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Victoria Beckham Dresses 2009

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  • Victoria Beckham#39;s dress

  • chrs
    03-27 01:16 AM
    This are my drawings for the contest, I hope you like...

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  • York. Copycat: The dress

  • mchatrvd
    09-16 05:41 PM
    I have couple of questions regarding AC21 process.
    1. AC21 does not have any tracking number. Then what does USCIS does with the AC21 package? Is it placed under a separate heap of AC21 files?
    2. Does IO ever comes to know that you have applied an AC21 unless he issues RFE to check on your current employment?
    3. The AC21 is never attached to your 485 application, as there is no tracking on AC21, right?
    4. If you applied for an AC21 and Io issues RFE for current employment, do you need to send a copy of AC21 at that time to assert that you indeed informed USCIS?


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  • Victoria wore a self designed

  • upuaut8
    02-15 11:44 PM
    I sent Pom a couple examples of what could be done with it, I've been waiting for a response from my E-mail, myself.

    Where are you Pom???!!!!


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  • Victoria Beckham Cutout Dress

  • Silvermanto
    05-26 06:23 AM
    Hi I'm a US citizen and have around 15k or less credit card debt. All government loans were paid off. Something happened three and a half years ago in my home town and I had to leave Washington state and took care of it. So my question is: it's has been 3 and a half year and I'm heading back to washington state for short visit.
    1. I'm sure the debt did gall into collection agency. Will it go to court?
    2. Since I had been gone since 2007 and will there be a warrant on me since I didn't appear to court (if there was one)
    3. I will be entering Vancouver bc airport then to Seattle by driving. I'm afraid I will get caught for warrant at the border.

    Hopefully someone can answer my questions and thanks for the help in advance.


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  • Victoria Beckham dresses Ellle

  • gconmymind
    08-22 12:40 PM
    I filed I-131 for AP renewal around 10th August and received a Biometrics appointment notice for I-485 yesterday. Is there Fingerprinting required for AP? If yes, why is the Case Type on the notice I-485? Or is the FP notice for I-485 and it is just a coincidence that I have filed for AP renewal. My PD will be current next month...

    There is no LUD on I-485 case...

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  • Victoria Beckham: Met#39;s

  • devamanohar
    08-14 09:06 PM
    I filed for my self, wife and two daughters I-485 and EAD with all documents but without I-140 recipt notice instead I enclosed evidences of the cashed check, INS online status print out and cover letter with reciept number.

    My application reached on July 2 at 11:34am. No reciept yet. I called INS and representative explained my case will not be denied. If at all, INS will ask for the reciept notice.
    I have my reciept notice for I-140 now.
    At this point shall I wait or apply one more today with the reciept notice.


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  • Victoria Beckham and William

  • rheoretro
    08-21 04:06 PM
    Online petitions are useless...petitions need signatures and names that can be verified with sufficient contact information. Otherwise, what stops some unscrupulous person from piling up a billion "signatures" in support of the petition?

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  • rockstart
    04-29 10:02 PM
    I think your attorney can file an ammendment.


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  • Victoria Beckham dresses way

  • mrdelhiite
    07-10 03:15 PM
    :confused: I couldn't log on for 5 minutes and then when I finally did - most of the latest posts have dissapeared?

    when lots of people try to log in at teh same time you can get a DOS .. please refresh and try again.


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  • ralicag
    03-27 09:46 PM
    I admire the charisma this picture has :) well done indeed :)


    Victoria Beckham Dresses 2009. Dress by Victoria Beckham.
  • Dress by Victoria Beckham.

  • pooja_34
    10-31 10:29 AM
    Biometrics are not required for AP. You can paper file or efile - it is the same in the case of AP.

    My wife paper-filed her EAD and didn't have to do Biometrics.
    Will she have to do her Biometrics when she paper-files or e-files her AP?

    Anybody has any experience ?

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  • victoria-eckham

  • dealsnet
    08-27 04:53 PM
    No. You can't port PD from spouse.
    You can port your own PD, if you have another EB3 approved.
    You can port the country of chargeability, if she was born in another (ROW) country.

    My priority date is in 10/2006 under EB3. My wife just start her GC process under EB2. Can my wife port my PD date to her GC application?



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  • Ask Victoria Beckham.

  • arulz
    11-10 09:55 PM
    I had a question about using using AC21.

    Here is the scenario: Let us say I work for XYZ Brothers who applied for my 140 and 485. I have approved 140, H-1b, EAD and AP.
    If XYZ laid me off or I left them for career progression or more money 180 days after my 485 was filed and 140 approved what happens to my 485 application?

    Wouldnt USCIS question that since my sponsoring employer does not exist anymore, who am I going to work for once I get my green card? or is this coverd under AC21?

    Please advice!

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-14 04:21 AM
    I had a chance to get to know Genia Brin, Google founder Sergey Brin's mom, when we jointly served on the board of HIAS. She's an impressive woman who could sit back and relax, but instead she goes to work everyday as a NASA scientist and works on climate and forecasting projects for our nation's space agency. This week Genia entered the public limelight when she co-wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Daily News making the economic case for immigration reform. Genia has not forgotten her own immigrant experience and is heading up a major project for HIAS...

    More... (


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  • Blog Feeds
    03-31 03:40 PM
    Good. Members of Congress who think Latino voters aren't paying attention and they can vote anti-immigrant to keep Tea Party activists happy may want to rethink that strategy. In related news. America's Voice has released poll data showing Latino voters are not energized and aren't planning on coming out in big numbers in November unless they seem some positive action on immigration reform. From America's Voice: Latino Decisions researcher and Stanford University professor Dr. Gary Segura highlighted and analyzed the findings: �Among all the key constituents in the 2008 Obama victory, Latino voters appear to be among the least enthusiastic...

    More... (

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  • Victoria Beckham wants to

  • bkarnik
    04-02 05:11 PM
    A friend of mine was recently stuck in administrative processing from November till March 13th (he was informed about the approval on March 18th) a total timeframe of 5 months. He reached the US on March 22nd and was admitted on H1 without any issues.

    He sent me the following facebook link which list at least 200 such cases of similar souls.

    "Here is a link to Facebook group on visa delay the kind I had. There is a spreadsheet which lists a sample of 200 cases since Nov.

    Please be aware of it."

    Not sure if this has been listed before, but thought members would like to know about it.



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  • waitin_toolong
    05-05 03:44 PM
    no, only after you ae a citizen

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    02-12 06:41 PM
    Current situation :

    Labor approved(eb3 with pd of July 03),
    I140 in process,
    In my seventh year of H1b on a one year extension expiring in August.

    Please advise if I can change employers now and still get a new H1 though I am in my seventh year ?


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  • unseenguy
    06-24 09:04 PM
    NSC. Unless instructions on AP say you can send it to NBC.

    09-25 09:54 PM
    Recently i have joined a new employer after my H1 transfer has been applied, today i have recieved approval notice and its approved until October 15 2007,
    were has my previous h1 was valid until October 2008. Please help how should i proceed ?

    Blog Feeds
    05-17 01:40 PM
    Vivek Wadhwa always has interesting things to say about skilled immigrants. Here is a snippet from his recent Business Week commentary: I have a suggestion for Grassley and Durbin. Pass a bill to deregulate the H-1B visa program, and eliminate the restrictions that make it difficult for H-1B holders to travel, switch jobs, or get promoted. Create a fast-track status to U.S. citizenship for H-1B holders providing they launch a company that employs more than 10 American workers within three years. And grant residency to the nearly 1 million H-1B holders and their families waiting in limbo to obtain permanent...

    More... (

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