Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • Mark101
    05-03 07:56 AM

    My situation -
    I am a homemaker on H4 since 2007. ( My husband on H1 ).
    Doing MS on H4 ( with few credits still to go )( not full time ).
    H4 is due stamping ( Already extended till 2012 ).

    Objective -
    - To be on F1, to utilize CPT / OPT.


    QUESTION - - Which one is better H4 to F1 in US via change of status - I-539 ( BUT That
    way i had to face the consulate again for F1 stamping ( Also, very few
    credits are left with my MS as in now ))
    Directly F1 Visa stamping at
    US consulate in India ( It'll be surely fast, that way i won't have to go back for stamping with very few credits left ) ?

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  • parsu
    11-10 08:17 PM
    Your Employer can file extension of I-94 till Feb 2011. No need to go outside the country.

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  • desiap
    01-14 10:19 PM

    I've been working full-time on EAD for the last 2+ years. I have a pending 485 application, on which my spouse is the primary applicant. I have never applied for H1B in the past, because I transferred directly from F1 (student visa) to this EAD.

    My spouse also has an H1B, which is in it's 7th year (completed 6 yrs of H1B).

    My spouse has been put on furlough (unpaid leave) for 3 months.
    What are our options ?

    1. Can my employer file H1B for me, and an H4 for my spouse ? How will this affect our green card application (on which my spouse is primary applicant) ?

    2. How much time does my spouse have to look for another job (with similar job description), without being out of status ? Is there some grace period associated with H1?


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  • cygent
    08-23 10:56 PM
    Any success stories / anybody in progress (we can form a team/strategize?) - Or could you point me towards a related thread?

    PD March, 2005 EB3
    Labor - RIR, Approved 04/2007
    I-140 filed 06/2007 (pending)
    I-485 filed 07/2007 (of course pending)
    Case - Working for petitioning Employer who is folding up :mad:.

    Is there a difference b/w a company folding vs. getting bought out or changed name, etc. Any insight will be greatly appreciated with good karma.


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  • BABU79
    09-28 05:57 PM
    I have an Indian passport and currently working in USA on L1B visa. Before leaving India I initiated the process of getting permanent residence visa from Australia and while I was in USA I got the AU Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175) visa approved and it was stamped on my passport by the AU embassy in Washington DC.

    My queries are:
    - I am planning to go for a vacation to India very soon. While returning to USA will it be a problem with my Indian passport having both USA L1B visa and AU migrant visa.
    - For the initial entry to AU, I want to go there next year only for a week directly from USA. Will it be a issue for me to enter the US in my return trip

    Your advice on this will be very helpful.

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  • kshitijnt
    04-26 06:42 PM
    Hello Gurus:

    I am self filing my EAD/AP: Following documents I have attached to both EAD and AP.

    1. Copy of previous EAD/AP (both front and back)
    2. Copy of 485 receipt notice
    3. Copy of DL/ passport, Visa stamp
    4. Copy of I-94 front and back
    5. Letter stating why AP is required
    6. Letter requesting fee exemption due to filing under new fee structure.

    Can I send all applications in one packet? Or should I send them in separate packets?


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  • fightretro
    01-22 06:25 PM

    My current h-1 B visa in passport expires May 1, 2007. And I have a I-94 valid till May 1, 2007. I already got 3 yr h-1 b extension valid from May 2, 2007. I have to travel to canada in March and I am planning to get the new H-1B visa stamping when I am there instead of making another trip.

    Is it possible to go for visa stamping for the extension h-1b, when the intial
    H-1B visa is still valid. My understanding is if the visa is issued, all the previous visas will be cancelled. In that case, Can I re-enter US in March with a H-1B valid only from May, 2007

    I would greatly appreciate responses from any one who faced the same situation.

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  • ravageguy1
    05-16 10:22 AM
    My attorney missed the RFE deadline for my H1B extension as the RFE was never received even though USCIS sent it. Please let me know your experience if any one missed responding to RFE deadline for H1B extension and what procedures they followed to fix the issue. Please advise.



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  • Karthikthiru
    07-18 10:51 AM
    New Service Center Processing Time Report is just published


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  • roseball
    03-24 01:05 AM
    Since 6 months earlier he was on H1, he wont be counted in the quota....


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  • sri2005_05
    09-19 12:12 AM

    Thanks for reply..Can i file for new LCA right now?Is filing new LCA mean filing new H1-B?
    if i apply for new LCA how easy the procedure will be?

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  • giveit
    10-09 04:15 PM
    i have to make an intro. My idea is that a guy will be walking to school and then entering it. I just need to know how to make the guy walk to the school and how to make the background. Please reply quick.


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  • perm2gc
    12-19 11:36 AM
    Hi All,
    I have H1B stamped from company A which is valid untill Oct 2008. I am planning to go to India in Jan on my new transferred H1B from company B.

    Do I have to take an appointment in India for getting my new H1 stamped? Or can i just show my new approved H1B from company B on my port of entry in US, when I come back?
    New Approved H1B is enough.You don't need visa stamp again.

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  • anuh1
    12-28 04:28 PM
    Thank You for the valuable information.


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  • Macaca
    04-04 09:06 AM
    The requirements depend on the International Student Office. They will give the best answer.

    In my case, they required a letter from Deptt. I don't remember the contents of the letter.

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  • imm_help
    10-03 03:06 PM
    10/3/2006 The NSC Accepts Concurrent I-485 Filings for Premium Processing Eligible I-140s


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  • vat
    12-24 08:22 PM
    I have a situation here.
    I am on H1B visa and just changed my job in September.
    My H1B transfer (thru my new company) was approved and according to USCIS website, they have dispatched my 797-Notice of Action. But I am yet to receive those papers.
    Now, I was on extension of H1B earlier (thru my old company), as my stamped visa expired.
    Now, my spouse needs to visit India urgently. Can she travel to India with her old I-94 (the one that was stapled on the passport when she entered US the last time) and the other I-94 that she has with the visa extension papers ?? Of course, once we get the new Form 797, I shall also travel to India and we both will get our visa stamping done before we travel back to USA. Please suggest...

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  • dahai
    03-10 05:14 PM

    My wife has received the ASC notice of biometric appointment. But I did not. She filed as dependent of my concurrent I-140 + I-485 case. I am wondering if there is anything wrong. Should we receive the notice together? Or it is normal to have seperate appointments? Then how long could be the interval between the notices? Anyone in the same situation before? Could I find it out by Infopass appointment?


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-24 07:50 AM
    A fat report and one with some helpful recommendations and statistics. Here are some of the more interesting items I found - - Of the top 150 H-1B employers, 24 were deemed H-1B dependent (a high percentage of workers on the H-1B) and 9 had prior H-1B violations. - Real earnings growth for US workers in occupations with proportionately more H-1B workers - particularly IT - was actually much stronger than the general US worker. - Engineers and IT professionals on H-1Bs were more than twice as likely as their US counterparts to have advanced degrees. - The proportion of...

    More... (

    07-18 10:51 AM
    New Service Center Processing Time Report is just published


    07-08 04:47 PM

    I got my EAD last October (filed for my I-485 on July 02, '07) but did not apply for my AP then;

    Now I need to apply for my EAD renewal and am also thinking of getting an AP. Do I need to get an AP for the current year (that is for the time period from Oct '07 to Oc 08) and then apply for AP extension or can I directly apply for AP for Oct '08 to Oct '09?

    the second option will save me money and so for me that is the preferred one :D

    any information on this is much appreciated,


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