Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • capwellcc
    10-01 09:46 AM
    This is probably a silly question but I have this really nice logo
    designed in photoshop that I want to use in flash but the problem is that everytime that I import this picture to flash I get that white background the picture was saved with.

    Does ANYBODY know how to get rid of this background so that I can just use the logo?

    Thanks a million, SOMEONE help

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  • ags123
    10-06 03:14 PM
    Last month dates were 7 Jan 2005.
    This month dates are 22 Jan 2005.
    Still the reported Jan 2005 approvals(, IV ) etc are less than 5.
    Not sure whats happening to these

    New topic for discussion while waiting for friday bulletin :)

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  • pansworld
    07-09 09:44 PM
    Greeting Cards :p

    Now that we have media attention with USCIS we should start letting Congress know of our plight too. Vice President who I think is the chair of the senate and Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker.:D

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  • ksircar
    06-15 10:05 PM
    My spouse is out of country and she cannot comeback immediately since we are waiting for my H1 extension approval. Taking visa appointment days and airline availability in to consideration, she may not be able to make it back before end of july. I heard you can always add spouse later while 485 is still in progress. What are the implications if I go this path ?

    See the discussions here:


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  • seawise
    05-29 01:00 PM
    Hi kirupa Sultans!

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  • martinvisalaw
    01-15 09:29 AM
    It is possible that you could be questioned. People entering at Newark are having a lot of problems, and there are threads on this.

    PS - you should post your question in the nonimmigrant section for more answers.


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  • Blog Feeds
    08-19 02:30 PM
    Something new I'm starting. USCIS puts out weekly data on the use of H-1B visas for the 2011 fiscal year which starts in October. I'm going to monitor that for readers and add my own projection on the months the caps are likely to be hit. The quota is 65,000 per fiscal year plus an additional 20,000 for folks with degrees from US advanced degree programs. Applications began being accepted on April 1st. In past years, the H-1B quota was exhausted almost immediately after the application period opened up. Last year, as a result of the recession and also as...

    More... (

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  • Eternal_Hope
    01-26 07:36 AM
    Mailing mine on Monday.

    Those who haven't send their letters yet, your participation is critical to make this effort successful - please don't let others down - send the letter ASAP.

    Member Texas IV

    P.S: Each time you enter a thread make sure you click on those Google Ads.


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  • excogitator
    07-19 02:30 AM
    Thank you!! :)

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  • vik_tx
    11-29 02:15 PM
    got my 485 aproval noice today... whew! after 5 years!


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  • insight08
    01-14 09:47 PM
    In 2002, I left my employer(A) and joined another company(B). New employer applied for my h1b and in 3 months we got an RFE. Coincidentally, I did not like that job and just left that employer(B) to join the previous employer(A).Never tried to get the h1b reciept from. Now that company is folded and there is no information about that company(B). Later that year, company B gave me a W2 for 3 months pay which I had to file later that year.

    While applying for 485 in june 2007, in mad rush I had to fill up G-325 form and I did not write anything about working for company(B) for 3 months. Rather I mentioned that I worked for Company A thru 2002.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Lazycis, UN and any other gurus , please help!!!
    Could USCIS find that out? If so, am I in trouble? How to overcome this situation?

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  • sareesh
    10-29 01:19 PM

    Thanks Chiwere.
    Can I refile under EB2?


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  • dreamworld
    07-18 05:20 PM

    I am getting the following JavaScript error on IV. May be this leads to this issue.

    I am using IE: Version 7.
    Line: 67
    Char: 1
    Error: 'UDS_ServiceBase' is undefined
    Code: 0

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  • emilytai
    06-26 01:03 PM
    Dear All:

    I-140 approval 6/25/08
    I-485 approval 6/26/08
    EB-2 Concurrent filing
    I-140 Sent 07/30/07
    I-140 Notice 09/18/07
    Title: Accountant

    But I just submit I-765 (EAD) renew by 6/22/08. Now I found out my I-140 and I-485 are all approved. Can I revoke or withdraw I-765(EAD) from USCIS?
    Do anyone have similar case?



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  • nk2006
    10-05 08:57 AM
    My company applied for PERM for me. Short of asking our HR/attorney everyday what is the way to check status.

    Its applied just last week and but I can resist the urge to check the status already (anxious because I need H1B extension soon). Any advice is appreciated. thanks.

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  • parag_a2z
    12-19 02:30 AM
    Hi All,
    I have H1B stamped from company A which is valid untill Oct 2008. I am planning to go to India in Jan on my new transferred H1B from company B.

    Do I have to take an appointment in India for getting my new H1 stamped? Or can i just show my new approved H1B from company B on my port of entry in US, when I come back?


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  • sujathar25
    10-06 01:15 AM
    Actually the change of status was meant to ask if the L1A gets rejected - can he move to L2 or H1 with change of status without leaving the country.

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  • milestogo
    03-31 02:54 PM

    Would really appreciate if some one can answer this question.

    Is it possible to movie from H1B to EDA (valid unitl Oct 2010), work part time on EAD to complete Master's degree and then move back to the same employer to continuing working full time on H1B?
    (assuming current employer is willing to allow going part time)


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  • aravi
    01-23 11:24 AM
    Hello -

    Can anyone suggest if there is a way to check the priority date on a I-485 application after an interfile request has been made? I am not sure if a call to the Service Center is the only way, or if there is a form I can submit requesting this information.

    The context of my question is this: My original I-485 application was filed based on a LC/I-140 approved by PERM with PD May 2005. But later, as part of backlog elimination, an older LC for me with PD Aug 2004 was cleared and my company's immigration law firm got another I-140 approved based on this earlier LC. They've told me that they contacted USCIS with a request to get my I-485 attached to the older PD. I would like to get this confirmed since a 9 month gap in PDs can easily translate to years more of waiting time.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help out or suggest if I should be doing anything different with getting the PD of my I-485 changed.

    12-11 07:41 PM
    I have a peculiar situation where my wife wants to apply for H1 and work after being on H4 for the last 3 years . My son who is currently on H4 wants to convert to F1 to pursue his studies . My doubt is whether I can still include them in my GC application at 485 stage whenever it happens although they were in H4 when the GC Process started.

    Any suggestion / advice is highly appreciated.



    09-14 12:30 PM
    Hi, we gat our GCs in aug 2008. My husband works for a Swiss bank in US. They are offering a promotion and move to Europe. If he accepts how will it affect our GC and eligibility for Citizenship in the future.

    you will be under preasure to surender the GC even if you keep visiting every 6 months or so. you will also have to file the federal income tax every year for all income earned out of the country. consult with a tax consultant too.

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