Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • ajaysri
    09-13 05:21 PM
    can any one answer the question please.

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  • ramaonline
    02-11 06:15 PM
    You may be able to stay without a job as long as the future job offer is still open and the gc sponsoring employer has an intent to hire you after the 485 is approved. Please confirm with your immig attny

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  • mayurcreation
    08-27 02:06 PM
    Dear Attorney,

    My I140 got approve from A company when I was working in company B.( I applied for I140 from company A and left the company after 5 months due to some reason). My approved I140 is still valid as I went to USCIS website and check the case status using EAC number.

    This is my 5yr on H1 visa.

    My question is:
    - Can I transfer my H1 to company C using A company I140 EAC number and get 3 yrs of extention? ( I only have EAC number of approved I140. A company have refused to give me copy of approved I140 as I left the company.).


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  • gccovet
    11-03 10:06 AM

    I have applied for GC in Aug '07. I recently renewed my H1-B (7th year). I noticed that there is a mistake in the A# of my Green card application (Beneficiary #) on the H1-B approval notice.

    Has any one else had this happen? Does any one know what can be done regarding this?

    Thanks for your help

    you will have to get it corrected, ask you lawyer to file the correction form ( i don't remember the form# top of my head).


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    08-27 12:00 PM
    Cuban-born Andres Alonso is the CEO of the Baltimore City Schools. Alonso graduated from Columbia University before going on to get a law degree and a doctorate in education at Harvard. Alonso was interviewed on NBC News last night about how federal stimulus money is helping to keep his school system running smoothly this year despite the economy. Alonso brings an interesting background to the job having worked for one of the top law firms in Washington, DC as well as a teacher in inner city Newark, New Jersey. He was the deputy chancellor of the New York City schools...

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  • zephyrus
    11-18 01:55 PM
    I had not heard of this site until I did a search for legal immigration ... seems to have some interesting publications/policy papers etc.



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  • Blog Feeds
    08-05 08:00 PM
    ABC News has an interesting piece that discusses the birth tourism controversy and quotes a statistic that actually comes from Lindsey Graham's office. According to the National Center of Health Statistics, just 7,760 mothers report that they live outside the US of more than 4,000,000 births each year. Keep in mind that some of these mothers are actually US citizens who reside abroad but want to have their children in the US. So we're really talking about less than .2% of all births as being this huge problem that suddenly justifies overturning the 14th Amendment.

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  • helpmeExperts
    02-06 01:43 PM
    go to & take US embassy apointment for visa stamping.

    generally its filled 4 weeks ahead, so keep trying. first get a canadian visa from nearby canada embassy or by courier/mail


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  • unseenguy
    04-26 02:52 PM
    Call me insanely confused idiot, but here is a thing:

    I work for a major MNC (of course pays me 15% less than I should be making). My boss is also leaving the company. At the same time, I am getting an offer from another local (small) company, better position and pay. My GC is pending PD Jul-05/EB2 India from MNC. Should I leave at the 11th hour?

    Just to clarify both are consulting companies.

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    01-04 08:10 AM
    Perhaps there is a chance we'll see some action on the DREAM Act in 2011 albeit with some major tough to accept changes. The key areas likely to change are the education requirement (mandating actually receiving a degree versus simply attending school), the ability to sponsor relatives down the road when DREAM Act finally become citizens (at least 13 years out) and criminal bars on applying.

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  • logiclife
    03-07 11:35 AM

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  • gcdreamer05
    08-14 01:47 PM
    Hi all,

    I am on h1b right now but had applied only for AP since i do not have valid stamping on my passport but have an approved renewed h1b extension valid till 2012.

    My AP will be expiring coming nov 2009 and have the following questions,

    1) How many days before expiry can i apply for the AP renewal. If i apply now the texas processing times for AP is around Apr 1 2009, does it mean the new AP they will provide from Aug 2009 to Aug 2010 or from my AP expiry date which is nov 2009 to nov 2010?

    2) I am also thinking of applying for EAD to keep as a backup (just in case).
    Can i apply EAD alone now and wait for nov to apply for AP (or should i apply both together) ?

    3) If i do a paper based filing does it mean there will be no request for finger printing?



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  • Rb_newsletter
    04-06 04:26 PM
    Canada�s information and technology sector is soon going to face severe shortage of workforce, findings of a latest study have warned.

    canada immigration (, canada immigration news (

    Yes we have heard similar AINP stories in the past.

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  • adnan_vijay
    04-29 04:28 AM
    Please help?

    Any advice is much appriciated.



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  • meridiani.planum
    12-25 06:46 PM

    Do you think the lottery will take place for 2010 year H-1B filing?

    zero I think...
    H1 filing follows the general employment scene, and with the current employment levels, and the relatively low levels of recovery being seen so far, the chance of a lottery seems almost nil....
    H1s for last year ran out just last week, why would 65k cases show up within a day just 3 months later?
    However I dont expect it to last till December 2010 like it did this year. Employment is going to slowly improve going forward, TARP H1 hiring restrictons dont apply to many banks...

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  • hanu_78
    12-07 04:01 PM

    I switched from H1 to EAD with the same employer. Due to family emergency i got to leave and may have to stay for more than 2+ months.

    Would that be ok if i stay out of country while on EAD. I will be returning back using my AP.

    Appreciate your time.



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    05-27 11:40 AM
    The pundits are already punditizing about something folks in my own office were debating yesterday - what the nomination of the first Hispanic to the US Supreme Court means for immigration reform this year. One camp believes that Obama has "thrown a bone" to the growing, increasingly powerful Hispanic community by nominating Sotomayor and it is intended to soften the blow when he decides to pass on pushing immigration reform this year. On the other hand, appointing Sotomayor could also be viewed as further enhancing support Hispanics, particularly if Republicans foolishly seek to push back too hard against a well-qualified...

    More... (

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  • chanduv23
    08-03 10:57 PM
    What about Tuxedo :D

    Please help with this action item

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  • vedicman
    04-28 09:55 AM
    Thank you. I checked it out. My nephew (7yrs) also plans to come for 3 weeks with my in laws. He has never been to the US before, and his parents are not coming either. The site mentioned that parents visa papers also have to be attached, I am not sure what this means. (His parents have never applied for the visa)

    Your inputs are much appreciated. Thanks

    08-03 05:42 PM

    I need advise from gurus.

    i have taken an appointment at the chennai consulate on aug 24th.
    I have the old h1b approval valid till October 3 2006 to October 4 2007.
    I have the new h1b approval valid till from october 5 2007 to october 4 2008.

    I have taken the appointment for the new h1b approval. my question is:

    since its valid from october 5 2007, can i come back to USA before october 5 2007? Do they give the visa stamp validity all the way from october 6 2006 to october 4 2008 since i have both the h1b approvals?

    how does it work? we have to use only h1b approval? can somebody let me know they had the same situation?


    06-04 06:32 PM
    consult a lawyer..
    You have to make ur wifes country of birth prominent by sending a letter in BOLD or else USCIS will miss it.

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