about 1.5 months after approvals within the company and they said they are working on establishing min requirements for the position. I then contacted them 3 weeks after that day and they said they have established the requirement and will request the DOL for prevailing wage info (this was 2 weeks ago). After which they are going to start the recruitment process. So I'm not sure if the time line is okay or should I be chasing them more frequently? Please advise.


    Get a desi lawyer, get a desi is beautiful !


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  • nk2006
    09-13 06:36 PM
    If the media holds Obama to the same standard as they do the republicans, you will see the democrats crumbling faster than a cookie.

    There is so much hypocrisy in the media. If women vote for Sarah Palin it is wrong because you voting her just because of his gender. But oh, if you are black and dont vote Obama, then you are the most odious person living in this world. How will you explain your kids that you did not support a black person for presidency? This kind of duplicity is keeping Obama look good in the eyes of people. Throw off your goggles and you will see the same issues with Obama that you see with Sarah.

    Also, so many low intensity criminals are asked to do community service, that does not qualify them to become the president of US. And what happened to his moral fiber when he changed his opposition to the telco immunity bill and voted so that he does not look bad on security issues? Did he use that fiber to get rid of his constipation issues??

    Oh...Comm'On you seems completely sold onto typical propaganda now.

    Lets just keep the Rep and Dem propaganda lines aside. You and me are non-citizens without a vote so we can afford to be on the sideline and have an impartial opinion. Now with that attitude think about the two contenders. I liked some aspects in both, McCain seemed like a great guy with a great story (POW et al) I liked the way he initially backed CIR even though most of his party men opposed it; I liked the way he started supporting Bush when everyone else in the world is hating him and gave the support for troop increase. But of late his campaign has become sleaziest...all lies. They took one vote of Obama out of context and say that his only contribution to education is sex education in KG. They showed Obama as the reason for increasing gas prices etc. Even I can see how idiotic these claims are and McCain is still supporting them. Then his whole equation with Bush - he is using his connections for fund raising and accepting his support but publicly acts as if he is running against Bush. This whole republican propaganda machine projecting Palin as next best thing in US politics is laughable. She does not have any experience and whatever little experience she has - she seems to have abused it. Well she does look good and seems to have fired up their cadre - that is good enough for them. Of all McCain's shortcomings - his choice of VP is most horrible - its a purely political choice. Nobody is complaining about women voting her (actually none of women's organizations vote her as her extreme right wing opinions) - the problem is republicans wants people to stop thinking about ISSUES and think who is reposible for this state and think about who is better to solve them - they just want people to think about pigs, lipstick, moose, sex, kindergarten, etc and vote enmasse to Palin (note they gave up on McCain already that is why this sensationalism on a VP).

    Obama side - yes he is inexperienced (and infact I liked Hillary during primaries) but atleast he is running a very honorable campaign and convention. He is atleast talking about issues. The notion that journalists are light on him so .... over ... and so primary time theme. If there is a Palin like issue on him (say he is involved in firing someone; or exaggerating facts about her opposition to bridge to nowhere; or even about family with a teen-aged pregnant daughter) the press would have been on fire just like when Rev.Wright was an issue. So dont say that press is light on him. About the race - you may not see everything open in our offices but yes his race is a main reason why he is still backward in polls if Obama with same policies and same charisma and same experience level and background is a white guy he would have run away with this election already. Whether we like it or not race is a factor and it works both ways. The thing that I dont like about Obama is the fact that dems are still didnt close this thing - the state of economy, an illogical war, an all-time low popularity of incumbent president who belong to other party - still thing is not closed. I truly think that it would have been different if Hillary is the nominee.

    About whether community organization is a reason enough to become president - on the same token we can ask - whether crashing your plane in a war is reason enough to become president. Ofcourse not - both of them have enough strengths to came to this point than being onetime organizer or onetime POW. As someone in the sidelines - I like them to see to run this campaign in a honoroble way and discuss real issues rather than rake up silly/idiotic/dumb/fake issues. Both initially seemed promise in running campaigns in that way but of late McCain/palin went off the line and its slowly becoming a mug-slinging match. In that respect I started liking Obama more.

    On immigration related issues - especially EB related issues - I think none of them can make a difference. We need something to be done in congress and personally I think that probability of something happening next year is very low (that is why HR5882 is so important for us - its right time and if we miss it we have to wait for another couple years maybe).

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  • Jerrome
    07-14 05:13 PM
    How do you say Level III and Level IV is EB2, Mine is EB2 but it is Level II


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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-07 12:48 PM
    Go IV!!!

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  • needhelp!
    02-15 02:12 PM
    Friends rule!

    Just heard that my friend has collected 20 petition letters for me, thanks Tarina! Very excited to be at 194 this morning :)


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  • madhu345
    06-14 04:33 AM
    AFFIDAVIT BY [Father's First Name] [Father's Last Name] and [Mother's First Name] [Mother's Last Name] (Mothers Maiden Name: Mother's Maiden Name)

    Re: [Child's First Name] [Child's Last Name] (If child is married, list the following: (Child's Maiden Name: Child's Maiden Name))

    We, [Father's First Name] [Father's Last Name] and [Mother's First Name] [Mother's Last Name], hereby depose and say:

    1. Our full and complete address is [street address with apartment or house number, town/city, state, postal zip code].

    2. That I, [Father's First Name] [Father's Last Name] was born on [date] in the town/city of [city], [country].

    3. That I, [Mother's First Name] [Mother's Last Name] (Mother's Maiden Name: Mother's Maiden Name), was born on [date] in the town/city of [name of city], [country].

    4. We married on [date of marriage] in the city of [name of city], [country].

    5. We [Father's First Name] [Father's Last Name] and [Mother's First Name] [Mother's Last Name] had the following children:

    a. [Child�s First Name] [Child's Last Name] (If child is married list the following: (Child's Maiden Name: Child's Maiden Name) born on [date]; and

    b. [list all of the other children, if applicable].

    6. [Child's First Name] [Child's Last Name] was born in [name of city], [country].


    This affidavit is being submitted because [CHOOSE ONE] there is no official record of birth [OR} the official record of birth is incomplete concerning [Child's First Name] [Child's Last Name].

    We declare under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is a true and correct statement.

    [Father's First Name] [Father's Last Name] and signature

    [Mother's First Name] [Mother's Last Name] and signature

    Subscribed and Sworn to before
    Me, this ____ day of __________,
    [YEAR] at ______________________.

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  • webm
    06-26 10:30 AM
    Yes , its Free :D Anyway - lets talk with a 3rd person (maybe USCIS) and confirm. Its Free, if you read the EAD forms its clearly written that once some one pays $340 ( not other amount) it becomes FREE for ever. I just checked the EAD forms again before writing this post - let me PASTE from EAD forms if that clear the confusion.

    Renewal EAD: If this is a renewal application and you
    applying under one of the following categories, a filing fee
    not required:
    1. (a)(8) Citizen of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, or Palau;
    3. (a)(11) Deferred Enforced Departure; or
    2. (a)(10) Granted Withholding of Deportation;
    4. (c)(l), (c)(4), or (c)(7) Dependent of certain foreign government, international organization, or NATO personnel;
    5. (c)(9) or (c)(16) adjustment applicant who filed for adjustment under the fee structure implemented July 30, 2007.

    Gurus,Is the above said true..please it saves everyone who file renewals in 09 (esp. folks missed boat for 2 yr EAD)..


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  • needhelp!
    11-15 11:18 AM
    I wish things were better.
    Are YOU doing anything to make it better? Please update your signature if you are a member of your state chapter.

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  • stuckinmuck
    02-09 10:05 PM
    Hi pd_recapturing, I am glad you understood my post clearly. I understand your point as well. Determining whether a company/employee is indulging in fraud or not is quite difficult if not impossible. I would suggest we start with reporting companies we know people work for and have negative experiences/comments about. It would mean reporting them based on anecdotal evidence but what else do we have as a starting point? I also know website reviews might not be very reliable since some disgruntled employee might post exaggerated comments about a company which might be following all the rules. But in general, we do know from colleagues/friends their experiences about employers who have sketchy credentials. Even TCS, Infosys indulge many times in L1 fraud as I have noticed. All I am asking for is better scrutiny by the USCIS at an earlier stage like PERM so such fraud applications can be removed.

    I do not wish the genuine employees any ill will (certainly not) but I would like the fraud ones out of the system. Let's brainstorm more and we might have some success in cleaning out the queue of such frauds. Thanks for your insight.


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  • mariusp
    06-13 08:46 PM
    I have I-140 with substitution pending since March of this year. Can I file for 485 now or do I need to wait for I-140 approval? Thanks.

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  • vine93
    05-20 11:53 AM
    Completed from my side.

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  • sguntaka
    05-23 10:23 PM
    Transaction ID: 9DR46290LH3397435

    Donation to Support Immigration Voice $200.00 USD

    I started with phone campaign (inspired by an IV member and made many of my friends to make calls)
    I will make atleast some of my friends to contribute for this cause.

    07-16 06:16 PM
    Berry, Appleman & Leiden LLP is very good firm. I have very good experience with them. They completed all my paper work on Jun 30, so that they can file by July 2. Also the attorney and the para-legal were really good and replied to my questions patiently. The website is

    They are very professional. They are doing my paperworks to file by this week..

    05-29 04:19 PM
    I'll take that Air France ordeal anyday w/o compensation over an Air India first class ticket.

    i'll take this as a joke.

    comments like these only shows our attitude of "i like to get my a$$ kicked. Please feel free to take a dig"

    on a serious note, you know that you have other choices right????

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