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  • furiouspride
    08-01 03:32 AM
    Please see this post (

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  • stlus
    06-15 02:43 PM

    I have applied for I-140 thro Substitute in March 2006(15 months ago) and I got a query on my education and company financial status in August 06 and attorney replied back to query in the month of October 2006.
    When I check my status online shows as "we received your application on October 20th 2006 and in process".

    Last month there was an updated date on 05/25/07 on my case and when i checked with employer, he says we have not yet received any information from USCIS to attorney.

    Now the attorney says, we will be Re-filing my case, as one case got denial from my company (Not mine itseems). So that we will get new Receipt Number as I have only 8 Months left on my H1 and we can apply for 1 year extension meanwhile before 6 months of H1 expiry.

    Is it a good idea to re-file I-140 from the same Service Center(NSC)?

    or Can I apply in PERM now as I have only 8 months on my H1.

    Pl. suggest.

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  • tridiv
    07-12 03:32 PM
    I just missed 120-90 day window for filing EAD. My EAD expires on oct 12 and today is July 12TH.

    Other stats:
    Have H1B active with current employer till Feb 2009
    Just got my priority date current - EB2 July 2004 for India
    I-140 approved, I-485 and I-140 filed last year receipt date Sept 2007

    How can I get new EAd now?
    I can continune working on H1B correct?
    Any impact on my 485 application that now will process due to PD being current?

    PLEASE HELP. I am confused and worried a bit.

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  • Macaca
    12-11 08:31 PM
    Congress Has Been Stymied By Bush, Republicans ( By REUTERS, December 11, 2007

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush wants it known the U.S. Congress has been asleep at the switch since Democrats took over in January. The only problem is that he and his fellow Republicans have flipped off the switch at nearly every turn, Democrats say.

    "The end of 2007 is approaching fast and the new Congress has little to show for it," Bush told reporters in the White House Rose Garden last week.

    Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, was even less generous. "Nothing has been accomplished all year," he said.

    As they excoriate political opponents, Bush and his fellow Republicans in Congress have successfully stopped most major Democratic initiatives this year.

    They have staged an unprecedented number of "filibusters" in the Senate, where Democrats do not have a big enough majority to end debate. The few times that wasn't the case, Bush used his veto pen to kill Democrats' top priorities, like ending the Iraq war, expanding health care to children from low-income families and expanding stem cell research.

    "Sadly, Republicans in Washington are determined to make this a 'no-can-do' Congress," Assistant Senate Majority Leader Richard Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, said in his party's weekly radio address on Saturday.

    With only a week or two remaining in the first half of 110th Congress that convened in January, there's a deflated feeling on Capitol Hill.

    Democrats and Republicans complain not enough has been accomplished. The public seems to agree, with just one in five Americans approving of the job Congress is doing, even worse than the unpopular Bush's ratings.

    The legislative deadlock might get even worse next year, as election campaigns for Congress and the presidency get into full swing.

    Ethan Siegal of the Washington Exchange, a private group that tracks Congress, said of Republicans' opposition tactics: "The template for trying to get into power is to make sure the party in charge doesn't have many legislative successes."

    But even many Republicans think accusations of a "do-nothing" Democratic Congress won't be enough for their party to win back their majority status in the November 2008 elections.


    Democrats quickly fulfilled many of their 2006 campaign promises, raising the minimum wage for the first time in a decade, implementing stalled recommendations of the commission that investigated the September 11 attacks and trying to stop ethics abuses that plagued Congress during years of Republican leadership.

    Republicans blocked many other measures.

    A top domestic priority -- reforming U.S. immigration law -- was buried by conservative Republicans in the House. On foreign affairs, Republicans killed repeated moves to bring combat in Iraq to an end, despite Americans' disenchantment with a war now in its fifth year. Anti-war feeling was a driving factor behind the Democrats' success in last year's elections.

    Popular legislation to expand stem cell research to help cure diseases such as Parkinson's was vetoed by Bush, as was a bill to deliver health care to more children from low-income families.

    More recently, the House passed an energy bill that would improve automobile fuel efficiency for the first time in 32 years but Senate Republicans, heeding a White House veto threat, stopped it.

    And Bush has veto threats on the remaining bills to fund the government through next September.

    He recently told Arkansas business leaders: "You're fixing to see what they call a fiscal showdown in Washington."

    But despite the bluster, Bush and congressional Democrats are at odds over a relatively tiny slice, about $11 billion, of the nearly $3 trillion budget.

    Negotiations between the two finally have begun, but a compromise -- some war funding coupled with some of the additional domestic spending Democrats want -- was showing signs of souring this week, again amid accusations of Republican sabotage. There's plenty of incentive for a deal though as neither side wants government shutdowns to begin if agencies run out of money this month.


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  • Vibes30
    06-12 08:56 AM
    .........This is not a warez board.......

    .........Do not ask for or request software of any kind that may be construed as pirating.......

    .........You have been warned.........

    .........It is only a matter of time before upuat8 is all over this post........

    .........Thank you for your immediate attention.......

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-09 10:50 PM
    Maybe the 60 Minutes story from a few months ago is making a difference. DHS finally agreed today to show some humanity and not proceed for two year with deporting widows and widowers of US citizens (often American soldiers who die in combat) who only were denied green cards because their spouses died before USCIS could finish processing their cases. The courts have not been consistent in their rulings and it is going to take the US Supreme Court settling the matter (or DHS backing down). Hopefully, this marks the end of USCIS' rabid pursuit of a population that deserves...

    More... (


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  • JSimmivoice
    01-27 06:16 PM

    I was working for Company A with whom I've my H1 & I-94 valid until Aug 2010. But I was laid off from Company A in Dec 1st week and I found a new job with Company B in Jan 3rd week. So I was out of status for about 6 weeks time.

    Now Company B don't wish to file a transfer but instead they are filing something called H1 "Loose Petition", obviously I'm not going to start work with Company B until this H1 gets approved and I travel out of US, get restamped based on my New H1 petition, come back to US and start work for Company B.

    But my question is, while from today until this so called "Loose Petition" H1 is getting processed (since they applied premium it would take about 2-3 weeks) can I legally stay in US (in terms of I-94 I've my I-94 from Company A H1 which is valid until Aug 2010)?

    My employer suggest that I stay here until H1 processing result comes out and then leave country get restamped. Please let me know if you have an Answer.

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  • birdwing
    10-10 11:53 PM
    this is hilarious :lol:

    i know im late ... shuddup


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  • panchotronera
    06-25 03:12 PM
    Dear All,

    Can someone tell me how long it takes to get 485 filing receipt? Who gets it ,you or the lawyer? What information should a responsible lawyer pass to you after 485 is filed?

    Please let me know. It would be good information for everyone.
    The thread "June 1st filers" has the responses to your question.

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  • tanmoymuk
    03-11 12:33 PM
    I have an I-485 filed under EB2 category and have used the Advance Parole documents to travel outside US. As a result my I-94 states my status as "PAROLEE".

    I recently got my EB1-I-140 (Extraordinary Ability) approved and my lawyer wanted me to apply for a new I-485 saying that transferring a I-485 gets rejected more often.

    However, on knowing that my I-94 states that I am a Parolee she tells me that she cannot apply for a new I-485. Is that true?

    Urgent response will be greatly appreciated.


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  • anilsal
    01-14 12:28 PM
    Even when officers work on your files, there may not be any LUDs.

    If you input all your case numbers (old H1B approvals etc), you will see that those get LUDs once in a while. They may be batch jobs or someone pulling files frequently or filing old applications etc.

    Since your PD is a few months away, it is best to just relax and hope your applications are preadjudicated. When your PD becomes current, then go the Service Request - infopass - senator/ombudsman route.

    If you are that interested, take infopass appointments and find out where your application is. If the CIS person is friendly, they give out a lot of information. Dress well and talk politely.

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  • BECsufferer
    09-25 07:53 PM
    Hello All;

    I would like to share our expereience during finger printing apointment at said center. We arrived an hour and half earlier, so asked the security guard if that was OK. She told us it's fine and we should go to lady officer at next door to take application forms. We took for each one of us, filled them while watching "Baby's day out" movie being shown. Returned the applications and were asked to go to assigned waiting seats. Here we were further escorted by an officer to finger printing machine. Did finger printing and had the notice form stamped, and were out of center in less than 30 minutes. No problems, no delays nothing to worry at all. So go and have fun!:D

    P.S : Don't drop off your wife at center ... wait for few minutes. Otherwise she would be begging for phone to call you ( as they won't allow her to keep phone). I helped out one such fine lady earlier today!


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  • Tarheel1997
    07-08 09:24 AM
    Hi, this might not be the right forum for my question but at least I am hoping that I can either can an answer or steered to the correct direction. So I quit my job in the US about a month ago because I was immigrating to another country. My job was located in Arizona and I immigrated to Israel. My company knew this was the reason I was quitting. So I am wondering if I should have received a severance package or unemployment benefits because of the reason of immigrating to another country.


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  • slither
    09-03 02:54 PM

    I have been working for a non-profit organization and have a H1-B through them. I never applied to the regular commercial H1. I was wondering if I can just transfer this non-profit H1 to a commercial company. Please share your experiences and thoughts.



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  • GCAmigo
    12-28 04:11 AM
    12th day.. I don't think the Indian Cricket team had serious ball tamepring allegations..

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  • vegasbaby
    05-04 07:16 PM

    Firstly, I would like to apologize for my ignorance & starting a new thread on this topic. I have some questions on porting & hopefully you learned people would help me on this.

    1. When is the actual PD porting done? Is it done at I-140 stage?
    2. I have I-485 filed in EB3-I. Now, I do my labor in EB2 & then at the time of applying I-140 do I tell USCIS that I have an old EB3 with PD of Nov 2004?
    3. Say I do that, will USCIS automatically change my category on my pending I-485?
    4. When I filed my I-485 in EB3, I was single. Now I am married. If USCIS automatically adjudicates my pending application, I believe, I will be in soup since my wife is not included in that. So should I (or the attorney) tell them NOT to adjust category on my pending I-485 instead I file a new I-485 under EB2?



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  • mirage
    11-21 12:23 PM
    Until we ask they don't give anything, I have been writing to Ombudsman, for this and have raised it on an Ombudsman call, but USCIS is just too much...

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  • Blog Feeds
    07-22 04:20 PM
    From the ACLU which is part of the coalition that is behind this suit: Implementation Of Arizona's Racial Profiling Law FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 22, 2010 PHOENIX � At a hearing today in a federal court in Phoenix, the American Civil Liberties Union and a coalition of civil rights groups argued that Arizona's discriminatory new law, known as SB 1070, should be blocked pending a final court ruling on its constitutionality. The law, scheduled to go into effect on July 29, requires police to demand "papers" from people they stop who they suspect are "unlawfully present" in the U.S. According...

    More... (

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  • jerez_z
    11-04 05:59 PM
    thanks Mith :)

    Blog Feeds
    12-18 09:40 AM
    We like to share that the H1B cap is extremely close to being reached. The count as of December 15, 2009 is 64,200. This is 1300 cases more than the count from December 11th. This count is very close to the total cap of 65,000 which is actually somewhat reduced by numbers allocated under trade agreements. We continue to watch this very closely, and will provide updates until the FY 2010 cap is reached.

    We suggest to act quickly to avoid last minute embarrassment as H-1B Cap may soon be cease to exist.

    More... (

    10-26 02:38 AM
    I am working on Windows 7 based application development in Silverlight. I have not been able to find a way to play a an audio file in windows 7 phone. I have been googling it since past few days but i could not get any solution of that. There is a class in C# with name SoundPlayer but i guess its not available in Windows 7 Phone.
    Can anyone please help?

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